The Story Time with Auntie Moon

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“Hello, children, I’m Auntie Moon!  Ahhhhhhhh, does anybody here know why I’m called Auntie Moon?”, this, was the opening to my storytelling sessions to the children, and the kids would all talk at the same time, as they guessed the reasons, “You loved the moon!”  “Your most favorite food is the moon cake!”, “Your faces looked so round, just like the moon, when you smile!”, and, I’d always give the kids commends, “Kids, you are all, wonderful!  With an amazing imagination!”, actually, the reason is quite simple, my English name is Luna, which means the moon.

Telling the children stories was my very first volunteer activity after I’d retired, I was so filled with passion about it.  Since I was younger, I’d immersed myself inside my own little world, followed the characters in the books, as they’d experienced their ups and downs, I’d loved how Robinson Crusoe drifted to a deserted island, how he was able to, coexist in peace with the natural world; I’d imagined that I’d gone through the trials as the main character of Oliver Twist, and I’d concocted that well-thought-out plan of revenge, with the Count of Monte Cristo.  As I’d gotten older, I’d found that strong sense of achievement in interacting with other people, especially when I was in the elementary years, I’d told the stories to my classmates, with the eye contact, the voices, the exaggerated expressions, the physical movements, acted out the stories, making the books into real-life, and naturally the characters all came to life.

Because I loved performing, and, my “performance-oriented” nature, when my two son were still quite young, I’d often told them the stories I’d made up, and would give alternative endings to the already written tales, just to satisfy my sons’ curiosities; and I’d used what I have on hand as visual aids, for instance, that big dog stuffed toy became the steed of the knight, the bath towel turned into a cape, and, my sons became the generals, directing the take down of a citadel, and, we’d played out the storylines, with them, as the main characters, back then, I’d gone, all out in telling them the stories.

Awhile ago as I’d told the stories in the children’s department, I saw a young mother, with her eight month old little boy, wearing a frown, back then, the rest of the kids were so very enthusiastic about my story, hollering out loud, stomping their feet, just him, he’d sat, absolutely, still, with that frown between his brows.  After the story was over, I’d walked over to the baby boy, said to him lightly, “Hello, hello, hello, who am I?”, playing a game of answering the phones with him, and, his seriousness melted all of a sudden, he’d stuck out his tongue, started smiling at me.  Wow, Auntie Moon’s heart became like the lotus flowers in the summer seasons, started blooming, one by one.

So, this, is the power of the stories to the kids, it could, get them to open up, and, this woman is doing a wonderful job as a story teller, she’s not just telling them the stories, acting it out for them, but also, she’s changing the kids’ lives as well.

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My Virgin Experience with Openly Showing Love with My Husband

Between a man and a woman here, translated…

The very first time I’d heard of this concept was when I’d gone out with my children on a trip, my daughter stated, “Dad, mom, can you portray being intimate with each other?”

“Escaping the winter seasons?  I’m no migratory bird, why do I need to escape from the winters?”, my hubby who’d only watched Animal Planet on TV replied to our daughter at the moment.

“No, it’s for you, to lean towards the wall, and say something intimate to mom who’s standing by the walls, so she could have that taste of the two of you being in love.  This was from the Japanese programs, it’s in right now, just play along with it!”

That, was when my hubby understood the meaning of the terms.  Turns out, the terms meant, how a man can sweep a woman off her feet, making her swoon over him.

It’s our family outing, with our kids, and my single brother, and, because none of them are with their significant others, there’s NO other couples to make fun of, so, we, the long-time wedded couple took the challenge.

And so, everybody found a stone wall, with me, standing with my back against the wall, my children were really getting rowdy now, “Dad, you must say something sweet and loving to mom first!”

I’d shown that facial expression of being expectant, seeing my hubby, with one hand on the walls, lowered his head about ten centimeters toward me, with that look of love in his eyes, told me, So, you’re a wallflower!”, I’d, chuckled out loud, and then, the romantic mood was, ruined, and, my children, as well as my younger brother were, laughing too hard on the sides, I’d scolded my husband, “You just can’t say anything nice.

Ahhhhh, so that, was my very first experience, of being, pressed against the walls here!

