Drink it Up, All His Sweet Lies

Does anybody want some of that sweet poison???  Well, what are you waitin’ for?  Why aren’t you drinking it all up???

Drink it up, all his sweet lies, you will, because he’d gotten you, wrapped around his little fingers.  Drink it up, all his sweet lies, and, they’ll all, go down smooth, but, as they got into the depth of your throat, you will feel it, start, to burn, and then, your THROAT’s ON F-I-R-E!!!

Drink it up, all his sweet lies, you know you can’t resist them, you know you need them, to live off of.  Drink it up, all his sweet lies, and, once you’re hooked, you’re HOOKED, you won’t EVER break free, from his grips again, because he’s gotten you, RIGHT where he wanted you, and, there’s still NO way OUT for ya!

You’re NOT C-R-A-Z-Y

The world, is chasing AT your tail…

You’re NOT C-R-A-Z-Y, despite what those medical professionals (what the F*** would they know, right???) say.  You’re NOT C-R-A-Z-Y, you’re just currently undergoing, a TON of stresses and pains in your life right now.

You’re NOT C-R-A-Z-Y, so, don’t let those “professionals” words misguide you into believing that you are crazy, or, you’d fallen, right into their traps, and you will NEVER be able to break free again!

You’re NOT C-R-A-Z-Y, because I am you, from the future (now, you MUST think you’re hallucinating, but you’re still not), sent, to tell you, to STICK to your GUNS like you’d done previously, because I sense, that you’re about to get taken, and I’m here, to make sure, that you don’t, so you’d have a chance, to turn into me.

You’re NOT C-R-A-Z-Y, despite what anybody else says to you, or what you may think, I know you’re sane, you’re just going through a whole lotta unwanted pains, and, after you’d been baptized by all the pains you’re supposed to endure, I PROMISE you, you’ll feel like a brand new man, and I would know this how???  Because I am, the FUTURE you, so, don’t DOUBT your future self there!

Get Out of the Nonresponsive One-Sided Love Quickly

A Q&A, translated…

Q: Troubling Mr. JK…

Six years ago, he’d seen a girl in church, and afterwards, almost every single weekend when he’d attended church, he’d see her, and, slowly, he fell for her.  But, because her icy, frigid mother kept being around her, he didn’t dare make the first move.

Last year right before Christmas, JK felt that the timing is right, and that he should show his affection toward her, before the holidays, he’d given her a card and a present, and, not only was she still aloof, she didn’t even say thank you, it’d made JK felt that he’d lost everything he’d given to her, and he still held on to that up to date.  Since, whenever Sunday rolled around, he’d felt the loss especially.  He’d heard, that the girl’s father passed, and she and her mother are all each other has, could it be, that she couldn’t let go of her mother?  And how, is he supposed to let go of his crush of his?

A My Advice

JK is truly a patient man, silently loved the girl for six whole years, and had finally realized that she doesn’t feel the same for him when he’d given her a present.  Normally, a one-sided crush shouldn’t last this long, how many youthful six years do you have to waste?  JK should be thankful toward the girl’s aloofness toward him, to remind him, to take a look at other girls around him.

Paying attention to just one girl for this long, and he’d invested his emotions too, it’s like giving up on a habit one has kept to for six years, it will take some time, to change it.  The best way, is to busy oneself, exercise, get some sun, or to hang out and chat with friends, see a movie, travel a bit, go on bicycle rides with others.  Start any interest now, and try to open up one’s own life.

You must let go of that girl from church, and stop thinking about why she’d treated you like so, and stop thinking about the reasons for her coldness and aloofness toward you.  Do have an eye for someone else out there, once you’d opened up your heart, you might just notice, that somewhere, there’s also a girl, with her eyes, on you too.  Love is based off of interactions, and, the interactions must reciprocate.

And so, this man had silently crushed on someone for six WHOLE years!!!  And he’s still hanging on, to that love that probably won’t EVER start at all???  Wake UP man!!!  Just like the advice, there ARE plenty of fishes in the seas, if you keep your eyes on that one person you will NEVER be able to have, then, you’ll be more than likely, to miss out on the right woman for you!

The Risks of Love

If you think, that you don’t have to pay anything for love, boy, you got another thing comin’ all right!  There are, many risks of love, that you don’t even know about, because you hadn’t examined the whole thing yet.

