Light Words, a Poem


Took Off His Hat

Given it to His Enemy

Filled Up the Overflowing Wines

From His Skull

not my photo…

Rinsing the Mouth Out with that Soured Wine

Spitting it Out on the Sidewalks

Gotten Too Drunk to Even Recall

How Poor He Really is

not my photo still…

The Nameless Wildflowers Started Blooming

For the Traitor Had

Put on the Sheep’s Skins

So It Can, Lure that Pack of Foxes


From Your Ranch

So, this, is a conflicting thing that the narrator is experiencing, the narrator felt this strong need, to comply to the requests of her/his enemies, and didn’t want to, but, it was, the enemies that had, helped drawn away the dangers from the narrator’s place, and so, the narrator is now, trapped in this sense of ambiguity, not knowing whether to hate his enemy, or to thank the person for helping…



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