Let’s Go for a Walk, Dodo!


During the time when my father-in-law just passed away, there’s this sorrowful atmosphere that draped over the household, my daughter kept wanted me to get a dog, and so, Dodo, a black Labrador came to us.  And, although we’d all dodged our responsibilities toward it, “Hey, it’s YOUR turn to feed him”, “Who’s the one that wanted a dog?”, but, taking Dodo out for walks became a set exercise time for us, and, taking Dodo on trips is filled with, a ton of fun too, Dodo became the focus of our lives.

Later on, my own father fell ill, and was about to pass, that evening, I’d held Dodo tightly, told him as I cried, “you know what, I’m about to lose my dad………”, Dodo looked at me, with that kind and mild eyes, licked my tears away from my face.

and no, not my photograph…

The time flew by, in a blink of an eye, Dodo had passed through ten years with us, one day, I saw, that he was just, lying on the floor, having had any of his food or treats, and so, I’d lured him with his collar.  He’d, followed me out of our door, slowly, and painstakingly, and, stopped, lifted his head, looked at me, with that look of fear in his eyes, that panic, and sense of helplessness, I’d bent down, patted him, told him, “It’s okay, mom’ll stay with you.”

After I took Dodo to the vet, that, was when I realized, how serious his condition was, I cried, as I’d, left him at the clinic, for treatment, and that look of feeling lost that he had was, ingrained into my mind.  Every afternoon, my daughter and I would take some treats, to visit him, and being on a drip, as he saw us, he’d be so moved, that he’d, rammed his body against the cage he was kept in.

We took him to the nearby park to stroll, to eat some treats, to enjoy this shortened freedom, then, we’d, stuffed him, back inside that medicinal-smelling cage.

After over ten days, Dodo finally was, returned back to us, and now, he’d gone out to walks with us, drooled, as he gazed upon the food in our hands, although he’s already showing his age, but, I’m more than happy, that at least, he’s, healthy.

So, your dog had, helped you through your losses, and, that, is why you worked very hard, to keep him healthy, and, gladly, your dog had his health back, and that, is how having a pet can make people’s lives better!

Packed Up All the Memories…

Okay, that’s, the LAST of it!!!

Packed up ALL the memories, all the ones, I’d wanted to take with me, at least…I turned around, for that very LAST and final look around…

Packed up all the memories, there’s just, NOTHING left here, there’s only, this empty shell of a home now, and, all the memories we’d shared here, are, all disposed of property (for environmentally-friendly purposes, of course!).  Packed up all the memories, there’s nothing left, for us, to share, nothing left, that you can say to me, to stop me, from going my way.not my photograph…

Packed up all the memories, and, it was, a more-than-one-man job, but I was the ONLY one who was here back then, and so yeah, I’d, carried it all upon, my two shoulders, and, to tell you the truth, it was, crushing me a bit too, but, I’d, taken the needed breaks from in-between packing, and managed, quite well, I suppose…

Packed up all the memories, there’s NOTHING more to say to each other, nothing LEFT, for us to share, to weather, I’d already, weathered through the storms of this marriage on my own, and you were, NEVER here, and now, I’m so moving on!!!

still NOT my photograph…

The Hands that Never Lets Go, Between a Husband & a Wife

not my photograph…


My wife works for an export company, works as a high-end manager, is very busy.

A few months ago, I felt that she was worried, because of the downturn of the economy, the company is having, a harder time, making money, and, the higher-up personnel talked of taking the business to China.  It doesn’t have an effect on me, someone who’d never been involved in enterprises, someone who’s a government worker, I can only, encourage her, said that it wouldn’t be an awful thing, that the company sent a manager of good abilities to China.

With the passing of time, this subject seemed to have, dissipated.  A certain evening at supper, my wife told me lightly, that her company wanted to send her and several others over to get the sales up in China.  The chopsticks I was using, stopped, in midair, I’d lifted my head, looked at her, dumbfounded, asked, “There are NO other options then?”, she didn’t dare look me in the eyes, kept her head lowered, “I’m the manager, if I don’t lead the way, then, nobody will go.”

The news was so sudden, caught me off guard, I’d remained silent for quite a bit, then, I’d blurted out, “When do you set out?  For how long will you be away?”, my wife told me, in about a month, as for how long, she doesn’t have a clue, maybe, half a year, to a year’s time.  And, would you be stationed in China for good?  I’d asked, worriedly, my wife told me she didn’t know.

