Love in a Trophy Case

Won’t love SUFFOCATE to D-E-A-T-H, in an air-tight place like that?  Sure it would, and yet, we’d still placed our love on display… Love, in a trophy case, that, is NO place for love to be, love should be free to roam, come and go as it pleases, have ALL the freedom to do what it will, but, it’s kept, locked up, in a trophy case, for its “protection” (it’s still POSSESSION if you ask me, but, who asked Y-O-U!!!).

Love, in a trophy case, it’s now, confined, with NOT enough leg room, and so, it’d started slouching, and, after a short while, it no longer looked like the first day we’d had it in our arms, and, because it no longer looked like the love we used to know, we threw it out.

Love, in a trophy case, it’s NOT right, keeping love locked up like that, love, like everything ELSE, needed the freedom to BE, to roam wild AND free, and, by keeping IT locked up, in a trophy case, we’re NOT doing right by it, and yet, both of us refused to unlock that cabinet, and let it out…


Never Age a Day

Because, the Q-U-E-E-N, will ALWAYS and FOREVER have HER beauty (on the INSIDE, you MORONS!!!) and her youth (b/c I still look like a twenty-year old, and I’m already in my thirties, hello, hello, hello???) INTACT, because she don’t care what she looked like!

Never aged a day, that, I guess, would be ALL women’s dreams, right?  After all, you’re ALL afraid of getting that EXTRA laugh line on your faces, that, is why you’re currently applying that anti-wrinkle, anti-aging CRAP on your faces, or, getting that BOTOX injection face lifts, or whatever it is you’re currently doing, to keep you look like a “young lady” despite the FACT that you’re already hitting YOUR midlife.

Never aged a day, it is a curse, and a blessing, depending on how YOU see it, I see it, well, as NEITHER, because I just AM, and I’m okay with that.  Never aged a day, wow, you look like you did, five years ago, but there’s something different about you, and I can’t quite get my hands on what exactly that is!

Never aged a day, I will N-E-V-E-R age a day, because that, is what I’m entitled to, and I will NEVER need to worry about losing MY looks (hello, hello, hello???  Still NOT that superficial here!!!)  Never aged a day, guess I won’t be like the Evil Queen in Snow White after all, she fretted about not being the “prettiest of them all”, well, I KNOW, that I’m the MOST beautiful woman on this website of mine, and, seeing how this is still MY “joint”, I get to RULE this place like a dictator, IF and WHEN I so choose, and, do I hear any sound from anybody else?  I think N-O-T!!!

Dusted Off the Memories

Dusted off the memories, we have guests comin’ over!  Those old memories, they’d just been, sitting there, on that top shelf, idly, waiting, waiting, waiting for us to sort through them again, but, we are both way too busy, way too caught up by the hassles of day-to-day living, to give them the attention that they needed from us.

Dusted off the memories, you will, because if you don’t, those memories will soon abandon you, just as you’d NOT paid them the attention that they’d required.  Dusted off the memories, or, you will regret not having done so, because those dirty memories will end up in the stream of things, and, before you can capture them again, they’d get carried away by the rushing waters, leaving you, with nothing but that hollowness, where the memories used to be.

So, take good care of those memories, they will be ALL that you will EVER get to keep, from the past, and, if you don’t keep your pasts well, then, how do you suppose you will have a good present, or even, a decent-enough future???

Ninety Miles an Hour Down Lover’s Lane

We are driving, ninety miles an hour down lover’s lane, and, at this current speed we’re going, we’re bound to C-R-A-S-H and BURN!!!

Ninety miles an hour down lover’s lane, because that, is how swift love felt at the beginning stages of ITS life, and, the thing, is that you can’t keep love at that speed that it began in for long, because you WILL run OUT of gas!

Ninety miles an hour down lover’s lane, those two are really in love, aren’t they?  We’d never seen anybody who’d moved that fast, and, none of us believed, that this love that’s gone ninety-miles-an-hour is going to last, because, the quicker they’d come, the quicker they’d also go.

