The Man Who Patched Up Time

A bit, nostalgic, over this, “dying breed” of professions, translated…

“That white-iron colored watch that you’re wearing, was like that first watch my father gave me as a gift.”

I’d leaned in too close to the man who was fixing up the watches, he’d, only lifted his head for a second, looked at me, then, continued, taking apart the watch from the back.

Or rather, my dad had, handed it to me, casually; that night he had a fight with my mother, and that watch, because a ricochet that grazed the floors.  By the time the watch became mine, time was, standing still, and, it’d become, this, out-of-sorts decoration, like how the children in adult clothing are.

sketch made by the writer, from…阮光民/時間的修補師

“Didn’t you get it fixed?”

“Where can a child manage to get the money?”

“Yeah, that’s best, because the watches, rarely become broken through use, they normally break, because someone, tried fixing it.  Its structures, too delicate, a smallest twist or turn the wrong way, is like how you’d, clipped off a nerve ending in a surgery.”

The watch fixer originally owned a shopfront, but as cell phones appeared, there are, less who wear watches, and, the counters of watched on display at the mall, looked more extravagant than his display case he told me of how good the business was once, how he had this shopfront, to how now, he only, has a small desk, at the corner of a night market, tick-tock, tick-tock, his expressions changed too as he’d told me.

A customer handed him a watch of about two hundred dollars N.T., asked him if he has the clipper that matched, he’d opened up his drawer on the left, and told the customer to pick from what he had.  Originally, he’d, kept his head down, working, but as the crowd gathered, he’d, taken out the bands, and the new watches, displayed them on that small desk.

I’d remembered how as I bathed myself in the summertime as a kid, I’d, taken my watch off, and, there would be, the imprint of the watch I was wearing on my wrist, then, I’d, used a pen, and drew on the watch, based off of the imprints, that, was the memories of time and people, relating to one another.  And, I suppose, this is why, people still take their watches, to get fixed.

Yes, that small buzzer on his work table, was what, attracted me there in the first place.

And this, would be, considered, a sort of a, “dying breed” I suppose, because almost NOBODY wears watches anymore, as when we need to tell the time, we simply, take out our cell phone, and yet, there are still those, who are, wearing their watches, like the writer, because they don’t want to lose something that’s, old and a sort of a, tradition, maybe???


Broke the Promise on His Left Hand

The LIES of a MAN, as he became, too tempted…

Broke the promise on his left hand to her, he’d, returned home, every night, sure, but, that wasn’t, quite enough, he couldn’t, get “satisfied” (don’t even, and EWWWWWWWWW!) off of his own wife, so, he’d, taken that promise off his left hand, from time to time, and, because he was, too careless with that promise, it’d, broke!

Broke the promise on his left hand, how was she, ever, to trust him again, huh?  Although, he’d sworn to her, that it was, the one and only time he’d, strayed, and, she’d, wanted to, believe him, but, she couldn’t, not anymore, NOT after he broke that made-with-their heart promise on his, left hand.

taking it off, because, you’re, NOT fit to wear it!  Photo from online查看來源圖片


Broke the promise on his left hand, and he’d, taken that broken promise off already, but, that dent from wearing that promise from before, it never, really, quite, faded out completely.  That broken promise on his left hand, will always, and forever BE there, serving, as a REMINDER of what he’d, done wrong, of how he’d, BETRAYED the what-should-have-been, the only woman he is to, ever love and cherish, ‘til death!

So, promises get made, they also, shatter like glass, because they were, all too fragile, and they won’t, EVER survive…

He’d, made, one broken promise after the next, and, put that ring on his left hand on, taken it off, on, taken it off, god knows how many times already, and he still, ain’t LEARNED his lessons yet!








