A Very Kind and Understanding Mother-in-Law

Getting along well with the in-laws here, translated…

Awhile ago, I went out with a colleague to lunch, and because we were both married for about two years, and our kids’ ages are similar, we’d often conversed about getting along with our separate spouses, or trade secrets of how we’d educated our children.

My colleague told me, that after she gave birth, after the month of rest at the care center, she’d returned home, her mother-in-law would go to the marketplaces to get fresh fish, and made it into a soup for her, and delivered the soup from her house which was over ten kilometers away, and she would even buy her lunch, and, after she’d bathed her son, then, she’d headed home, and this way of interactions lasted for several months.  She, as a first time mom, didn’t know how to do a lot of things, had NO clue of how to care for her newborn, and her mother-in-law, in order to help reduce her anxiety, took care of everything in the household, so she could get rested up, and focus on breastfeeding her child, she is so glad, that she has a wonderful mother-in-law.

I too, have a good mother-in-law, after I’d given birth, the first few months I’d take care of my baby, I’d gotten trapped by taking care of my newborn, and household work, and became strained, and so, my husband suggested that we should head abroad for a few days, to get relaxed for a bit.

And, after my mother-in-law learned of my husband’s plan, she believed, that taking a not-yet-a-year-old baby abroad, as he’d become older, he’d have NO recollection of the trip, that we should just leave him with her, and just the two of us, go on this vacation alone, that way, we’d get to truly relax and enjoy ourselves.

Even though we’d only gone away for a few short days, my mother-in-law still started buying up infant materials, cribs, bottles, play beds, play mats, toys, along with everything else that a baby needs, it’d set our minds at ease so we could truly enjoy our vacation, and so, my husband and I got to enjoy this hard-to-come by trip for two.

It’s my luck, to have such an understanding and wonderful mother-in-law.  I think, that the mothers-in-law in this new era, maybe because they’d gone through the hardships of balancing out work and family too, and understood the hardships of balancing their roles of a wife, a mother, and a daughter-in-law, and so, when they’d become mothers-in-law, they have this extra sense of empathy toward their own daughters-in-law.

As the daughters-in-law, other than showing them the thanks, we must also hope, that when we’d become mothers-in-law ourselves, we can pass this kindness down as well.

And so, this, is still the cycle of kindness, rolling, because the mother-in-law was kind to her daughter-in-law, and NOT all mothers-in-law are like that, but this woman was lucky enough to have such an understanding mother-in-law, and it’s her luck, and so, she is more than grateful for her mother-in-law’s kindness.


The Female Officer Turned Back, and Pulled a Young Child Out from the Debris

An act of ALTRUISM, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the Transasia Airlines had its crash, there was a pair of army officers who were a couple, Tsai and Yen, they disregarded their own injuries, and helped all who were there, best as they could, Yen had already had one foot out of the debris, but he’d still held in the pains from his neck injuries, and went back to the scene of the crash, and, in a second between life and death, he’d helped pulled a ten-year-old child, Lee, out, and, the three of them crossed through the fires, and managed to make their escapes from death.

Yen, the woman gave her hand a pull, and this made Lee, the youngest survivor of the plane crash, yesterday, the child was taken to the Mackay Memorial Hospital for emergency rescue.  Lee had lacerations on her thighs, had burns from inhalations, and her grandmother and older cousins had both died; her father was the previous vice president’s guard.

Tsai, who’d accompanied his girlfriend, Yen to the Changgang Hospital in Kaohsiung, was still shaken up as he’d told, that when the plane crashed, he felt fires all around him, and he subconsciously picked up a life vest and covered his own head, and he’d given the passenger next to him a pull, hoping to get him out too, but couldn’t; at the moment of life and death, both he and his girlfriend were injured, he’d held tightly to his girlfriend’s hand, and followed the dimming light to safety.

