When You’re Being Forced to, Is it Still Volunteering?

The mindset is surely different that’s for certain!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Seeing how the reformed education had the students worked hard to get the hours of volunteer work, I’d recalled, that from back when, even though, public service wasn’t mandated, but it’s a “must-be-done” thing.

During my college years, I’d gone to the city’s Art Museum to intern, to see how the self-motivated and organized volunteer group worked, plus the teachers had administered a personality quiz for us all, I’d realized, that in order to be a good and fitting volunteer, you must have “plenty of time”, and “a fitting personality”, not everybody is fitting for the role of a volunteer.

The functioning of the Taipei City Art Museum volunteer program is self-monitored, but, nobody was there, for the sake of school credit; most volunteers are retired persons, or those with set hours of work.  And, they’d scanned through the volunteers carefully too, those who can comply with the schedules of the art museum unconditionally, along with those who can initiate, and govern themselves well, and these, are next-to-impossible for the student volunteers who were there only temporarily.

The current situation is, that the students are volunteering for “extra credit”, the original thought was a good one, but, the result was completely the opposite of what we’d hoped to achieve.  A lot of students who signed up for the volunteer opportunity, originally don’t fit the criteria for being a volunteer to begin with, they are way too focused on gaining that extra competitive edge from the newly reformed education realms, and carried the worries of not doing enough volunteer work would damage their grades, and, that they don’t give the amount of time required, nor are they carrying the right kinds of mindset.  And so, the work they’d done, is NOT really to help the world, instead, it would cause the public organizations’ troubles, or the parents would step in and do the work for the kids, and so, what’s the purpose of this newly set up rule?

And so, because here, there’s NOT this set-up rule about volunteering, unlike in the States, where in high school, we MUST have 100 hours of volunteer work (it’s more now, I think…) in order to get our high school diploma, and, because that is the new requirement for graduation, a lot of the parents and the children would want to fit the minimum requirements, and BE done with it, which totally defeat the whole purpose behind volunteering.


Where Love is

The “caption” of a photograph of a man of Tibetan or Mongolian or some other races, standing next to a cart with the prayer scrolls, translated…

Love, is NOT in the Words I say to You

Love, is in the Prayers I Say for you

And so, it’s still, MORE important to think about the ones you love, instead of saying “I love you” to the other individual, as “I love you” are just W-O-R-D-S, and, what DO those words amount to, without the ACTIONS that you take to show it?  Absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G, so, put LOVE into “action”, instead of just verbally saying “I love you” to those who mattered to you.


Your Number Came Up


Here’s something N-E-W!!!  Your number “came up” on my caller I.D., and, my first instinct was to BLOCK it, because your number had become totally UNFAMILIAR to me, since after we broke up, and that was???  Uh, can’t even RECALL W-H-E-N that was now!

Your number “came up” on my caller I.D., and I KNEW just what you were looking for, what you’d ALWAYS wanted from me, nothing MORE than a B-O-O-T-Y C-A-L-L, well, guess what, I ain’t gonna BE your booty call anymore, plus, I’m looking for a MAN who can STAY WITH me (sit, stay, Good BOYS!!!) long term, who’s NOT going to perceive that trouble in the distance (hello, it’s NOT even N-E-A-R yet!), and start scattering.

Your number “came up” on my caller I.D., and, I am just still NOT motivated enough, nor am I COMPELLED enough, to A-N-S-W-E-R, plus, that, is what the machine’s there for, uh, D-U-H!  And besides, unless there IS an emergency, which I highly D-O-U-B-T, you would NOT be calling me, and, even IF you’re having an E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y, the NUMBER you SHOULD be dialin’ should be 9-1-1, or whatever your local police departments’ number is, why the HELL you callin’ here for???




Promises Love Failed to Keep


Love’s made me wonderful promises, with absolutely ZERO intentions of keeping them, but I was too young, too naïve, and okay, yeah, too DUMB too, to know any better here…

Promises love FAILED to keep, to stay by my side, to offer itself to me, UNCONDITIONALLY, to put up with ALL my ups AND downs (mostly downs!!!).  Promises love FAILED to keep, and, it still was NOT my fault at all!

Promises love failed to keep, but how could it LIE, to my F-A-C-E, when I’d been nothing BUT truthful to IT?  Promises love failed to keep, and now, I’m left, all alone, to sweep up the pieces of my own broken heart, and, while I was sweeping, those broken shards, they gave me nasty gnashes, and I started crying, because of the pains.

Promises love FAILED to keep, I KNEW I couldn’t trust you, you are JUST like the REST of them, LIARS!  I will NEVER again, TRUST you, and, you can SHOVE yourself UP wherever it is that you want to, but, you can’t SHOVE anything UP my A-S-S, as I’d already gotten a TON of CRAP in my life, and I still cleaned myself up real well here too, and now, I’d moved ON!


A Secret Code for Love, on Filial Relations


In the advice of doctors, in recent years, my dear old dad got into the good habit of taking a stroll.

That day, my mom called abruptly, told me, that a day ago, when my dad went out, he kept reminding himself that he couldn’t go to the Taishan rest stop (my dad didn’t drive, and lived very far away from Taishan District of Hsinbei City), what the HECK is going on?

My mother’s tone of voice was filled with worries, worried that my father might be like my grandmother, with dementia, but I couldn’t help but laughing out loud.