Truly, Get to Know a Place You Visit

The way, we should, live, in complete, harmony, with nature, translated…

These years, in order, to track the whales and dolphins in the world, I’d begun, the journey, of following the pods.  After awhile, other than having acquired knowledge of the various places, the various types of dolphins and whale, I’d felt the connections with the various places to get deeper, like for instance, the ceremonies at the island’s local villages, getting invited to the locals’ homes for supper and see the sports competitions that they were having, it’d become, something I can’t, do without.  In other words, I can, understand, deeper, and deeper, how each of these places, are, different to each other.

diving to see the dolphins at the vicinity of the island…查看來源圖片photo from online

“an island where people and nature live together symbiotically”, that was, the motto posted, at the dock in Mikurajima, it showed, of how the locals on the island lived, and, everything on the island was, truly, impressive.  The first time I’d arrived a few years ago, I was, so surprised at how the locals believed swimming with the dolphins might impact their developments, and the environment, how they’d, started, a series of tactics.  Including hiring the researchers from the money collected by the villagers themselves, to continue doing the researches on the local dolphin population, setting up the rules, the regulations of dives, the bookings of the itinerary, of the hotels………………everything that’s been done, was in, hopes of how the island can reach that balance point being developing more, and still be harmonious with the environment, and the locals also believed, that this, was the lifestyles of their, choosing, just like what they’d told, “if you want to live life in Tokyo, just go, to Tokyo.”

Every time I’d taken various groups onto the island, as they heard the results of the researches conducted by the locals on the marine mammals, the Photo-ID program, the maps of the trees, they are all, very impressed by the residents on the island.  Looking at that thick stack of forms, the detailed records of the baby dolphins born that year, you’d come to understand, that this group of people, takes living on the island, the environment, seriously.

So, in May, when we have the opportunity with a group of new friends to visit Mikurajima again, other than taking that dive, to see our familiar dolphin friends, I’d also, shared with the group, this island where “man and nature related symbiotically” with others.

And, maybe, it’s because of how close our values are, but, seeing how the members of my group were, moved because I was, moved, I’d feel, this is, such an amazing event!

and here’s, the island, from across the oceans…當之無愧的自然與人共生之島。 【青春名人堂】金磊/好好感受一個地方taken by the writer, from

And so, this, is a place, where the locals places huge emphasis on environmental protection, the protection, the conservation, of the marine mammals, and, the writer was, moved by what the villagers did, to carry forth this ideal, and they did with, without, much government funding or support too!

An Old Song, a Poem

The lessons that we’re, supposed to, have learned, by the end of our lives, translated…

Leaning Against the Window of My Bedroom

He’d, Used His, Tea-Colored Tears

Soaking Up His Eyes, with the Wrinkles Next to Them

He’d, Installed the Springs Segments

In My Already Rusted Spinal Column

查看來源圖片what life, looked, like…painting found online

To Try to Fight Back the Time that’s Pounded on Me

Never Mentioned His Ears

As They Were, the Underground Ant Colony

Buried by Him Way, Way Down Deep

Can I Still, Catch Up to that Serenity?

I’d, Opened My Thin Wings Wide

And Allowed Him, to Saddle Me

We’d, Arrived at the Wrong Place

The Raucous Still Spreading

We’d, Moved Forward, without Any Tracks Left Behind

And this, is how the life of someone goes, leaving no traces, except, to the person whom this individual mattered to the most…

The Student with ALS Lives Past Age Twenty, & Will be Giving a Speech on Her Graduation, the Doctor of Chinese Medicine was in a Car Crash, His Daughter Cried as She Went up to the Podium to Receive His Diploma

The stories of inspirations, seeing how these people had, studied hard, fought hard, to make their own lives, count?  It’s something we can all, take from!  From the Newspapers, translated…

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony at Fujen Catholic University, the image broadcasting major graduate, Lee, although was diagnosed with ALS, the doctor gave her less than twenty years of life remained, and since then, she’d, lived every single day as if, it were, her last, that she’d, gained, so many, extra time already, she plans to give lectures on ALS to others from here on out, to bring about more awareness on the illness; another man, a seventy-three-year-old famous doctor of Chinese medicine, Chen, in order to find both western and eastern ways of effectively treating infertility, he’d, entered into the doctoral program to understand the causes of infertility and treatment procedures, had died in a car wreck this past April, his daughter was the one, who’d, received the diploma for him on graduation.

Going to classes is nothing easy for Lee, she’d needed to wake up at six to get dressed in her specialized clothing, that’ll help support her body to make it to her eight o’clock class.  Although she’d not made the graduation requirements to graduate yet, but her major believed that her, being the earliest to class and latest to leave, still invited her to be a representative of the graduating class.