He said, he first went through the open hole of the plane to ask for help from the outside, and his girlfriend, in the darkness, saw a little girl, trapped by her safety belt, and she was crushed by the seats and screaming out in pain; she was already one step away from making it out, she disregarded the dangers, and the pains she was in, and went back to the girl, quickly helped her away from her seat, and they made it out alive.

Tsai and Yen both worked for the same unit in the Navy, stationed in Mazu, Tsai was a sergeant, Yen was a corporal, they were together in the training camp in Kaohsiung together.  And this trip, Tsai was accompanying Yen to Penghu to visit her grandmother, not knowing, that they’d aboard this flight of death.

After examinations, Tsai was found to have multiple contusions on his body, and Yen had a dislocated cervical spine, and had subdural hematoma, they were both sent to the ICU.  The Changgang Hospital in Kaohsiung told, that they were both injured severely, that the male had tension pneumathorax, and was bleeding internally in his chest cavities, the woman, they’re making sure that there were NO other nerve ending damages, they are scheduled for surgery today.

Because this woman and this man had put their lives out on the line for this little girl, that, was how the child was able to walk away, with only a few minor scratched, and that is what altruism is all about.


My Earliest Memories of You

Let me think, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

My earliest memories of you, all I can recall about Y-O-U, was how bad you were to me, and I was so helpless, to FIGHT back, to DEFEND myself, because I was that young!

My earliest memories of you, I really wish I could still keep on lying to myself, how good they (the memories) were, but, like I’d already BURNED those god DAMN photos of my childhood (not literally, because I’m still NO “arsonist”!!!) from back in 2007-ish???

My earliest memories of you, I used to hold them so dear, because I thought you were too kind to me, that your abuse was actually love,  but I know now (since 2008, that is!!!), that that, was NOT at all, L-O-V-E that you’d given me, it WAS abuse instead.

My earliest memories of you?  Let’s see, why you and her FOUGHT over your FUCKING affair, and that BITCH (still NOT name-callin’…) KICKED you out of your bedroom, and you started “camping out” in OUR room (and yeah, I had to share a room with this FUCKING son too!!!).

My earliest memories of you?  I don’t NEED those earliest memories of you, after all, ALL my memories were already BURNED (not literally, of course!!!), BACK in 2008, and now, I still have NO memories of anything, and no, I’m still NOT amnesiac here, okay?  Memory is still ONE of my STRONGEST “suits” here, as the doctors had told me, and I still don’t gotta prove THAT to NOBODY out there (watch out, it’s……ANOTHER Double-Negative!!!).


Memories of You, Wiped, from My “Hard Drives”

Memories of you, wiped, from my “hard drives”, I really didn’t mean to do it, honest, I SWEAR, it’s just that my CPU (hello, that’s still my CEREBRAL cortex???) CRASHED, and because I didn’t see that comin’, and so, I failed to back things up…

Memories of you, wiped, from my “hard drives”, but, I’m pretty sure that I’d saved you, inside my software, but, you KNOW how software goes, how they’re NOT as stabilized, not as steady as them hard drives, right??? Memories of you, wiped, from my “hard drives”, and, there’s NOTHING I can do, to RECOVER the “files” I’d lost, there just ain’t NO how, and, what is lost, is lost, I’d learned THAT lesson from a VERY long time ago, and I’d stopped cryin’ ‘bout those lost things I won’t have a way of recovering again…

Memories of you, WIPED, from my “hard drives”, why you asked?  Because I’m supposed to WIPE you off my mind, like that FUCKING (oopsy!!!) water stain (and you KNOW how annoying those things are, right???), and, I still have a glass pane of things, so clear as the sunny days I’m having here, right now, in my freakin’ life.



Why Love Still Hung Around???

