Crippled, by Self-Doubt…

Am I good enough, am I really, ablebodied enough, to keep this job that I’d wanted?  Can I score higher, on my next exams, did I, learn from my past mistakes already???

not my painting…

Crippled, by self-doubt, this, is what this is all about, and, because you’re learning to be Y-O-U, and yet, you’d defined your self based off of the feedbacks from others, it won’t be easy.

Crippled, by self-doubt, I question every single move I make right now, and even when my superiors told me that I did well, I can’t help, but question them.  Crippled, by self-doubt, and, there’s NO way, to find that crutch I desperately needed, to steady myself, and so, I’d become, wobbly, falling off left AND right, as I walk down the streets of life.

not my photograph…

Crippled, by self-doubt, I’d doubted myself, because from my childhood experiences (yes that, was where it all got started!!!), I’d not gotten enough encouragements from my parents, as they’d only focused on what I’d done wrong or didn’t do well enough on.  Crippled, by self-doubt, I’d lived with this state of mind of being crippled, since oh, I can recall, and I still question others’ motives, as they commended me on a job well done, and I’m the CEO of a large-scale company, overseeing over FIFTY thousand workers, WORLDWIDE!!!

See how FAR one can get affected by self-doubt???  So, give yourselves MORE credit, and trust your own capabilities, besides, remember, that NOBODY can make you feel inferior, without Y-O-U-R consents…

Done, with this particular P-E-P T-A-L-K…


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