Hyphenated Lies…

Wasn’t it enough, that your lies were, run-ons, you’d now, hyphenated them too???

Hyphenated lies, they’re distraction, from what the bottom line lie is all about, because the hyphen tends to distract people, besides, how would you know what to focus on, the lie that preceded the hyphen, or the one that followed it, huh???

not my photo…

Hyphenated lies, why are they made like that, do you ever wonder?  Could it be, that the lies were originally, too long and winding, that someone who’d told them couldn’t say it all out in one breath, that, is why the hyphen was needed?  Or, could it be, that those hyphenated lies were, born that way, out of, the lips of those who’d told them to others, maybe?

Well, hyphen OR no hyphen, a lie, is still, a lie, and, lies all end the same way, busted, burned, scorched, incinerated, by the TRUTH, so, START telling the truth now, and don’t lie, because we don’t like LIARS here!!!

another one!!!


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