Uncle Beard

Memories that imprinted, during the childhood years, translated…

There was almost no chance of bumping into foreigners when I was growing up, but, just so happens, that there was an auntie that lived next door, that shared a place with a Swiss foreigner.

I’d loved that auntie so, but, I was, so afraid, of that tall, loud as hell, with a full chin of beard uncle, and I’d often gone to visit with the auntie when he wasn’t home.  Once Uncle Beard came home, I’d not found the opportunity to run off, he’d wanted to get close to me, and I’d started, wailing, it was, very, awkward.

you can see, how someone who looks like this CAN freak out a child, especially when the child had never come across a foreigner, right???

Uncle Beard couldn’t understand why he was so unpopular, and he’d wanted to know why, so, he’d asked my family to ask me, I’d sniffled and said, “all the bad guys I saw watching television with grandma all had beards, very tall, very loud when they all spoke too………”, turns out, that because of this uncle’s looks, and how young I was, I’d, misperceived him as a bad guy.  A few days later, this uncle with a full chin of beard had, shaved off his beard off.

Later on, auntie and uncle moved away, because their jobs were finished.  Although we’d not spent a ton of time together, but, that, was the very first contact I’d ever had with a foreigner, the memories of our interactions stayed fresh in my mind.

more beard!!!

So, this, just shows how kids are prone to the stereotypes they were educated by, and, this was a childhood memory, of one’s very first encounter with a foreigner, and because this person was too young, she had little knowledge of people, which was why she’d reacted like she’d done with the neighbor’s boyfriend…


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