Together, for the Rest of Our Lives…

We were young, and in love, and we want to be together, for the rest of our lives, yeah, yeah, looking at that now, we were, just, way too NAÏVE!!!

Together, for the rest of our lives, but why? I’d already, SERVED my life (sentence), and waited until the kids are adults, and now, I’m done. together, for the rest of our lives, are you PSYCHO??? What makes you think, that I’m willing to, put up with you for the next, thirty, forty, or however many years I’m going to live, huh???

someone tell me, how can THIS be believable, huh???

Together, for the rest of our lives, I don’t think so, ‘cuz I’d put up with you for a long time, and now, I’d, finally, HAD it, and I’m O-U-T, oh, and by the way, I’ll be SUING you for divorce, and you will be paying me BACK, for all the years of my waste youth, and to think, that I married you way, way, way back when, what the HELL was I thinking, right???

Together, for the rest of our lives, uh, you wish, I am, together, with someone for the rest of my life, and she will always be here, to support me, to love me, to honor, cherish (blah-blah-b-l-a-h) me for the rest of our lives “together”, and guess W-H-O I’m talkin’ ‘bout? You guessed it, it’s M-E: ME!!! I am the only one I will EVER have, I am the only one who will always and forever respect, love, honor, and cherish myself, I can’t count on anybody to do that, because nobody will, and I know this how??? Oh yeah, from the years of bad experiences I’d had, getting “raised” up by ABUSIVE and NEGLECTFUL parents, not to mention I was also, ABUSED by that TRAILER park TRASH, who’d MURDERED my nonexistent baby girl, Emily, remember “her”??? Yeah, and she SHOULD BE SEVEN this year too, and yet, where the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!!!) IS this seven-year-old that I should’ve had? Oh wait, she’s, already DEAD!!!

sometimes, it’s just, a piece of JEWELRY…

My Mother’s Bracelets


Awhile ago, as I’d thumbed across, “I Broke My Elbow”, I can’t help, but remember my own deceased mother, other than bracelets, she’d never worn any other jewelry. There’s a reason to this, several times my mother had tripped and fallen, it was because of the bracelet, that’s prevented her from breaking her wrist, and so, she’d firmly believed, that the bracelets have a way, for keeping her safe, said that the bracelets can help fend off bad luck for their owners, that if the bracelet broke in half, that meant, that the bad luck had, surpassed.

what these bracelets looked like, not my photo…

My mother was born at the start 1911, and the women born that year had an especially hard time living, not only were they supposed to take care of their in-laws, taking care of their husband’s younger siblings’ living, they’d needed to, raise their own young too, took care of ALL the household chores, how could they have the time, to “dress for themselves”? And so, after I’d started working, I’d used my very first wage, to buy her a brand new bracelet; it’d cost $5,000N.T. sixty years ago, but from the perspectives of today, I must’ve gotten conned by the bad businessmen, but my mother never minded it, she’d worn the bracelet I gave her around her wrist every single day, it’d moved me so. Until one year, my mother tripped, and fell again, there was, a crack on the bracelet I bought for her, but she was okay, and after that, she’d started wearing the bracelet my older sister gave to her.

Afterwards, after I’d asked for permission from my mother, I’d gotten the bracelet I gave to her back with him, as memorabilia, and, four years ago, as my daughter got married, I’d taken out the collection of bracelets I had stored up for her to pick from—told her the stories behind all of them too; after my daughter heard the stories, she’d chosen the bracelet that her grandmother had worn from before, her sensible choice made me feel, so heartwarming.

comes in a wide variety of shapes and thickness and colors too…not my photo…

So, this heirloom is, passed down to the next generation, and, what’s passed down was not just the object, but also, the feelings, the memories attached to the object, and, the bracelet carried the memories of the writer’s mother’s life, and, as her daughter chose it, it’d become, significant to her…

The Weight of Love


This stage built by Mother Nature, is a halfway house for the birds. I’d often seen birds in flight, carrying food in their beaks, stopped here to rest. They’d put down the food items they’d carried to rest a bit, then, carried them back up, hopped around, marched a bit, walking on, stopping, walking, stopping, then, flapping their wings, flown off afar. Sometimes, I’d seen that they had trying moments, carrying the food, I’d guessed, that they may just, give up in the end, or, simply, swallow what they’d carried whole, but, none of these had ever, happened. I’d always seen them, with this determination and stamina, clamped onto the foods, then, rushed off, toward home.

This small bite of food, is the feast of love that the birds prepared for their families, they’d carried the weightiness of their love, slowly, disappeared, into the skies.