And, during that time period, the atmospheric pressure in our home can’t get any lower, I’d not known how to console her, didn’t know how to make myself feel at ease either.  And, the countdown to the day she’s to depart is very hard for us both, on the day of departure for her, I got up early, thumbed around, and asked her again, “Do you want me to take you to the airport?”, my wife told me, that there were, a couple more others, that it wouldn’t be necessary for me to go.  Actually, I’d not wanted to go at all, because it would be awful, for a grown man to start crying in public.

The first few days after she was away, to was, very hard for me to return home after work, to an empty house, and that, was when I’d discovered, that she’s like air, when she was here, I’d not feel anything, but, when she’s gone, I’m, suffocating.  I’d contacted my wife primarily by e-mail and phone, but, no matter how I’d contacted her, I’d felt, that she was, rushed, and can’t slow down; she said, that she’d been so busy, that she’d not found the time to sleep at all, asked her when she’ll be home, every time she’d answered, that next month, she’ll breathe, easier.  And, it took her, two breathing easier, until the third month, she said, she can come back, I was so happy, couldn’t wait, to pick her up from the airport.

The flight was set to arrive at Taoyuan at eight in the evening, I’d arrived before 7:30, looking at that sign that said, “delayed”, wondering, why is it, so slow?

Finally, I saw my wife, walking out from the customs, I walked up toward her, with my eyes red, and, without a single word.  We’d moved her luggage onto the car, and, drove, onto the freeway in silence, we’d been separated for too long, we’d become, somewhat, estranged from one another.

From after the marriage, I’d rarely, taken my wife’s hand in mine, I had my left hand on the steering wheel, I’d extended my right hand, held her left hand, said to her, “I will NOT let go.”

And so, it wasn’t until after his wife was away for months at a time, did this man know, and realize, how important his own wife is to him, and, surely, this SHORT separation between them will make them both, cherish the marriage, as well as the love they’d shared even more.

That Night, We Watched the Game Together, Interactions Between a Father and a Son

Something that the father and son can share, with each other, the love of the game, translated…

Since Yueh-Yueh started playing baseball, I’d kept wanted to duplicate the time of us, cheering on for the Taiwanese baseball team, but, every time I’d brought it up, he’d always, turned me down, using that cool manner.  I understood, that Yueh-Yueh is thinking about wanting to have everything working for him, he’d needed to play ball, and study too, it’s hard enough, for him to do both, and, when the games are on, although he’d wanted to sit in the stands, but it’s a waste of time for him, and so, he’d, given up on his dreams of watching the ball games live.  But, this time, the top twelve teams in the world is battling it out in Taiwan, especially the duel of the two teams, no matter what, I was going to, make the dreams, of us, going to the games together no matter what.

nope, not my photograph…

First, it’s getting the tickets, just half an hour since the tickets started selling, they’d all, sold out, but gladly, my friend is a publicist for the events, and he was able to, get me the tickets, first problem, solved!  The second difficulty, Yueh-Yueh has a game in school, from 2:30 in the afternoon to 4:30, my wife and I decided to pick him up at the games, without changing or bathing, riding to the international field in Taichung, we should make it, for the opening at 6:30.  And, Lady Luck seemed to be on my side, helping me, to make this hard-to-come-by time shared with my son possible, the games in the school moved to before noon, and, it’d given us ample time to get there.

But, the good things would always have to, face the trials, we’d gotten, stuck in traffic all the way, the originally two-hour drive took us more than three, seeing how the game’s about to begin, and we’re still, STUCK in traffic.  Then came, the problem, of finding a parking space, plans just, can’t seem to catch up to the changes after all here.  My wife thought hard, suggested, that I’d turned to the shops on the roads for assistance, and, the owner of the shop was, passionate and kind enough, to open up his parking spot for us, without asking to be paid too.  He said, “I’m just, giving what I can, to Team Taiwan, it’s nothing, really!”, I’d made us feel that surge of warmth, of how people here, are rooting, for the home team.

