Two Movie Tickets…

There was, that movie we both wanted to go see, and, I took the liberty, to pre-order the tickets, and yet, I’d, never gone, to see it, with you!

Two movie tickets, they’d, become, yellowed through time, and, they’re, still there, inside that original envelope that they’d come in when I first bought them.

查看來源圖片like, these???  Image found online…

Two movie tickets, we’d, never gotten the opportunities, to go see that “must-see” movie for us both, remember how excited we once were, when it’d, finally come out, we’d, watched the previews on the T.V. commercials, and, saw the segments of it, as we’d, gone to see another movie, remember? And now, those two tickets became, a SORE sort of a reminder, of how easily, things, go to waste!

The two movie tickets, became metaphor of you, of me, it’d become, outdated, the movie had, gone off screen, having run for a couple of weeks, and, everybody who’d, wanted to see it, had already, seen it, save for the both of us…

Two movie tickets, that, was what our love was, reduced to, how odd, that something that was, once so precious, to you and I, can get reduced, to very, quickly, to something, that became, totally, outdated! Two movie tickets, that, is perhaps, what, our love, became: outdated, shown too many times that it’d, grown, old.

breaking up  的圖片結果the one, left behind…photo from online…

Two movie tickets, I still got ‘em here, saved, inside my wallet, don’t know why? Perhaps, to remind myself, to NEVER fall for someone like you again, who knows……………










The guessing games we’re, sometimes, forced to play with our pets, because they can’t tell us, verbally what they need from us, translated…

He’s looking at me, those all-knowing eyes, does he, really know, that I’d, forgotten to buy his, cat food? Or, does he, have something he wants to say to me?

The cat always behaved like this, stares at you quietly, wagging his, lazy tail, without a single sound, as you’d, guessed what he’s, thinking about, trapping you, in that predicament. “Did I, forget to do something?” “Did I, do something wrong?” As you got closer to him, he’s, smacked his tail around, left you behind, or, starting to, meow, with that stressful look inside his eyes, too pressed, that you couldn’t, understand what he wanted from you? But sometimes, he’d, rolled to his back, to play coy with you.

This is similar to how two people are flirting with one another, in that blurred boundary, his thoughts, covered up, by a thin layer of cloth, and only the speculative winds blew, hoping, that it could, make the cloth rise up some. Wanted to get closer to each other, but, as we almost touched, we’d shockingly discovered, that there’s, still that thin film of cloth that’s, still intact, but looking at it closer, it seemed, invisible, and so, we can only, return back to where we were, to look at each other from a distance.

what DO you want, kitty???  Photo from online…查看來源圖片

He still stared at me. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, can’t believe how I’d, overinterpreted the situation, having him stare me down like that, it should be best, that I go out, and get him his can food then!”, at this time, he’d, yawned, then, fell, deeply into his sleep.

So, you’re, sleepy, my kitty!

And so, because animals can’t tell you what they want for you, it’s all, a hit-and-miss sort of a guessing game, and, sometimes, you’d hit the right things that your cat wants from you, and sometimes, you don’t, and yet, if you’d had this animal long enough, I’m sure, that you will come to know its tendencies to the point, that as he started to move a muscle, you can, already, correctly, guess what it wants from you then…or, at least, that, was how it was, with my dogs as we’d, lived longer together…

“I Shall be the Eyes for My Parents”, the Young Man Led His Parents Up the Podium as the Family Was Awarded for Being Wonderful

A child, who realized how hard his parents had it, and genuinely wanted to help them out, a good example of how the offspring should behave, from the Newspapers, translated…

The elementary school student, Chen, whose parents are both visually impaired, starting in his preschool years, he’d watched over his own parents, very understanding, in following the unspoken rules of filial piety, his family received the model family nationally for the city of Keelung, he’d gently led his mother by the hand, with his father, led by his mother’s shoulders, he’d become his parents’ “eyes”, the three of them step by step, walked onto the stage to receive the awards. Chen said, “I will become my parents’ eyes forever,” and it’d moved everybody who was there.

Of the fifty-eight families who won the awards, both Chen’s parents were severely visually impaired, they own and massage shop, Chen had been independent since he was a young child, starting in his preschool years, he’d helped sweep the floors of the shop, done the laundry, made the beds, he’d also helped his parents made the meals too, was his parents’ left and right hand.

Chen said, “When we go out, I’d taken my parents’ hands, to help them cross the streets”, as the awards were being given out, he’d taken his mother’s hand, and his father placed his hand onto his mother’s shoulders, the three moved along slowly toward the podium, he’d also given the warnings of “be careful where you step”, and it’d moved everybody in attendance at the ceremonies.

獲獎的陳韋仁(左)挽著母親的手,父親再把手搭在母親肩上,他當起雙親的眼睛引導他們 from…

“My mother would prepare the foods I loved, and dad would teach me the values of life,” Chen stated, that he’d not gotten any less love from his visually impaired parents at all, he said, he’d led his parents to their doctors’ appointments, to stroll the night markets, “I will be my parents’ eyes forever!”, being so young, and yet, he’d, behaved so much like an adult already.

His school principal told, that he was very mature for his age, understanding, in order to help their son grow up healthy, the parents overcome their visual impairment, and went outdoors, he was their eyes, very independent at a young age, taking his parents outside, so they can know, the wonders of the world they live in.

And so, this young man took on the task of taking care of his parents, without any word of complaints, because his parents couldn’t see, and, he took up the responsibilities to care for them, and that, is the actions of a child who fitted perfectly into the filial piety values of Asian societies.

