After Circling Around Taiwan Twice


That day, as I got to my doorsteps, it was already between dusk and evening, I rang the doorbell, and heard my family’s call, “Who is it?”, in after almost circling around Taiwan completely, hearing my family member’s voice for the very time, I’d not, felt anything.

“I’m home!”, I’d called out to them through the front door. This sort of a conversation was, nothing abnormal, like how I’d just, come home from school.

The following days, aren’t much different either, like nothing was changed. The thought, an instinct that came to mind was—I’d not left home far enough yet! Like that last trip around the island on motorcycle, after I’d passed through eastern Taiwan, I’d gotten that mirage of “I’m going towards home”, so, for my two, three weeks’ adventures, only during the first week, did I feel, “I’m embarking on a brand new adventure”, and after that, came “I’m going home now”.

someone circling around Taiwan by bicycle…not my photo.

“Taiwan is way too small”, that, was what I’d gained, after two trips around the island. In the clockwise or counter-clockwise trips, it’s really hard, to travel, with NO purpose at all.

“Taiwan is way too small,” the conclusion I came to, after trekking around the island, almost two complete times, and, this thought had, haunted me ever since.

Yeah, Taiwan IS, way too small, so, a lot of people are, fighting, on the island, fighting to get that head start, worried about losing at the starting point, or that there’s no future here, so, they’d focused on the gains that are, right in front of them. For instance, the education in Taiwan, we’d spent too much time on “formal education”, and wanted the educators to repeatedly, practice everything they’d already known how to do. The kids are warned again and again: that the information on the textbooks are not enough, that they’d needed to, produce the correct answers on the exams, in the shortest time possible too. So, the same problems, once, twice, god knows how many number of times, for the purpose of it, being etched, into the minds, until writing down the answers to the question became a sort of a reflex.

Although, learning is a life-long process, but, we’d spent too much time, in “training for speed”, instead of really understand what is being taught, only to get that extra point or two on the exams, so we can, score ahead of other people on the standardized examinations, to show how important we are. What’s more interesting was, when most educators had, accepted this sort of a competitive logic, those in charge of how education is going can use this “formal education” claim, to use it as the means to promote one’s own policies.

Clearly, the countless competitions in Taiwan, are for the placements on the surfaces, instead of seeing who learns the most. In this tiny island, when there’s a conflict of the splitting of resources, the most widely used method to resolve the problems, is to see who is worthy of gaining more of the assets, and the resources too? So, the students fight over the placements, the schools fight over the national standings, the colleges and universities, fight over the placements of the outstanding scholars’ lists…………

something you see trekking across the island, not my photo here.

The resources in education is so, the government’s use of resources too, along with the assignments of resources in the society. When the gains on the surfaces outweighs what’s on the inside, it would be easy for us to understand, why there are, so many bad people producing bad products to sell, and, we can also gain a better understanding, of how messed up the politics, and the society had become in Taiwan from the past decade’s time too.

So, this, is the big picture, and it only took this person, to travel around the island TWICE, to understand all of this, and, he is right, on the fact, that people are too narrow-minded, unwilling to change, even IF it’s for the better, and, if we don’t start changing individually, then, how can we expect our country to function better as a whole, as, we’re all, small parts of a larger machine, and when one of us refused to or stopped working, the entire machine falls apart!

Danced Out His Life in a Wheelchair, He Went to Germany to Compete

Not letting his physical handicap defeat him, from the Newspapers, translated…

Liu, who was diagnosed with a rare condition, hereditary spastic paraplegia, was able to find a fresh new world through ballroom dancing on wheelchairs, the very first time he has the chance to travel abroad, it was to compete in Germany, “ballroom dancing on wheelchairs made me come out of my shell, gave me more confidence, to face up to the challenges of my life.”

dancing with the television personnel, Hou, photo from online.

The 2016 New Taipei City’s IPC Wheelchair Ballroom Competition will be on November 5, 2016, at the Multi-Purpose Gymnasium in Sanchong, and yesterday, the star, Yi-Jun Hou and the wheelchair ballroom dancer, Xiang-Rong Liu danced together, to prepare for the competitions. Being a trained dancer, Hou told, that ballroom dancing on wheelchair is very professional, that it takes even longer, and was harder to learn, than the regular kinds of ballroom dancing.

The wheelchair performer, Liu said, that in his third-grade year, the doctors diagnosed him with mild cerebral palsy, but, with the coming of the years, his joints became stiffened more and more, his hands and legs wouldn’t take commands from his brains, which caused him to get into a car wreck, which was how he was, diagnosed with the rare condition, hereditary spastic paraplegia, and so, despite how he’d not wanted to, he’d become, wheelchair bound.

the man and his dancing partner performing on wheelchair, photo from online.