That very night, the game was, very exciting, we’d cheered Team Taiwan on with the rest of the fans, and Team Taiwan didn’t disappoint us at all, in the eighth, they’d managed, to score.  The Captain, Lin hit the ball out of the park, and Team Taiwan, won with a four-to-one lead, and, everybody there was, hollering, cheering, even my son, Yueh-Yueh who was normally very stabilized couldn’t stop waving his arms out of excitement too.

not my photograph still…

At this time, I felt so very moved, and, the game before me became, a blur, the dreams of us, father and son, watching the game together, which I’d held, for a very long time, finally, came true.

So, this, is the time that was shared, by the father and son, because the son is too busy at school, with his school baseball teams, making it hard, for the dad, to find some quality times to spend with him, and yet, at the game, the father felt, that he and his son had finally, shared, that very special moment together.

Mong Kok, a Poem

This, is what the place looks like at nighttime…


Passing Through the Crowd, There’s, Another Crowd, the Shadows, Marched Toward the Light

The Buses at the Bus Stop Stopped, and Drove Right Past

Lai Chi Kok, Mobil, Kwun Tong, TKO, Yuen Long, Tsim Sha Tsui

The Smoke and Dust Rose, then Fell, Silently

The Arran Center Swallowed and Spitted Out Endless Number of Bodies, a Lot of Time Too Had

Rushed Right by, I Saw Myself

Drowned, in My Own Endless, Listless Memories

Passing Through the Tunnels, I Saw the Stories, Walking Up Toward Me, that Year

The Loves I’d Waited on in the Banking Center, Had They All

Grown Old Now?  The Wind that Brushed by My Shoulders

Left a Withering Gaze Behind, Hung, on the Posts

Became Those Rusty Markings, from the Overexposures from the Sun

Passing Through the Crowds, There are, More Crowds Still, I’d Hid, in the Fields, or the Lovely Essays

To Find that Far-Away Serenity in the Books, as the Setting Sun Had

Imprinted into My Mind, and All Those Forgotten Verses Had, Scattered Everywhere.

The Western Local Market Place Still Rolled Along, the Population, the People, with an Assortment of Dialects

Rushed into, the Electronic Shopping Strips, and, Made Their Escapes into

The River of Light, Made with Neon Signs

Drowning Out the Ordinariness of Day-to-Day, a Cantonese Old Tune

Winded UP into the Stairways, the Way that Xiao-Feng Hsu Sang in

Combined with the Rock n’ Roll that’s Playing Down Below on the Streets

The Stars, the Lights, in the Deepest Parts of the Nights

Illuminated the Many Faces That Had Gone, Adrift

Those Shadows Which Were Lost, on the Street of Women, Did You

Find Yourselves?  I’d Dialed You After the Transfer of Sovereignty

The Number was, No Longer in Service, the History Didn’t Echo Back to Me

The Eastern Shores and the Bookstore from Taiwan, All Moved Out, of the Memories

Leaving Only the Sounds of Steps, and the Poets’

Recitations, Disappearing, into the Rushing on of the Crowds

Crowds, Crowds, You’d Passed Through

And Not See that Shoreline, it was, an Island All Alone

It’s a Pair of Eyes, Searching, Desperately, for the Self that’s Been


So, from this, you can feel that need to belong to a group, like how Hong Kong had been under British rule for so long, and now, the rights of sovereignty was, returned back to the Chinese, and naturally, the people living in Hong Kong would have the make the adjustments, after all, the two systems that ruled the island were, very different, but, the people living in Hong Kong would, eventually, become, adapted, because that, is what people do, we adapt!

and during the daytime…



I bore witness to the scene, after the dinosaurs had a huge war against one another.

It was, in a shopping strip, owned and operated by, humans.

Which kinds of war aren’t bloody and horrid?  From man, to animals.

It’s just, that after this war of dinosaurs, the scenes were, shocking.  It’s, as if, I can still, smell the blood from the exposed, wounded organs from inside the bodies.

Because, of what their names entailed—I’d, thought to myself.

And, what’s odd was, that the shops actually, placed these bloodied parts, torn up carcasses, piled up, into the open display windows, for the world to see.

I glared at this site I’d never seen before, then, a thought: why don’t I capture it in footage?

I’d thought, that I’d carried my camera, inside of my backpack, and that my backpack is at the storage unit in the shopping strip’s counters.  (how backwards that I’d not think of using my cell to do it).