When I’m Home Alone

Finally, she has time to herself, because her husband and her son are both, working late, this is, a hard-to-come-by mini “vacation” all right, and she really needed the recharge too! Translated…

My husband’s on shift tonight, my son working overtime, there’s only me at home at night, it’s, such a rare opportunity, that I get to be, alone on my own.

查看來源圖片what we’re, in need of…photo from online…

Ordinarily, everybody’s there, I couldn’t have a breath to myself, I’d need to, get my apron on, and entered, into, yet another battlefield—the kitchen, to take over my husband’s not yet finished up supper, and I’d needed to, get myself so dirty, before I’m able to, sit down to eat, and, I’d turned into, a worm, after I’d done, busying, too spent.

Tonight, I’m the only one home, very leisure, I’d changed into my relaxation outfit, I’ll get some snack, to keep the feelings of hunger away, I suppose! Then, sort through the newspapers, see what’s happened today. After reading the papers, I’d, opened up the fridge, to see what there is for me to eat, heated the plates up, an easy supper.

It’s really easy, just me, no need to, go out of my way, I can also, slow my own paces down, at this time, I have the opportunities, to finish everything slow, this was, such, an extravagance, for a working woman! After I’m full, I’ll, watch a few episodes of Korean soap, and after the soaps, my husband, my son should be, home, and, I shall, turn back to Cinderella, from a princess then.

here’s a woman, relaxing…photo from online…查看來源圖片pampering herself, because she EARNED it!!!  Image from online…

Even though life is like so, I’d already, gotten, recharged, and my fatigue, taken away by half, and I have, more energies, to embrace all the challenges that come towards me then. I love being at home alone, only during this period of time, would I feel, that I’m my own person. Turns out, spending time alone, slowing my own paces down, is the best sort of a gift for a career woman.

And so, this showed, how hard we women (yeah, I’m still one!!!) work, in, and OUT of our homes, unlike how you LOSERS (as that is what you all are!!!) can just, kick off your dress shoes, start turning into a POTATO on the couch after you come home from work, we women are still running, running, running NONSTOP, and when our husbands (yeah right, as if I got one??? GET REAL here!!!) and our young are away, we get the spare time to OURSELVES…

The Mangroves at Zhuwei, a Poem

Something that’s, painted, with the words, translated…

The Wetlands

Lying, on the Northern Shores of the Danshui River

Becoming, an Extra-Large Paintbrush

Brushing Across the Horizon

A Few Water Fowls Splashed in

查看來源圖片what the place looks like, photo found online…

The Far End of the Smoky, Mangroves Where the Ocean Meets the River

The Originally Quiet Mangrove Patch

Became Roused Up Suddenly

Focusing the Eyes

I’d Found

The Red Setting Sun on the Canvas

Was, Slowly Sinking Downward

in the Muddy Swamps

查看來源圖片the species of plant that’s found there…photo found online…

the Sketch Artists Were, Picking Up Their Materials

And, Packed in the Sound of the Tides

the Impressions of the Waves, Hitting the Shores

with the Painted, Colorful, Not-Yet-Dried Sunset

into the Bags

with the artists, painting by the river…photo from online…查看來源圖片

This is the importance, of we humans, being just the observers of the nature scenes, to NOT get overly involved into the habitats, to just, stay on the sidelines, and capture what we see with our minds, our paintbrushes, our words…

Burn, Small Universe

It took you, forever, to build up to this particular moment, and yet, you’d still, CHICKENED out!!! Translated…

Every boy, when he was young, he would imagine that he’s a super hero, and I’d, always wanted to be Saint, Seiya.

and here are the  characters from that cartoon…from online…查看來源圖片

As we were selecting our spot for the honeymoon, my wife wanted a romantic trip to Greece, I’d naturally, agreed. But, I didn’t care about Mykonos, Santorini, I’m only there, for the Parthenon! As a Seiya fan, how can I never go to, the hometown of, Athena?

That day when we went to the sight, as the tour guide introduced to us, the histories of Athens, my wife was in awe at how majestic the Parthenon was, while the other tourists were busying, taking pictures, I kept thinking, that my childhood dream was, about to, come true.

I shall, stand right before the Parthenon, and, show off the fighting pose I’d practiced for over ten years on end, and, as I throw the punches, I will be, screaming, “Burn, small UNIVERSE!”, my dreams of over twenty years ago, is about to come true on this very day, and, this small secret disclosed itself, with the smile that’s, slowly, crawling onto my face.

As my wife noticed, she’d asked me, “What are you so happy about?”

As my wife had asked, shall I, have her, tape record me? I’d, wondered.

“What, are you smiling about?”, she became, fazed.

posing, at the Parthenon, photo from online…查看來源圖片

“Of course, it’s this trip with you. Yeah, by the way, did you know, that the Goddess of Victory was, NIKE………”

Oh well, perhaps not, I don’t have the guts, it’s, simply, too, embarrassing for me to do it!

And so, this man made the very WISE decision, to NOT make a fool of himself, risking his wife getting angry at him on their honeymoon, which might (or might not!) lead to her giving him the silent treatment for the rest of the trip………

Sunset on Tuesday, a Poem


Four-Thirty in the Afternoon

The Sun is Dead

The Dark Blue Sky

with a Few Reddened Clouds

Became a Charcoal, Burned to Redness

sunset 的圖片結果the skies, painted red like this…photo from online

This poet had, painted the picturesque of the dying light illuminating from the western skies at sunset with her words, so very vivid…