Liu said, that he’d needed the exercise, to slow the progressions of his illness, seven years ago, he’d started learning ballroom dancing with the manager of the Hsinbei City’s Wheelchair Dancing Foundation, a class a week, each class lasts three hours, “I’d fallen down a lot in practice”, he’d told, that as he’d spun around, he’d needed to, accelerate, or, as he’d lifted up his wheels, he’d used too much force, it’s easy for him, to fly off his wheelchair, or flip backwards.

“Later as my dance instructor told me I was eligible for competition abroad, I was so excited!”, the very first time he is on a flight, it was, to Germany to compete, although the flight of over ten hours is torture to those who are paraplegics, but Liu still felt very excited and happy about it.

So, this is an amazing tale, of how a man who’s handicapped pursued his dreams relentlessly, put in even more hours of hard work, to achieve what he’s able to, and this still showed, that so long as your attitudes are right, you can do just about anything, despite if you have any restrictions of the physical kind.

Left Blank…

These pages of our memories, left blank, ‘cuz there isn’t really, anything worth remembering (for me), that’s, shared by us…so, I’d, left it, blank!

Left blank, ‘cuz, there’s nothing left for me to say to you no more! I got nothing, there’s just, nothing I feel for you, I used to get so angered about what you did, but now, I just, don’t feel anything at all, perhaps, I’d, become, too numbed out already? Who knows? I really, can CARE-LESS here.

yeah, it’s, just like that…not my brackets…

Left blank, these pages, of our lives together, the only thing we shared, was that fake and phony wedding day photo, holding each other tight, gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes, and, the photographer, along with ALL the guests at that “funeral procession”, never even knew, we were, merely, putting on that SHOW for everybody who was there to bear witness, to us, signing our own DEATH warrants.

Left blank, it’s, already DONE, I’d, erased ALL traces of you from my life, and now, even as we bumped into one another on the streets, I still, won’t recognize you, ‘cuz, I’d, erased you from my mind, since………gosh, it’s, so god DAMN long ago, I can’t even recall W-H-E-N already………

My Bodyguard, My Alarm Clock


I’d flipped open that photo album from my high school year, and, the description that came to mind was “eyesore”. For the sake of getting into a better university, I’d studied all day and all night, didn’t have the time, to make myself look pretty, and would normally show up at school in my naturally curly “bird nest” hairstyle, it’s hard to believe, that I’d started interacting with my very first love then on the school busses.

this would be a pain, wouldn’t it???  Missing that ride…

The one who’d made this relationship possible, was actually, Zhougong Dan. Having stayed up all night to cram, normally, the moment the school lets out, I’m fallen, into a state of comatose, until he, who gets off at the same stop, wakes me up, then, I’d, followed him off the busses hurriedly. At first, it was just, a random act of kindness for him, but once, he’d gotten off at stops earlier, to go to cram school, and, he’d learned, of the tragedy of how I slept, all the way, into the bus terminals, ever since, he’d actively, taken up the role of my alarm clock.

Since then, I’d no longer, rushed to make up for the lack of sleep, I’d engaged in conversations with him, or, watch those old comedians performed on the screens. Once, as I woke, I got off, didn’t look to see if there are, oncoming traffic, thankfully for him, for bear-hugging me from behind, to allow me to get run down by the speeding by motorcycles. Ever since, this alarm clock slash bodyguard, added that scent of romance to my schooling careers.

But with this, you’ll, NEVER be late again!!!

not my clip-art…

Gladly for this period of commuting to school, so my adolescent years, have something worthwhile for me to recall.

So, this, would be, that very first love of yours??? Because the guy was kind enough, he knew that you needed the sleep, and so, he’d let you sleep, and, woke you up when you’re supposed to get off the busses, and, he helped save you from getting run over too, that’s something worth remembering all right, isn’t it? And besides, with his presence in your life back in your schooling days, it’d added, that scent of love that you encountered for the first time too.

The Plants that Grew on the Tenth Floor


The Dust, that’s, our permanent home, including for the humans, as well as the vegetation too, the farther away from the natural dirt, the more we’re all filled with that homesickness, the more longing we have, of getting closer to nature. Living high up on the tenth floors, having some potted plants, that’s a way, to be closer to nature. The potted soil I’d brought over from my former residence can be used and reused over and over again, until it’s completely used up, then, I’d come up with, an alternative, to fill up the holes.