In order to make my house and my office combine, to reduce the stresses in my life, a little over three years ago, I’d moved to where I currently live, and since, my father who cared about me, would make his way to my place to check up on me.

The problem was, that my father’s thought was old school, he’d rather make fun of how he’s old and couldn’t walk anymore, than to admit that he missed his own child.  Every time he’d said, that my house was merely a rest station for him, and that he was NOT there to visit with me, but to get a drink of tea, to take a breather.  Awhile ago, he’d gone a step further, and called my house, “the Rest Stop at Taishan”, that, was the secret code between us, father and daughter.

The day my mother found out about the problem was actually when I’d called up my father, to remind him, that I had an errand to run that day, and that the “Taishan Rest Stop” was off the rest of the afternoon, to not make him worry, and so, he could spare himself the trip, and, it’d gotten my mother to worry.

And so, that, would be a game that they played, and that, can add some fun back into the life of the elderly person too, after all, the elderly parents needed the cares and the concerns of the younger generations, but, DO remember, that a connection like this MUST be established when you are all younger, you cannot just start doing this overnight, because it will NOT work!


Reminisce without Holding the Grudge, Between the Mother-in-Law & Daughter-in-Law

Let’s all just try to get along here, shall we???  Translated…

It was a warm and sunny day on Sunday, and so, I took the opportunity, to go to the marketplace to do some shopping.  At a fish stand, I’d waited for the owner to clean up the fish, I’d heard this conversation.

The woman in front of me was about forty, she dressed younger.  She bought a lot of fishes, whole ones, ones that’s been sliced, and shrimp and fish balls too, she’d wanted the owner of the stand to split what she bought into two separate portions.

As the owner of the shop scaled the fishes, he’d inquired, “You giving this to somebody?”

She’d replied, “Yes, I’m bringing it to my two mothers-in-law”.

The owner heard, he’d stopped chopping, the woman continued, “One portion is for my current mother-in-law, the other, for my former mother-in-law.” As he’d heard “former mother-in-law”, not only did the owner of the shop became stunned, I too, was shocked.  Normally, we’d only heard ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, as for ex-mother-in-law, that’s a rarity.

The woman told, that back when she was twenty-four years old, she’d married her boyfriend whom she’d been in love for a long time, after they were wed, her husband would often go on long trips to China.  After they’d married for just two years, her husband took home a woman who’s pregnant.  As she saw this, she went crazy, and wanted to use measures to show her anger of the situation.

Her former mother-in-law learned of this, other than continually apologizing on her family’s behalf, she’d consoled her, that she must treat the entire thing with nostalgia, and that easy come easy go, after all, you’d once had; to NOT carry the hatred, and to hurt an innocent, that way, it’d bring pains to everybody.

At first, she thought that her former mother-in-law was real selfish, wanted her to change that deep-seated, deep-rooted hatred to nothing, she couldn’t accept that.  But, after time for herself to cool down, she felt, that her mother-in-law’s words were reasonable, to NOT hurt over a man who’s NOT even worth it, and to open up her own heart, to embrace a brand new life for herself.

Five years after her divorce, she’d become a bride once more, and now, her children are about to go to elementary school, and her husband’s family treated her with extraordinary kindness, she feels very blessed.  And her mother-in-law’s family, in order to make her life more convenient, had bought a house close to where she’d worked.

She’d often felt, that what she had today, was from both her mothers-in-law, whether it be the physical, or the emotional or spiritual supports she’d received from them.  And so, every time she’d come out to shop, she’d bought two separate portions for them, to show her thanks to them both.

I believe, that her former mother-in-law is wise, not only was she able to put her mind at peace, and she’d managed to clear up her confusions, and helped her find her way to happiness.  I often felt, that couples or lovers on the verge of breaking up, if they could see one another in good terms, instead of carrying a grudge, then, there would be a whole lot less tragedies in the world right now.

Well, that’s EASY for her to say, isn’t it?  After all, she’d already GONE through it all, but, for those who are still IN the “mist”, how can they see the light, and it’s all hindsight talking here, and it’s also so very easy, to JUDGE someone else’s life, wait until it happens to you too, then, let’s see how YOU will R-E-A-C-T, and I’m betting, that you can’t deal with these matters with SUCH a high E.Q., as you think you could!








Things We Will NEVER Get to Share…


Hmmmmmmmm, let’s S-E-E, shall we???

Conversations we will NEVER get to share, oh, I know, the one that’s about planning to START a family, because I don’t need me one, because my family are ALL D-E-A-D to me!

Conversations we will NEVER get to share, oh, I know, that one about which sort of car seat is safer, and, what to dress MY dead (she had been since 2008!) daughter up as for Halloween, oh, and who will get sole custody of my DEAD Emily (y’all ARE looking AT “her”, people!!!).

Conversations we will NEVER share, because last I checked, dogs still just SNIFF ass, and I’m still at the TOP of THAT “pecking order” (hello???  Me, baby Me, Baby Emily, Andy & Milo, Murphy & Kirby, etc., etc., etc.).  Conversations we will NEVER share, because I’d rather TALK to the FUCKING (oopsy!!!) walls, as the walls gave me MUCH more of an inspiration when I hollered things OUT at it.

Conversations we will NEVER share, and that, is that, because I got NO need to T-A-L-K, and, you all can just talk to the H-A-N-D for ALL I care!