Journey – Beginning or End?

The First Assertion

I was reluctant to make this journey. It was not because I am not fond of travelling, but because of my nausea of Railway Stations. Although, railway stations have changed a lot, but the feeling of commotion, the usual hustle-bustle and the chaos remains the same. The train would not leave the platform for next twenty minutes and I still have to find my coach. I light my cellphone screen and search through the message sent from Railway ticket booking. By now, I remember my coach and seat number by heart, but because of my irritable state at that moment, I still see the text again just to reconfirm. I quickly find my coach in less than five minutes. Suddenly I realize that I forgot my i-pod home. The thought scares me as the surety of feeling bored in a four hours journey dawns upon me. I glance through the…

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