For the small, delicate lives of the weeds and the flowers, the pottery pots were their housing, and the only furnishing they have, is the soil, watering the potted plants twice a day, and fertilizing once every week, is the primary source of nutrition that they all have, the natural driving forces to grow for these small green warriors, once they were touched by the water, they’d all, come back to life again, started growing hard, never stopping, even though, they’re all, ten stories above the earth, their mother, their life forces are still, strong, and you can’t see the weakening of their strengths.

with enough sunshine, they will surely, flourish, not my photo here…

The old branches and the new buds, all did their part to keep the plant alive and well, during the day time when I’m awake, or at night when I’m asleep, they’re still, continuing! As the leaves had, lived out their time, after they’d already, given it their own, withered away, just like the phrase “returning to the roots”, they’d covered up, their original roots then, the fallen leaves helped the soil, from becoming stiffened, from the watering daily, which helps with absorbing the water and the nutrients, as well as with the plant breathing.

In the sunny weathers, I’d sometimes feel their green leaves extensions were, a sort of a delicate cup, time and time again, filled up, with the wines from the sun, drinking it all up, turning the sunshine into the green leaves that they wore! Being with these potted plants, allowed me to be a close observer and witness to their strong life force; one day, if I’d allowed them all, to return back to the earth; I’m certain, that they will, eventually bloom and grow strong again once more, this temporary sort of incarceration, kept them, curled up, inside these, smaller pots, it’d not, destroyed their strong drives toward being alive.

choice of variety available…not my photo.

In all the corners downstairs, there are, all of their brothers and sisters everywhere, the pet grasses, the cacti, sunflower, duckweeds, along with the flowering varieties too, some were planted by folks inside those small pots, some were, planted, down in the parks, some grew on their own, by the waters too. I can’t remember how many times, I was, attracted to just stand there, and watch these plants, live in nature, the beauty they radiated, are of an ordinary, miniscule kind. Even as it’s just a weed, it also owned, it’s specific beauty too, that, is a marking, of how they’re, in existence.

This, is observing nature, and feeling the awe, of how nature can be so beautiful, but the thing is, living in this modern day, busy world of ours, we rarely, take the time to slow down, and enjoying the views, the scenes that are, all around us, because we don’t have the time, we need to go! And, this piece shows, exactly why it’s important, to take your time, to immerse yourselves in the beauties of the natural world…

When a Woman Finally Gives Up

We’ve all seen, how stubborn a woman CAN be, when it comes, to STICKING with the man she thought she loved, but, enough, IS enough, and, the last time, WAS, the VERY LAST T-I-M-E!!!

When a woman finally gives up you can imagine, how many times she’d already been, let down, can’t you? ‘Cuz, it’s usually, not easy, for a woman, to throw in that TOWEL, when it comes, to the man she thought she’d loved, for so long.

throwing in the towels in lopve 的圖片結果not my picure or words…

When a woman finally gives UP, boy, oh boy, oh B-O-Y, you’ll feel, that temperature, drop, to SUB-ZERO, in a heartbeat! A woman finally gives up, there’s NO turning back for her, nothing you can do, to make her want to save you, that’s just it, she’d, thrown in the towel, refused, to play that game anymore!

When a woman finally gives up, it is, the E-N-D! As, that final straw had, broken the camel’s BACK, and, there’s NO way, to cross over that bridge, you’d, already burned………

When a woman finally gives up, but, how can you know, that a woman, had finally, given UP? Just look in her eyes, there is, NO more passion that she’d, felt for you, there’s, NOTHING there, in her, hollow, empty, gazes, when she looks at you, it’s like, she’s, gazing, into, the empty space.

this, is how a woman says, “goodbye”!  not my photo still…

I Was Just Upset is All…

I was just upset is all, and the anger was so strong, it took me over, it was, like I was, possessed or something, like something, took me over, and made me do all those hurtful things to you, ‘cuz you know I love you, and I would NEVER hurt you on purpose, honey!!!

I was just upset is all, sometimes, my anger got so strong, that I just can’t, control it, it’s like, that fire-breathing dragon with the fires, about to, shoot out of the nostrils, but, someone told it, to SWALLOW it back down, you CAN see, how uncomfortable that can be, right?

fighting again…not my photo…

I was just upset is all, and, you should’ve KNOWN better, to prod, I just need my quiet time, don’t you know that? We’d been together, for so long already, and you still hadn’t figured me out? What the HELL???

I was just upset is all, sometimes, I just, can’t control my own anger, sometimes, my anger, it just needed to, get “released”, and, whenever I got angry, it wasn’t directed toward you, it’s just, that I need to, blow up, from time to time is all, you can, understand, can’t you, love???

“It’s like, you’re, NOT even TRYING!!!”.  “But I AM, TRYING!!!”  not my photograph still…