Ninety miles an hour down lover’s lane, just how long do you think you can drive like that, continuously, down lover’s lane, at that fast a speed, and, you DO know, that you can run like that forever, right?  You’re bound to lose the drive, plus, running, continuously, for NINETY MILES an hour NONSTOP is bound to get tiresome.

The Closet of a Married Man


At the beginning of our marriage, me and my dear wife bought a huge closet, with so much space inside, not only could we put ALL the heavy coats in, we could also hang up our shirts inside, to avoid the wrinkles.  My wife was kind and thoughtful enough, she’d bought a scented pack, hung it by the doors, and, as I’d opened the doors, an aromatic scent greeted me, and, as I’d shut the doors, there was a mirror, that I could fix myself with.

When it was just the two of us, my wife would iron my shirts, and carefully, hung it into the closets.  I’d still remembered that she’d said, “This, is our common space, there is surely space for you here too. In just two years after we wed, I’d found the closet to be packed more and more, the originally huge closet, seemed to not be able to “swallow” both our things now, and oftentimes, we’d had to fold, with all our might, and SHOVED it hard, even buying those air bags, then, we were able to shove everything from the four seasons into it.  But, after a short while, my wife would get her shipments of ordered clothes again, and so, I could only buy one of those traditional plastic closets, and gave up my space in my dream closet.

After we had children, every month, I’d found, that my child no longer fitted into the clothes we bought a short while ago, we’d packed up the clothes that didn’t fit, to be used as hand-me-downs, and so, we’d bought more of those plastic bins for storage, and, they’d kept my wife and my two kids’ clothes, barely, and I’d become the standardized “spare” in my wife’s mind, the last in line, after my two kids.  Then, where should my clothes go?  Other than sending them off into the donating box, I’d found that the packages that my kids’ diapers came in fitted just right.  To pack one of those box, it’s very heavy, and I could pile another one with a lighter clothes on top too.  And, there are also labels of sizes on the outside too, this had helped me sorted my clothes out.

My wife often told me, she’d been driven crazy by the kids all day long, she hoped that there’s MORE time and space for just the two of us.  Actually, I too, wanted MY closet space back as well!

So, your lives are now, jam-packed with kids, and, there’s just NO space OR spare time for you two, but, it’s a kind of a sweetened burden, and so, you’d found alternative ways, like this man had, utilized his sons’ diaper packaging, as a temporary closet for this things.

nothing but time.

Originally posted on CreaturesWatchBeneath:

It took time for me to understand

the source of my pain

and in the dark, cold all alone

I realized I had to let go


It took time for me to understand

I was not tied down

by the careless hands of a forgotten lover

But rather I was the architect of my own downfall


It time for me to understand

that a heart filled with pride can be so selfish

and vengeful thoughts creep in

to cloud the mind

often we see what we choose to see


It took time for me understand

I had made an enemy of you

so that i could hold on

to the pain because it felt so good

so good ,so familiar

And familiar felt safe when all was lost

Above all else I yearned

to lose control again

Not to love this time, but to misery

I needed nothing but time


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Brown Leaves Had Started Falling

Brown leaves had started falling again, and, every year ‘round this season, I’d always think about you, I don’t know why though, perhaps, it’s how we’d parted in the autumn, when the leaves turn brown and had fell down, maybe? Brown leaves had started falling, and, they’d landed everywhere in this big back yard of mine, and, clean up is still a total B-I-T-C-H (and your point being???).  Brown leaves had started falling, and I’d get nostalgic, about this time of the year, maybe it’s the season, the weather, or, maybe, it’s because of me, I really can’t tell!

Brown leaves had started falling, and, I watched them fall to the ground down below, one, by one, and it felt like they’re my tears, but, I’d cried all out, and so, I am now, letting nature, “cry” those autumn tears for me.

Brown leaves had started falling, it’s the season of goodbye again, you’re heading back to school, and I’m staying put, and yeah, I could’ve gone away with you to college too, staying by your side, but, I chose NOT to, because I need to establish a life of my own, without you, and so, yeah, every year ‘round this time, I’d held back my tears, as I’d kissed you on the lips goodbye…