Lee said, she’d not taken the courses for the sake of the credit hours, “it’s because I want to learn”, and, it didn’t impact her the least bit that she’d not received a diploma.  Lee also told, that the doctor had, diagnosed that she won’t live past age twenty, that the day she’d, turned twenty was, especially important to her, after age twenty, she’s still alive, she’d felt, that “every day from here on out, it’s, an extra gift to me.”

the photo of the individuals in their caps and gown taken from before, photo courtesy of


Another representative of the graduates, was a famous doctor of Chinese medicine, Chen, he’d, found the western medicines to have its usage, and so, he’d, worked hard, to find ways that combined the western and Chinese medicines that will, help effectively, treat infertility, he’d planned to return back to the university to teach after he’d received his doctorate, he’d started going to school at age sixty-seven, although he’d suffered two strokes, he’d still continued studying, it’d, only taken him five years, and he’d, earned his doctoral degree at the age of seventy-three.

Chen’s daughter told, that her father viewed his graduation as something that’s, very important, six years ago, he’d, asked all members of his family, to keep the day open to attend the ceremonies, but, his father died in a car wreck this past April.  Chen told, that her father told her, “it’s all up to the people.”

And so, these two are amazing cases, of how a thirst for knowledge can carry someone so far, for the woman with ALS, her primary motives is NOT that diploma, but to increase her knowledge base, because there’s so many things she wanted to understand about the world, and that, was what drove her to study so hard, to work toward her goal of earning her degree, and for the man, his drive of getting a degree was in helping his patients, and although he’d died in an accident six months ago, he’d left a legacy of this drive to help others behind, and these were, amazing people who would, make a difference in the lives of others from here on out.

The Street Musician

Chased his dreams, became, a success, in his own beliefs, doing what he loves doing, making his own ends meet, there’s, NO better way to live!  Translated…

As the streetlamps turned on, after the steel gates of the banks were, pulled down, he’d, placed that guitar, at the corner by the building, took out his amplifier, his cell phone, and his sheet music, with the plastic transparent box in front of him; but, it wasn’t, that obvious, like the location he’d, selected, to perform on, right outside the MRT exits, away, from the main entrances.

sketch by the writer, off of UDN.com阮光民/騎樓歌手

I am hard of hearing, couldn’t tell which direction the music came from, it took me a few seconds to finally see him.  He had on a dark gray yarn hat, sometimes he’d sat, sometimes, he’d, squatted, and played his guitar as he’d, sung.  As the night grows deeper, there would be a couple of his frequent listeners who’d sat, or stood, a woman who was headed home from the late shifts at the office, the dads who’d lifted their kids home and come back out, and a person who was listening to him perform spoke to me, as the musician was taking a short break in-between his song, that he’d, dreamed of living a life like the man, performing all around, but, something tied him down.

The man in the yarn hat said, that he’d worked as a chef in Kaohsiung, but he’d, really loved to sing, so, he’d, pawned all of his belongings, and, gotten himself a pretty good guitar.  I’d noted how his voice sounded amazing, and asked, why he didn’t go to the restaurants, or take the gigs?  He’d taken the mic off of his head, said he’d, preferred this wandering life, and he’d, done it for a whole decade now; and he didn’t know, if it’s the decade he’d been singing like this, that’s, gotten him used to this way of life, or that because the ten years, had blurred out all of his former plans from before.

No matter what path, this is, going on the music track.

And so, this man chased his dreams, of becoming a musician, and he’d, made a life, doing what he loved doing, and that, is the most idealistic kind of way to make a living, but, not very many people are, brave enough, to just, DROP everything that they owned, a comfortable lifestyle, and start, chasing their own dreams like this man had been doing.

The Sunsets in Winter Solstice, a Poem

查看來源圖片what that looked like…photo found online…

As the seasons changed, shifted, translated…

The Days in Winter are Filled with Fog and Smog

Tearing Open that Grayed Out Skies

With a Ray of Light Shining Down

For that Temporary Moment of Golden Rays

The Light Shone Down on the Ironclad Rooftops, the Carts

The Stray Dog with the Skin Condition

Even if it were Only a Brief Moment

Like Someone’s Been Forgiven

Somewhere, There’s Someone Still in Love

At Least, the Sunlight will Shine

Long and Longer by the Days

So, this, is how you noted these, subtle changes in the season, as the winters dragged on, you’d, longed for the sunlight, and, as the days passed, spring gets closer, and the days, they’d, become, longer now…