Because you’re not at all, used to this sort of an intimate interaction with your spouse, and, he didn’t have a single clue of what he was doing, but, the crowd (your children and your younger brother???) is gathering up, and, getting rowdy, and so, your husband said something unexpected, and, surely, you were, embarrassed by this act, but, this, I’m sure, is a memory you will forever remember in your mind.

and this, is what THAT looks like…

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Birthday Present, a Short Prose

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The rain became a downpour now.  She’d stayed for a bit, hesitated, then, jumped out of the car, thinking about, where she’s going to spend the night to celebrate with him later.

It’s her birthday today, in the past, it’s either that they’d gone strolling by the lake, or she’d gotten to enjoy a meal, prepared by him, especially for her.

She’d stood in the rain, with her good mood, watched the backside of his car, sped off into the distance; licking her silvery gray long coat, without a single clue, that this day, marked the beginning of her life as a stray.

Yeah, this just shows how irresponsible people are, when they wanted to abandoned their pets, and, they don’t even consider how the pets needed the humans to live, and hello, hello, hello?  You WERE the ones who’d wanted to have your pets, so TAKE responsibility, and, don’t think that because they are animals, they don’t know, they DO understand!!!

The Transparency of Time

the photograph was attached to the article in the papers…Translated…

I’d loved how the sun passes through the ripples, as if, I’m meeting up with, a light I’d once met before.

One autumn in my elementary years, my mother fell ill because she’d strained herself too hard.

“Does it still hurt?”, I’d asked her, with worries.

My mother shook her head.

“Is it, transparent?”

“Why?”, my mother sat up on her bed, with her head still on the rolled up headboard, inquired me.

“Doctor said that there were holes inside your stomach, it’d reminded me that old tale of the child who’d drilled holes in the wall, so he could have more light to read the book.”

“Recently, I’d been, borrowing light too!”, I’d continued.

“What!  You couldn’t have, drilled a hole inside the walls of our house, could you?”, my mother took a deep breath.

“No, I’d read my books, by that lamplight that’s set up recently.”

“The light was bright, the evening breezes, cool, I’m especially energetic when I studied outside!”, as I’d told, I’d flipped out that test paper, “Here, it’s my returned exam, I scored a 95!  The teacher commended me on improving so much as well.”

As my mother took the examination papers into her hand, her red eyes showed the sparkles of light.

The water shone, because of the sun, who, did my mother borrow the light, to shine in her eyes?

And so, this, is a childhood memory of yours, and, you’re attracted to the light, perhaps, because there’s just, too much darkness in your younger years, your mother fell ill, and, you must’ve needed to care for yourself, and that, was why seeing that light in your mother’s eyes was so special for you.

A Golden Cross, Hung, Around Her Neck

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A golden cross, hung, around her neck, and, she’d had that piece of jewelry, since she could remember…

A golden cross, hung, around her neck, but, she’s not Christian or Roman Catholic, she’s, an ATHEIST!  So, how come, there’s, that golden cross, hung, across her neck???

She’d started, wondering about it, when, did I, get this cross (she’d held it up, from her neck, underneath the light, to examine it…).

A golden cross, hung, around her neck, given to her, as a blessing, by her grandmother when she was born, but she was, too young, to remember her grandmother, and, her grandmother died, before she’d turned two, and so, she bears, absolutely NO memories of those days of her infancy………

The Secrets to Defeating Harvard

And this, is how those inmates did it, beating HARVARD in their debates, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The inmates of NY State Prison were involved in the Bard Prison Initiative, received a college education, and, in the debate meet, they’d managed to beat the second highest ranked university, Harvard, it’d made everybody impressed.  After the program was implemented ten years ago, it’d helped over three hundred convicted prisoners receive their degrees, and it’d shown, that the prison systems not only punishes, it could also, work alongside the schools, to try to reform those who are serving time.

BPI was set up in 1999, back then, the student, who set up the program managed to get the program listed as one of the academic course that Harvard offers, and started teaching classes to the inmates who were, serving their sentences.

