Previously Married…

After updating our statuses…

We’d become, previously married, and, there’s NO way around it.  Previously married, that signifies, that we were, once, connected, in one way or another, and now we’re, totally N-O-T!

not my screen…

Previously married, and I will never be, married again, being married, and then, divorced once was, hard enough on my mind, soul, and heart (wish I can say the same for my body though…), so, why on EARTH, would I want to, put myself through that sort of SHITS all over again, if I can control it, huh?

Previously married, that, was a mistake, I’d had my beer goggles on when I “bumped” into you, and, apparently, I was also, under the “influence”, which, was why I’d mistook you for something you’re actually not.

not my screen still…

Previously married, and I will never, be wed again, because once was enough, and, it’d still taken, way too long, for me, to figure it all out, but I had, and now, I’m, moving forward, and, never, ever, EVER, looking back!!!

Previously married, recently, divorced, now, single…I’m, ALL of these things now, and, my identity just, becomes, more and more complicated, and, I’d become, totally, confused here………


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