The Married Couple Both Worked as Volunteers

Apparently, this, is ALSO “infectious”, translated…

Sister Ming-Rong had been a volunteer for over thirty years now, don’t be mistaken into thinking, that she has NOTHING else to do, actually, she is the wife of a boss, every morning, she’d given her time to charities, and in the afternoons, she’d return to the office, to deal with the sales of the company, and at night, she’d cooked dinner for her loved ones, and enjoy being together with the family.

Her husband, in her influence, went to Ren-Ai Home to volunteer, every two weeks, Sister Ming-Rong would take money from her own pockets, prepare the fruits and the snacks, and cook up some great savory foods, bring it to the center to share with the elders, and so, the people in the home all enjoyed seeing her and her husband when they’d visited.

Every time when Ming-Rong went out to volunteer, it wouldn’t matter if it’d rained OR shined, her husband would always be her chauffeur willingly, by her side.  She’d said, that her husband told her NOT to be a busybody, that she should just stay home, and be a boss’s wife, but she’d told him, that it’s better to give than to receive, that when she’d gotten out into the world to help others, she’d realized just how blessed she actually was.

Her husband saw how she’d given back to the world so selflessly, he’d entered the volunteer work, and as the employees saw how the owners are giving back, they’d felt their heart, and they’d ALL worked hard, and so, the company is doing better by the day, this, was something that was outside of Sister Ming-Rong’s expectations.

And so, this woman killed MULTIPLE birds with ONE stone, and, that just shows you, that kindness IS infectious, that people CAN and WILL feel your heart, so long as you’d given yourselves selflessly, without wanting, OR expecting anything in return.



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