So, this, is the awe in nature, but, maybe, the birds just caught too heavy a catch, that they were, having troubles, bringing the foods home to their families, and they may have mouths to feed as parents, who knows, but, from this, you can see, how humans have a way, of personifying all the other living creatures in the world, thinking they’re just like us, when maybe, the lower orders of organisms have a simpler motive for doing what they’re doing.

A Story Behind Every Face

what do you see, when you look at this???

There’s a story behind every face, even if the faces you encountered don’t and can’t make a single sound! A story behind every face, there is one, and, being curious, I’d wanted to, find out all about the stories, where they’re going, where will they all, end (not inside that huge pile that’s dumped into the garbage fill, I hope!)

A story behind every face, you’ll see them, if you only, observe them closely, like I’d done, there’s that hint of sorrow, sadness, masked up behind those painted-on smiles, don’t you see them now??? A story behind every face, that, is what I had, learned, from my rolling around this god DAMN hell of a world, that nothing IS ever as it appears to be, there’s always, something that’s hidden, deeper, way, way, WAY beneath the surfaces. You just need to, take the time, peel back all those thousands of layers of whatever they’d put on, kinda like opening up those Russian Dolls, until you finally reached, the C-E-N-T-E-R…

is this, what you will notice…even IF it’s painted over???

A story behind every face, that young woman, with the weathered look, that’s not fit, for someone as young as she, or that radiant child’s eye glow, in that elderly adult’s eyes, as she was visited by someone she forgot. All of these, are stories, waiting to be told, but, are you noticing them, are you, passing these, stories, along???

A story behind every face, there’s one, that look from that dirty-faced kid, who just got pulled off of his unfit mother, dragged away, crying, by the social workers, what’s HIS story, I wonder………

Chasing Their Dreams in Wheelchairs, Diving for the Winter Olympics and Even If They Were Paralyzed, It Still Didn’t Stop Them from Entering a Beauty Pageant

People who didn’t allow their handicaps to prevent them from chasing their dreams here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

This is, a different sort of a beauty pageant! The manager of the branch, Lo said, that the purpose of the beauty pageants are not for the injured to show how successful or how beaten they once were because of their injuries, but hoped that those who suffered spinal injuries can accept one’s own destiny, still face the future with optimism and confidence; she said, that last year, the very first of the pageants were held, of the competitors, four were married in the past year, two had children, “they’d originally thought that love was no longer possible, and through this competition, they were able to regain the love, their own smiles, and the most important thing they’d gained, was their self-confidence.”

The thirty-five year-old Yeh was a member of the Navy Seals, he’d dreamed of becoming a diving coach, but when he was twenty-three, he was in a car crash that injured his spinal column. He said, that the first five years after he was paralyzed, he’d hidden out at home, unable to go into the public again, and he’d gotten involved with the foundation, and started drumming, and singing too; and last year, he received his diving instructor certification, and in November, he’ll be competing on behalf of Taiwan, in the winter Olympics.

在輪椅上訴說自己的人生,他們要重拾過去的微笑。 記者葉建宏/攝影photo from…

The twenty-one year-old He who loved basketball, two years ago, due to a car crash, started living on a wheel chair too, he’d had to bid farewell to his favorite sport of basketball. He said, that during his hospitalization, his parents helped make him better all day long, but he’d blamed his own parents, and wallowed in self-pity, until this year, he’d lost both his grandfather and grandmother, did he shocking come to the senses that he’d stripped away the time his parents had, of taking care of his elderly grandparents; and now, he’d not only learned to take care of himself, he’d also, “found his smiles back too”.

So, these are the people who had been through the lowest of their lives, and, they’d found back their values, their self-confidences back, through this social activity.

My Sisters Stood by Me Through Thick & Thin


Awhile ago, after reading, “The Money from My Side of the Family”, I felt, really blessed, because ever since I got married, I’d relied on the money from my sisters, to help me through the harder times of life.

My husband borrowed money from his relatives to start a business before we were wed, as we were about to marry, he’d borrowed money from my grandmother to have the wedding, and so, naturally, after we wed, I’d carried my share of this debt. The first few years, although we’d lived by putting money into an investing ring, getting returns, paying up the debts, there were still, two sets of wages, and we’d lived fine.

not my picture…

As we’d just about, paid up all our debts, my company broke up, because there weren’t enough funds, we can only, live by following the investments. Finally, as my husband’s company slowly got on track, but because my husband trusted his friends too much, he’d run away with a huge sum of the investments, and he’d gone awol too. At the time, it was, my three sisters, who’d pulled the money out of their separate pockets, to help my husband get through that period of time.