The process of attaining a degree through the Bard Institute is not at all easy, first, the inmates must write an essay, then, pass through a series of hard interviews.  Then, after they’d gotten their admission, they’d had to go through the real course load.  And because internet is not available for the convicted, the ones who participated in the programs must go through the old ways to study, read the textbooks in hard copy, and they couldn’t copy the assignments off of the internet.

BPI is currently, the largest prison education systems, it’d worked with six prison systems in the state of New York, and, the progress that this program is making with the inmates is showing.  Up to 2013, there were, over seven hundred individuals who had enrolled, and nearly three hundred of those enrolled had attained their degrees.  Of the registered students, there were, less than two person of repeated offenders, and, there was a higher rate of employment after the prisoners were released, and, some of the students went onto managerial positions in their jobs, or had, chosen to, continue earning a higher degree.

The prison system is no longer a place where you’d wasted your life away, to get into fights, to shame each other anymore, it can also be a place, to better one’s education, and a place to provide a chance of education.  Kennar said, “Most importantly, the success of our students showed that in the realm of education, we can do it better, for the American public.”

And so, this, is how the prison systems are giving the inmates the tools they needed, to success, and, it’s an amazing program, and, the prisoners enrolled into the program had truly, made up their minds about turning their own lives around.

the photos are from the website of BPI…

From a Rookie in the Business, to a Star in Sales


It’s hard, for me to imagine, that me, being so silent, can one day, work in the busyness of the city of Taipei, and worked in sales, and start, a very different life than the one I used to have.

At first, as a rookie salesperson, I’d followed the senior, the more experienced sales, as I’d made the sales calls, then, after three months, I’d have the chance to strike out on my own.  And still, what troubled me the most was negotiating business with the bigshot bosses; other than familiarizing them with our products, after I’d made the introductions, there’s just, the awkward silence.  At which time, I’d always hoped, that someone else was there, to help break the silence, and, several times, I’d driven my car to the doors of my clients, but because I couldn’t come up with chatting topics, I’d, turned the car back home around.

And, because of this, I’d lacked, the information that’s on the markets, and, I’d felt like I was sitting on fire, in the sales meetings, didn’t know how to start my reports, and I’d often gotten, reprimanded by my superiors.  From time to time, I’d gotten the complaints of certain products from the customers, and I’d not known, how to handle their displeasures either, and my sales quota slid downward, it’d made me, real upset.  In the depth of the nights, I’d missed my home, even more.

After working really hard for months on end, I’d still not managed, to raise my sales quotas, and, the thought of, quitting and heading home surfaced.  One day, as I was wandering, aimlessly, on the streets, the idiom of “Know Thyself, Win Every Battle” surfaced to my mind.  If I could, understand more about my clients, perhaps, I can, increase my sales quota.  Afterwards, I’d started getting myself to know the companies that are our clients, and take down the notes, classified the information into different files, and thought, often on how to interact with the various sectors.

From time to time, I’d had to sacrifice my sleep, and accompanied the business owners who enjoyed a good hiking trip up the mountains, and on the climb up, I’d heard them talk of the hardships they’d had, starting their own businesses, it’d allowed me to gain precious knowledge, I’d also borrows the golf clubs, and practiced hitting that little white ball, for the sakes of being in their company, increasing my knowledge.  And, attending the functions of my clients, I can also get a ton of information on which direction the market is headed next.  There was a senior CEO who’d liked watching the stock markets, in order to make sure that I can succeed in business with him, I’d hit the books of related subjects, and, I’d, “accidentally”, passed the certifications of a stock broker too, and, added that to my résumé.

Afterwards, as I’d, gone to visit the big business owners, because I can now, talk on the same topics of their interests, I’d no longer felt, estranged, and, my sales rose up too, and, all the grays of the yesteryears are all, gone away.

For the sake of my sales quota, working hard, to learn about the interests of my clients, not only was I able to gain a multitude of brand new interests, I’d also, become more optimistic as well, that, was what I hadn’t expected from before.

So, you were “forced” to grow, because you needed to make your ends meet, you’d become, more social, as you’d needed to know a wide variety of subject of discussions, to have shared conversation topics with your clients, and, because you’d worked so hard, to get acquainted with the new people you interacted with from work, you’d also, increased your knowledge base, it’s so unexpected, the places that growth can occur, isn’t it???