I rushed into the shopping strip, then, rushed back out again, then, I’d found, that, the camera wasn’t mine at all.  (as for what I managed to capture, with this foreign camera in my hand, I’m uncertain about.)

Then, I’d lifted my head up in a hurry, and discovered that the blood and gory battlefield of the dinosaurs had been removed by the shops, and, rows of female mannequins with shiny gowns were placed out, attempted to, mask up the shocking and gory scenes from before (such a highly adaptive, yet, very stupid way of doing it).

I clicked the shutters, until the button got stuck.  (can’t believe, that the shutters can get stuck, and, what I’d captured on footage, I’m uncertain of).

Then, I caught a look, at a young dinosaur that managed to, escape, stealthily, moved through the lines of shiny, smiling, female mannequins’ bodies, left the scene rather quickly.

That, was when I’d become willing, to wake, from my dreams, I’d flipped off my bed, found my camera, and, started, sorting through the photos stored inside of my camera.

And so, this dream, may be your subconscious’s way of telling you, to look at that camera you used, to take pictures of something, and, from before, you’d never gotten enough motivation, to sort through it, for whatever reasons there may have been, but, after this WEIRD dream, you’d decided, that it was time, for you, to take a look, at what you’d captured on film, in real.  Dreams have a way, of reminding us of things that we may have, overlooked, in our waking moments………

The Love He Found in Midlife

not my photograph…

The story of love and romance, translated…

After meal, the family was sitting in the living room, watching the news, my son exclaimed, “Those two, one of them is forty-eight, the other, forty-five!”, I’d not quite gotten it in the moment’s time, he’d stated it again, turns out, he was talking about the case of murder that happened because of love on television.  And, naturally, for his young, never-been-in-love brain, it was, too hard, for him, to comprehend, the views of the love and romances of the older population.

Maybe, it’s how there are, so many rules in the real world, that in the views of the world, beyond a certain age, you shouldn’t feel aroused at all, so that, is why, it’s so very hard, for us all, to imagine, that the older population of men and women can fall head-over-heels in love.  Comparing, finding the love online may be faster, but, it’s actually, more truthful.

H is a woman I met, on a free RPG gaming site online, she has a daughter in the elementary years.  Her role in the game is an archer, like the role of Katness, with a one-hundred percent HIT ratio.  She’d stated so bluntly, that playing games not only passes the time, her alternative purpose was to, find someone.  Once I was on the game, with the dialogue box on, conversing with friends, she’d broadcasted a message for all the players to read, “I’m a 46-year-old single mother, if someone wants to chat with me, send me a private message………”, at which time, the community started discussing, and, there are even the words such as “Wow, 46?  Older than my MOM!”, I couldn’t help, but feel sorry for her, she’s too hurried, real love doesn’t come easy, in this game, where she’d pretended to be but a “kid”, she’d become, the laughing stock.

But, it would be entirely wrong, to say, that you can’t find love in online gaming.  My other gaming partner, Mr. L, is a lotus farmer in Tainan, very humorous, he’d often invited us to his bed and breakfast, he and his current partner, Ms. J met while they were playing the online games.  Their love makes an interesting story to tell too.

not my photo still…

When they first met, J had a cup of coffee, sitting at the entry of 85˚C Café, J is a mother of three, slightly, fat.  The very first thought across his mind when he saw her way, “Just drive away, and pretended that I didn’t see her”, but, out of courtesy, he’d still, stepped outside of his car, and after L was displeased, felt that he didn’t consider, that she had a cup of coffee in her hand, and he’d not have anything to drink.  And because that day, L kept getting calls from her clients, their first date ended early.  She’d thought, that this, was a fruitless meeting with someone from online, but, after J stopped playing the games because of how busy work got, L started going to Kaohsiung a lot for her ailing mother, and, J visited her mother several times, because he was closer, and, they’d become, a couple then.  And now, they’d showed off their love in games a lot, and, the passions, don’t pale by comparison to the younger generations.

The limitlessness of the online world, love knows no age, and after, you’d gone through certain phases of your own lives, you’d become, more mature, in looking into your own needs.  The older generations can still find the love they’re longing for in life!

And so, this, is a story of how, online relationship worked out in real life, and this, is truly rare, after all, when you interacted with someone online, it’s not as real, as the face-to-face interactions, but, after these two people got to know one another better, they’d realized, that they should be together…