The Variations of Love

There are, many variations to the love you currently know about, and, NOT all of them are good!

The variations of love comes from our varied experiences of what love is about, while some of us never knew love growing up, and therefore, can’t offer it to anybody else, because we’d never been shown it.

The variations of love, is what I’m offering, because I KNOW how easily you can get bored, with the same things, over, over, over, AND over again, and I’m gettin’ real tired, repeating myself once, twice, thrice, four times, five times………you get the picture, don’t you?

The variations of love, are NOT experienced, all at once, oh no, they may come to you, at different stages of your lives, like after that initial attraction (the infatuation), you’d become more settled with being around one another, and, became companions, rather than lovers?

The variations of love, I can’t count out how many forms there are, but, make NO doubt, that there, are, variations of love, and, it’s still, UP to you, to figure out, what, exactly, you’re all looking for, what kind of love you rightfully deserved, and, what “options” of love is available out there, for you to get your hands on………

The Obstacle Course Called Love

It’s make or break time, kids!!!

We’d been put, onto this obstacle course called love, and told, to run it through, without any mistakes, and we only have ONE chance each!

The obstacle course called love, NOBODY can manage, that very first time, after all, practice is what makes perfection possible, right?  So, what you’re asking me to do, is NEXT to impossible, and, it simply, can’t be achieved.

The obstacle course called love, I was placed on, and told, to run through it, I didn’t know how, because this, was my very first “encounter” with love, and, because I lacked the experiences, I’d operated on hindsight, took each step the wrong way, then, learned the right way to walk these steps of love.

The obstacle course called love, it’s real hard, for me to manage, after all, I’m only allowed so many mistakes until they (whoever “they” may be???) KICKED me O-F-F!  The obstacle course called love, I still can’t run through it, perfectly, but, I’m improving, little by little, every single day here…

Painted the Lies, Across These White-Washed Walls

This, is how you’d decorated your “crib”, isn’t it???

Painted the lies, across these white-washed walls, and, you don’t even realize, that these lies, you’d painted, across these white-washed walls will eventually peel off, and the cold, hard truth shall then, reveal itself, so BLUNTLY, in YO face!

Painted the lies, across these white-washed walls, I now realize that these falsities are just that, there’s NO happily ever after in this fairytale of mine at all, is there?  Nope.  Painted the lies, across these white-washed walls, and, eventually, truth reared its UGLY head, and, showed ITS disgust on that face on the walls, and, I can no longer fake that smile on my face anymore.

Painted the lies, across these white-washed walls, but W-H-Y?  Because I’m not ready to accept the fact, that you were unfaithful to me since the day we wed?  Because I have yet, to figure out my own strength, thinking that I can’t survive in this big, old, cruel world without you?

I’d stripped down these lies, that’s painted, across these white-washed walls, and, these walls, are NO longer white-washed anymore, they’re Skittles (colors of the R-A-I-N-B-O-W, anyone???), yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-hum, and, how does THAT make you feel there???

SESSION’s O-V-E-R, what’re y’all still doing here, in my office???  Get O-U-T now, before I call SECURITY!

Flipping Through This Book of Memories

Flipping through this book of memories, she’d started doing so, and she couldn’t figure out why, perhaps, it’s the nostalgia she now feels, about time being lost, how fast it’d slipped through her fingers, who knows???

Flipping through this book of memories, I realized something, that in all the photographs with me in them, I’d faked my smiles, and, I’m only starting to wonder why that is now. Flipping through this book of memories, I’m reminded, of how far the truth is, from these pages of L-I-E-S, and, I’d torn it ALL up!

Flipping through this book of memories, I’m reminded, of how you used to love me so, and, how you don’t anymore, and, I’d cried, a thousands MORE tears for us, for the untimely demise, of our love. Flipping through this book of memories, why the HELL am I still, torturing myself here?  You don’t love me anymore, so, why am I still hung up on you???

Flipping through this book of memories, I realized, that I never really, actually loved you at all, I was mistaken by what seemed like love but wasn’t, and with that, I’d let go, of this book of memories, of our better times together, I have a brighter future without you to face on my own here!

The Heart Trembles

A short prose, translated…

At first, it’s just the shadows, printed on the windowsills.  Later, much, much later, the girl stared at the outside of the vine-covered external of the mansion estate, and she put her small body, all the way, out into the open, the shadows, on the windowsills, would come and go.  The girl’s cheeks, just like the green shrubs golden shades, going along with the flows, of the appearing and disappearing shadow of the man in the house.  Then, in just a moment’s time, the beautiful, soft msuci that came with the wind, had, unexpectedly, without any warning, made its way, into the girl’s heart.  The girl now lay next to the fences, with her naive youth, for the very first time, she’d gotten a closer and a clearer look, his bright and watery eyes that came between the notes of the passing of time, his light and watery eyes, it started, blinking, inside of her mind, like the shiny stars in the dark of nights.  He’d looked back at her, and, her world now, became, a brand new universe.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh,, those young love birds, how naïve, and, this, is still all based off of that first impression, because their eyes L-O-C-K-E-D, and, they fell for one another, and, before they both know it, reality will end up, KICKING their asses that’s for sure!  Sorry to BURST your bubbles there!

The Childhood Sweetheart Underwater (translated from what was printed here, on the papers)

Still recalled how we’d started debate whether or not we should add chloride to the pool in your parents’ house

That summer, your brother would come home late every night, drunk and passed out in the cabin in the gardens

The furnace was on, but it wasn’t lit

And I can no longer recall, whether it was you, who’d helped me float, or was it, the other way around

I just recalled that I’m the record holder

From the depth of the water, looking upward, squinting

My heartbeat slowed to the heart rate of the finback whale

I held my breath, the burning eyes, staring at, how your destiny started melting away

I guess this, is on the death of a childhood friend, I wouldn’t know, because I am NOT the writer here, I can only interpret what is given, and, with all childhood sweethearts come that very first heart wrenching heartache, and when that firs heart-wrenching heartache happened, you have doubts about how you’ll ever survive through it, and, this, I’m thinking, is written, in retrospect???  Wouldn’t know, so…

Still on My Lonely Mind

Still on my lonely mind, and I can’t seem to exorcise it!  Still on my lonely mind, even after so many years, of staying away from it (the stimulus???).  Still on my lonely mind, how, is that even possible?  Are you synonymous with my kind of loneliness?

Still on my lonely mind, this, is where you’ll always, and forever stay, there’s NO doubt in my mind there.  Still on my lonely mind, I reckon, you’ll, soon be, forgotten by me, and, you would’ve been reduced to G-R-A-Y, like how those photographs faded out slowly over time… Still on my lonely mind?  Uh, hello, my mind is not L-O-N-E-L-Y here, and, the only thing lonely in my life (yeah right), would be Y-O-U, oh, wait a sec, you’re NO longer in MY life, I’d casted you away, and this, is still, a “NO ENTRY ZONE” that I’m currently runnin’ here, so…

Still on my lonely mind, you’re N-O-T, and, I’d casted you out, of my lonely mind, there’s NO doubt ‘bout it, and, just like the lyrics of the song, “If I have to be lonely, I’d rather be lonely alone”, by R. McEntire???  Uh, D-U-H!!!