The risks of love, how can there be risks to something that’s supposed to be wonderful, to feel so amazing run so many risks?  The risks of love, had you analyzed the entire thing?  Done the pros and cons chart for it yet?

The risks of love, can you take it?  Of course N-O-T!!!  The risk of love, it’s something we must just roll the dice on, and we’re willing to take that dive for it too, but, will we sink?  Or, will we able, to swim our way, back, to the shorelines, to safety?  Nobody knows!!!  So now, the question is this: are you, willing to risk it all, for love, and, what happens, if that love you thought would last forever didn’t, are you ready, to live with those consequences?

The risks of love, I’d weathered through it all, and now, there will be NO more risks of love that I will EVER be taking, as I’d already found my one, and only TRUE love, someone who will always BE faithful, to JUST me, someone who will NEVER abandon me, or start to RUN when troubles are perceived in the near, or far distance, and, it’s still NOBODY that’s outside of the physical me!

Studied Hard for Thirteen Years, and Finally Became a Formal School Instructor

On the maturation of a woman, look how she grew!!!  Translated…

“Huei, when are you available, I want to take you out, I’d gotten my formal teacher’s certificate, and I’d been sent to a school in Kaohsiung, and I’m also the section leader too.”  At the start of August, my classmate from the continuing education department of the Pingdong Teacher’s University, called me up with great excitement.

We graduated back in 2002, she’d become a substitute teacher, and had her formal teacher’s certification, she’d dreamed of becoming a formal teacher, and started taking the examinations.  She’d take the exams for six years in a row, without success, she’d decided to go to grad school at Kaohsiung Teaching University, to increase her chances of passing her formal teacher certification examinations.

Three years later, she’d earned her master’s degree, and middle school teacher certification, and, she’d taken the exams to become a certified teacher in middle and elementary school, but each and every year, she could get it, to the point she thought maybe, she should just give up.  Last year, she’d finally passed the academic examinations, but she still didn’t get a teaching position.  I kept encouraging her to not give up on her dreams, this year would be the thirteenth year she’d taken the teacher’s exams.

She said when she was in grad school, she needed to take the courses away at another campus, from her place to the campus was way too far.  During which time, her mother-in-law had a stroke, and there was no one there to watch her kids or to cook; her husband couldn’t get home until eight or nine at night from working late, he couldn’t help; and she needed to pick her kids up to and from school, she’d also needed to teach at a local technical high school too, so she can manage the mortgage.  She’d burned on multiple ends, and during that period in her life, she’d gotten sick very often.

And now, her mother-in-law had passed, and she’d gotten a spot as a teacher, she’d finally rid herself of the nightmares of having to take the examinations yearly now, and finally tasted the sweet fruits of her own labor, and, she gave it all to her own persistence on never giving up.  And because she had former experiences in teaching, she’d gotten a total of nine years of teaching experiences, and so, even though she’d just passed the exams to become a formal teacher this year, her starting salary monthly was over $60,000N.T., and finally all her hard work had paid off.

Her story encourages all test takers, to never give up, to keep working hard, and, your dreams will one day, be within your reaches too.

And this, is how far persistence CAN and WILL take you, this woman never gave up on her dreams of becoming a school teacher, and, even though previously she didn’t get it, she’d still kept pushing toward her own dreams, and in the end, SUCCESS!  And, even though the way up was not at all, easy, she’d still gotten to the very TOP!

Love, Extracted from Life’s Difficulties

Finally, all the hardships of life are gone…translated…

Bi-Chiu never imagined that after age fifty, she would get a chance, to fulfill her dreams when she was younger, back then, the dreams seemed too distant and hard-to-reach…

A woman’s life, usually, must be sacrificed for the sakes of others, before she herself gets to finally shine out………

Meeting Up with Her Childhood Self

Bi-Chiu Hsieh, when she was born, she had one extra finger on her left hand than others, of all the children in her house, her parents gave her away to someone else to adopt, hoping, that she could have a better life in her adoptive parents’ home.

But, the adoptive father took to gambling, and the family went through the difficulties; as a child, she’d fallen ill, and it’d caused her vision in her right eye to become damaged, and, she looked weird, and that’s caused her to get singled out in school, her classmates would laugh at and tease her constantly.