Had love turned INTO a sadomasochist?  Or, is it, because it’d grown too GOD DAMN attached to us, the people who should love it, but didn’t actually??? Why love still hung around???  After we’d told it to L-E-A-V-E, and, we’d given IT the EVICTION notice, and yet, it’d still squatted here, in our lives, and, it had become a total inconvenience to us both now…

Why love still hung around???  Perhaps, it doesn’t believe that it DESERVED better, kinda like how I was led to believe, that you are as good as the guys who will love me get (but, it was NOT love at all, was it?  Nope!!!).  Why love still hung around?  Why doesn’t it just leave?  Does it NOT see, that its presence is totally UNNECESSARY in OUR lives?

Why love still hung around???  Maybe, it’d been led to believe in the L-I-E-S that people DO change, when they actually don’t, because they’re too SET in their ways, and so, this love, it still hung around, and, I’m still waiting to see, that day that Snow White finally wakes UP, oh wait, Snow DIED, after she took a B-I-T-E out of that harsh “dose” of reality that her STEPMOTHER had “administered” her, and you still think that the stepmother of Snow White is ALL evil???











Sisters Who are So Close Like Twins, Siblings without the Rivalry

The closeness of sisters, it’s very rare to see, translated…

Every time I see a set of twins, I’d gotten reminded of my younger sister who’s three years my junior.

Since we were growing up, we were like twins, it’s just that her saving up every penny and my spending listlessly, became such a strong contrast.  She was my money provider, because she’d always given me her allowances.

As we’d gone to college, the living expenses of $10,000N.T. per month for the two of us to share, I’d taken $7,000, and she didn’t seem to know how to voice her displeasures, and would come happily to my place on the weekends.

After graduation, she’d tested into a public organization, and I, started teaching at a private institution.  That year, when I was having it rough, I’d called her, “I want to quit, can you give me $10,000N.T. per month for my living expenses?”, without thinking through it first, she’d said okay, and that had helped me to relax that entire year, to prepare for my examinations.

Before she married, she feared that her older sister who hadn’t found someone yet, said to her other half, that whatever my sister goes through, I will help her out.

And, being so reliant on her, every time something happens, I’d called her up too, and she’d put her life out on the limbs for  me, and it would often make her husband question, WHO is the older sister?

When I fell in love, because my husband and my temperament, family backgrounds are quite the opposite, as I was hesitant, my younger sister invited us both over to her house to stay for a week, and, my younger sister became the matchmaker and my husband successfully won me over.  Back then, she’d even warned my husband, “Other than her head on her shoulders she won’t lose, everything else that’s worth something might get lost, you MUST think this through thoroughly.”

On the day we wed, she’d told my husband, “The tradition of the Lins is that ‘all sales final’, I hope you can treat my not-so-perfect sister perfectly.”

After we married, my husband’s economic situations made it hard for me to adjust.  My younger sister who married before I did knew how I felt, and would often asked me to shop with her (and, naturally she’d picked up the tabs), and she’d given me a TON of makeup, moisturizers and face care products by the bundles, to make life seemingly the same for me before and after I married.

Sometimes, I’d complained of how a push-over my husband was, that his careless with money around friends had caused us to have it hard, at which time, my younger sister would joke, “So, you can divorce, and, we’ll sign the papers”, and that, had helped put the thought of leaving my husband out of my head.

I’d often believed that I can smile so radiantly, other than having a great marriage, my younger sister should be getting the remaining credits!

And so, this pair of sisters, they got along very well, perhaps, it’s because how their temperaments complemented each others, and this, is very rare, especially in this day and age, because there are so many stories on how siblings rivaled about things as menial as monetary matters.








Glad to Be in One’s Own Company


A brand new perspective, translated…

There is NO absolute perfection in the world

But, things would often work out well than expected

Learn to treat yourselves kindly

Learn to get along in one’s own company

Then, you will be able to face all the challenges with ease

And so, this still exemplifies the importance of being comfortable in one’s own shoes, because if you’re NOT even comfortable in your own skin, how can you expect others to feel comfortable around you, how can you expect others to love you?  It all starts with the S-E-L-F here still!!!