Hiking Up a Mountain Trail

from the papers…


I loved walking, loved those mountain passes too.  As you’d walked on those mountain passes, you’d bump into different surfaces, and, toward those different surfaces, you’d needed to have different reactions and ways of approach.  On the muddied roads, you’d needed to keep your focus.  As the sun seeped through the trees, and shone down on the hills and valleys, you will give commends.  When it rained, you will, fasten your steps.  I liked the different ways of approach, they would give me different experiences.

But I think, that this small insect is the luckiest, underneath the warm sunshine, the mountain it’d tried to climb, is so gentle and soft…

So, this, is on the mindset to which, you tackled the various ups and downs you may encounter in life, and, you come across this insect, and saw it getting across a leaf, and, you were, inspired, to come up with this small piece of writing…


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