The Head Chef Who Comes Home and Doesn’t Cook, on Shifting from Work into Retirement

Because he’d done it for his job, and so, naturally, you can imagine, how after work, he probably wouldn’t want to do it again…translated…

A few decades ago, everybody commented on how I will have great foods to enjoy, as I was marrying, a head chef, but, it was, not actually so. The truth is, that my husband cooked outside the home all day long, and as he’d walked into the house, he’d turned lazy, naturally, I, as his wife, took over the cooking; sometimes, when something came up and I couldn’t cook, my husband still wouldn’t cook, he’d just, but something from the food shops, or, made himself some instant noodles.

not my photo…

As I’d told all my families and friends this, they’d all had that look of understanding on their faces, like they can all understand, and empathize, with how my husband had, worked hard all day long in the kitchens, and, not wanted to enter into the kitchens again after he got home. Because, for those who cooked for a living, there’s no fun in having do keep doing so when they’d not needed to. I thought on this awhile, and, it seemed, that there were, a lot of examples like this.

I’d finally gotten the benefits of having a professional chef as a husband after he’d retired. My husband, who’d retired early, because of health issues, spent more and more time at home, and finally, found his way back into my kitchen. “Cooking” no longer had that professionalism requirement to it now, he’d started cooking, because of his interest, and for the sake of leisure. Actually, there were, a lot of the foods that he’d wanted to try making, like a meal of fruits, it’s just, that back as he worked as a chef, the restaurant couldn’t give him the chance, the time to develop this menu, and now, he finally has the chance, to make the foods the way he enjoyed making them, and the kids and I were, his very first customers.

not my photo still…

And now, I’m really glad, that my husband worked as a chef, it’d given me leisure in my golden years, a sort of a “trials of life before the better days”, I suppose! With my husband in the kitchens, it’d given me more time, to set up my own schedules now.

So, you can understand, why this man didn’t want to keep on cooking after he came home, he’d cooked all day long at work, and naturally, he’d wanted to get away from that after work, but, things started changing after he’d retired, because cooking was NO longer required, there was no more pressures on him to do it, and so, naturally, his interests in making the foods came back, this is precisely WHY people shouldn’t find a career, based off of their own interests, because if they do, they will end up, hating what they originally enjoyed doing.


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