Entering a Labyrinth, in Search of His Lost Father…

While he was growing up, he’d not had a father around him physically, he grew up, thinking, that his father had, abandoned him, not wanted him.

But one day, he’d thumbed across, an old newspaper clipping his mother saved from a long time ago, it’d told of a man, who walked into some space in time, and was lost, just, couldn’t find his way again.  He had that strong feeling, that this man was, his father, and the man that got “swallowed whole” by that labyrinth long ago, was, once the man he called “father”.

not my photo…

So, he’d decided, to venture into this unknown realm, in search, of his own father.  Entering a labyrinth, in search, of his lost father, he had, NO pictures, NO memories, NO nothing of his fathers, to show those he’d met, and ask if they’d seen the man, and so, he was, going on blind.

But, he held on, to the faith, that he was, meant, to discover that father of his, who’d been lost, long ago, in time.  And, it was, his own blind faith, that guided him well too.  He’d stumbled across, a beggar-looking elderly man, sleeping, by the side of the roads, in a cardboard box, and he just, couldn’t take his eyes away from him, he was, drawn to the elderly, like, there was, some sort of a, special kind of connection.  He’d waited, until the elderly woke up on his own, and he’d inquired, if he were, his father, the elderly told him, “No, I have, NO son!”.  He was, disappointed, and felt, betrayed………

not my photo of a fence post…

Entering a labyrinth, in search, of his lost father, he felt compelled, to get the broken pieces of his own childhood, pieced, back together again, that, is why, he took a chance, and, he’d not known, that what life had in store for him, was one disappointment, right after the next, and, by being away from his own family, searching high and low for his own lost father, he’d become, a father who’s never around, to look after his own children while they are growing up, he’d, turned, into his own father now, and he doesn’t even realize it!!!


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