The family is getting poorer by the day, and she had to give up on her studies, and started working as a young seamstress, and, stepped on the pedals of the machines over, over, and over again, and tapped out the rhythms from her own hard life.

As she’d left her middle school, she thought she was abandoned by the world, but the middle school teacher’s endless number of letters to her encouraged her to keep learning, to become an owner of her own life.  This had allowed Bi-Chiu to find that much needed warmth in her already too cold, too dark life, and, these words helped her through the toughest times of her life, over, and over again.

Her birth mother once asked her as she’d cried, “Chiu, would you blame us for giving you away?”

Bi-Chiu, who’s a mother herself, had managed to heal up her own broken heart, and had wiped her tears out of hatred already, said to her own mother, “Dearest mother, I really don’t; I’d once imagined how wonderful it would have been, had you not given me up, how happy my childhood was; but, if you didn’t give me up, I would’ve never known how much you truly loved me, and how hard it would be, to be separated from one’s child, and I may not have taken up sewing, I wouldn’t have left home early, wouldn’t have found a husband who truly cherished me, nor would I be able to meet a TON of people who loved me so, and have this wonderful life.”

With her kids going off to school, Bi-Chiu started working as a volunteer mom for the schools, and would meet up with her childhood self from time to time—a child that got picked on by other children, a child who felt desperate because her/his own home’s problems, along with kids who are so disappointed with the world, on the verge, of giving up on themselves.

In order to help take care of these children, she’d become a counseling volunteer, and learned the profession’s ins and outs, held on to those helpless kids’ hands tightly.  Then, she’d told them the stories of her own life naturally.

She found, that her own difficulties can help those kids temporarily forget about their own smaller troubles, that they’d found someone with similar predicaments, someone with whom, they could feel safe around and connected with, and felt comforted by.

Combining Her Art & Counseling

Other than volunteering and working, Bi-Chiu also took up Chinese paintings, and continued dying her own dreams when she was younger; even though, she hadn’t mastered the techniques yet, but the happiness she got from painting, it’s started her days with smiles, and ends them with this sense of satisfaction.

And, in the process of counseling the children, when she’d met up with a kid who enjoyed drawing and painting, she sees her own younger self in them.  She’d always encouraged the children to develop their own interests, and to grab on to the chances to learn whenever they can.

Combining the art and counseling, it could help open the kids’ hearts to her, and dissolve that invisible wall between them.  The skies are endless in the world of paintings, with no worries of making good grades, without the pressures to achieve, to perform.  For Bi-Chiu, “Art is an unfinished dream of her childhood; and now, I’d made this interest of mine into a bridge between me and these children.”

Bi-Chiu had never imagined, that she could, after the age of fifty, achieve the dreams she’d dreamed of in the distance as she was still younger.

Telling her stories, it’d put her on center stage, and she’d become a volunteer of life education; telling her stories, she’d entered into the “Voluntary Education Award” sponsored by the White Elephant Publishing Company, and published, “My Name is Persistence—How Mama Bi-Chiu Turned Her Own Life Around,” it’d allowed more people to find her story, and to taste the bitterness, and the sweetness in life that came later.

These couple of years, even though her own kids had all graduated from elementary school, Bi-Chiu still volunteered at the Hsin-Jia Elementary School in Kaohsiung, she said, “It’s like I’m seeing myself in childhood again.  And, if I can make it to where I currently am, these children with so much hardships in their lives, can also have their own separate skies to soar underneath.  Never give up on any single child!” The hardships from her poverty stricken childhood became like a bitter wine, with the fermenting of time, it’d become aged and tasted amazing, and in the end, it’d become a rare gem.

Looking at her past, the moments that shone through, were the social support she’d had from her friends in education, her close friends, along with members of her own family.

In her rich and fulfilled volunteer career, Bi-Chiu had found the value of her own life, her own inner peace and happiness too.  In the darkness of her life, she’d slowly, drawn out a colorful rainbow now…

So, this woman, despite her hardships earlier on in life, she’d still overcome ALL of her difficulties, and she’d turned her own bad childhood moments into lesson to teach others, and, there’s NO better way, to make use of one’s own life than this!