The days that followed, my husband’s company hit a low, and would needed to make the 3:30 deadline a lot, and, I was always the one, opening up to my eldest sister, to borrow the money; and my sister who worked two jobs, who’d thought more than three times, before she bought that pair of sneakers, had never told me no, and would wire the amount as I’d asked her to, and she’d never even collected any interests on the loans she’d given me.

Once my husband thought, that we’d borrowed too much from my eldest sister already, and not telling me, he’d gone to my youngest sister for some money, and, a few months later, my husband asked me to wire the amount to her, that, was when I’d learned about it. I’d asked my youngest sister, “I don’t even know that your brother-in-law asked for a loan from you, aren’t you afraid, that we won’t pay you back?”, my youngest sister smiled and answered, “oh, if you really don’t want to pay me back, then, you just won’t, you’re my older sister just the same.”, I was so very moved right when she’d told me this.

not my photo still…

As the company sailed through the financial difficulties, the money owed to my sisters were, paid up, and, I’d wanted to, buy a house, to stop renting, I’d again, asked my eldest sister for a loan on the down payment, and, she’d not said another word, and just, given me the amount; being naïve, I’d not realized, that the remodeling, the furniture all cost money too, until we got our house, and after my eldest sister learned, she’d, wired the money for me to buy the things we’d needed.

And now, my husband’s company is, up and running, we are all very well off, and it’s all because of my sisters’ help, especially my eldest sister who’d never gotten annoyed or displeased at me, asking her for the money, I’m truly, very blessed. I’m so grateful, for having these amazing siblings in life!

So, this, is a great example, of how siblings help you out, but, this woman would be a pretty rare case, because not everybody is as lucky as this woman, to have sisters who are willing to help her and give her the money she’d needed to pass through the hard times.

Riding My Bicycle


Because I live not too far from work, I usually ride to work.

I would head out early, and just, rode my bicycle leisurely, allowing that gentle breeze to graze across my face. I loved getting into this sort of an enjoyable life, imagine myself to be younger and full of life, with the heart of a young woman, temporarily, put on hold the fact, that I’m a mother of two teenage girls, and leave behind, all the things that bothered me.

the photo of a family going places on a ride together, not my photo…

On the way to work, I’d passed by a park, and, every day, there would be the elderly folks who were, exercising, dancing there, if I have time to spare, then, I’d stopped and watch them. So very, intoxicating, as we march toward the elderly years, isn’t this sort of leisure, just what we all want to have? There were also those jogging in the park, on the outside, there was an elderly woman who was selling the vegetables she’d planted, every now and then, I’d buy a bundle from her; once, I was rushed, the elderly woman saw me, and hollered out, “young one, ride slowly, and focus on safety!”, she said, that every morning as her daughter goes out to work, she’d hollered it out at her too, I’d smiled and waved goodbye to her, and my heart was, warmed up.

Recalling how many years ago when I’d just started working, working for a public unit, it was three, four kilometers away from my home. Back then, our town wasn’t very city like, I’d not learned to ride yet, and so, I could only, walk. From time to time, my eldest brother would, ride out on a beat up bicycle, and took me to work, I’d sat on the back, watched how my older brother would pant hard, I’d felt, that he’d made too much out of nothing, and now that I’m older, I’d understood, the love he had for me.

a good workout, as well as giving oneself the time to think alone too…

As my daughter was in the elementary years, I’d once rode her to school too, sitting behind me, she’d wrapped her arms tight around my waist, that, must’ve been the most comforting time to her I suppose? But once as I rode across the parks, I’d accidentally allowed her to get scratched by the trees along the way, she’d started crying out in pain right then and there, but didn’t complain about how careless I was, it’d made me blame myself hard. And now, there was this, small scar that’s paled out on her calf, and he’d always called it, a “marking of love”.

And now, my daughter is grown, and on the evenings of the weekends, we’d ride the YouBikes together, along the Danshui River, to the Dadaocheng Pier, to watch the night scene, hearing the nearby residents sing karaoke. This leisure sort of evenings, would always remind me of many beautiful things in my past, it’d made me recalled that love I once had when I was younger.

Riding the bicycles, whether when I’m alone, or with family, with the wind on my face, I could always enjoy that love that came with riding the bikes.

So, you loved riding the bikes, because of all the good memories you had experienced with riding bikes in the past, and that’s normal, because we have the tendencies, to assign positive values to the memories that made us happy.