Hearts Out on Loan

There’s this place (NO there isn’t!!!), where hearts are out on loan…

Hearts out on loan, do we ever need to pay them back? If so, how high would the interest rates run?  And, can we pay it back in installments?  Or, must we pay it all up, in lump-sum?

Hearts out on loan, you’d think that it would be impossible, for someone, to loan out something so personal, but, unfortunately, these days, well, you can put a price tag on just about everything, including love.

Hearts out on loan, when do I get it back, if I’d loaned my heart out to you? And what IF you don’t want to return the heart I’d loaned to you, how, can I get it back again?  Is there some sort of a guarantee, that the hearts out on loan won’t get broken so carelessly?

Hearts out on loan? Whoever came up with that idea should get SHOT, because you can’t put a price tag on L-O-V-E, and you can force your hearts, to love someone it doesn’t!

Falling Prey to Love

Love went on the prowl here, and, every pair of lovebirds (remember that little boy with the SLINGSHOT???) will get WHACKED off!

Falling prey to love, because love is dangling that bait in front of you, promising you all those wonderful things the two of you will have afterwards, without giving you a dose of that reality, after all, you WILL come face-to-face, with the harshness of life, after the honeymoon phase wears itself out.

Falling prey to love, it’s something we all do, and because we were way too young, way too naïve, and way too FUCKING (oopsy!!!) retarded, we got NO clue!  Falling prey to love, so long as you don’t do it all that often, but, how can you not?  I mean, let’s face it, love IS attractive, with those false promises of a life together, of never-ending, eternal love (just SHOOT me now!!!)…

Falling prey to love, love’s gotten you RIGHT where it wants you now, and, as you realize, that you’re in danger, you can’t even escape, because that web that love’s caught you in became too sticky for you to manage, and, the more you’d struggled to break free, the harder the threads would start shaking, and drawing the attention of that big-ass, ugly-as-hell spider.


Love Hasn’t Happened

Love hasn’t happened yet, and I reckon that it never will, because I’d rolled around this earth for over thirty years now, and, still, I hadn’t see one single love that’s worth my time.

Love hasn’t happened yet, and I’m starting to doubt, starting to question IF it ever will, after all, I’m NO spring chicken (don’t EVEN!!!).  Love hasn’t happened yet, but why?  I’d been a really good girl, so, why hasn’t the authorities (whoever they may be???) sent me a sign, that my guy is somewhere closely?

Love hasn’t happened yet, and it never will, and I still don’t know what love is, I’d talked down to myself a lot like that, and, when I am about to reach for a goal, there’s that voice inside telling me I never will reach it.

Love hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t know how to speed up this process of me finding someone to love me, I’m just oh so very lonely right now, how I want the company of someone else!!!

Love hasn’t happened yet, and it never WILL, because, if love were supposed to happen, don’t you think it would have already?  And so, why are you, still waiting, by the curbside, for that love that’s NOT even a possibility for you?



Making a Recovery…

Originally posted on Awkward Girl.:

perhaps the
bitterness of winter
was just what it
needed after the
beautiful death of

perhaps your
stale breathe and
cold lips
were just what I
needed for building
up from the bottom.

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An Ashtray


My old friend forgot that I never smoke, gave me a white china ashtray for a present one day, it was square, and, inside the ashtray was a lively and dignified-looking golden dragon.

But it kept staying put inside the ashtray.

So many years, the ashtray had kept that place, on the corner of my desk, without the ash or the dust; as if how the years are not moving, calm and silenced.

Sometimes, I’d forgotten the time is passing through, I’d used the pen in my hand, to give it a gentle tap, and, it’d let out a crisp, clean sound of the footsteps of time.  Sometimes, when I threw a paperclip into it, it could make the times jump up and down for a short while, so I can feel the pulse of the times.

And so, even though, you don’t smoke, you still kept that ashtray on your desk, as a reminder of time, and that, is how something can become so nostalgic sometimes…

When Love is Taken Over by Jealousy

You should ALL guess by now, how this SHIT’ll end!!!

When love is taken over by jealousy, then, that initial feeling of love vanishes, and, what replaced it was this feeling of possessiveness, this I will have her/him or I will die feeling inside.

When love is taken over by jealousy, I strongly recommend (still JUST my personal opinion here…) that you sever yourselves from whoever it is that you’re with quick, because you get murdered, in a jealous rage from the other person.

When love is taken over by jealousy, there’s NO way of getting love BACK to its original, untainted state, because jealousy turns love sour, and, we ALL know what happens, when things go sour, don’t we?  When love is taken over by jealousy, you shouldn’t even PUT yourselves in that situation, but you had, and why is that???  Because you MISSED all the signs, like for instance, you mistook his possessiveness for being overly protective when he gets angry when you’d spent more than one minute, standing on the counters of that coffees shop, to exchange words with that male barista, and because you let love BLIND you, and that, is how you got to where you are, but this, is still, ALL in H-I-N-D-S-I-G-H-T, and by the time you finally figure this shit out, it will be, way too late for you then……………





Tired of Keeping Your Secrets

That’s just IT!!!  I’m tired, tired of keeping your secrets, since I was very young, you’d poured your secrets into me, like I’m a vessel of sorts, and now, I will NO longer have it anymore!

Tired of keeping your secrets, and, why is it, that every times so secrets needed to be kept, you’d turned to me?  Do I have a sign on me that says, “feel free to POUR your issues here!”???  I don’t think so.

Tired of keeping your secrets, but, guess, I’ll just keep one more, and this, IS the last time, NO more after this one, you hear???  Tired of keeping your secrets, and those secrets, they keep on multiplying, getting numerous by the nanosecond, and, now, they’d gotten so large in amounts, that I just can’t deal with them anymore.  So surely, I WILL be C-R-U-S-H-E-D, won’t I?

Tired of keeping your secrets, but, because I’m that child who’s too easy going, too unrejecting to things that got thrown in MY face, so, you took advantage of me………