Love Songs…

not my photo…

You know those love songs, with the soft-flowing melodies, people singing together, in harmonies, usually with a man and a woman, singing to one another about love???  Yeah, those!  I love them, and, it has, absolutely, NOTHING to do with how I believe in those falsified fairytales.

Love songs, you know, the ones you used to sing to me, when we first fell in love?  Those songs had become, totally, clichés, or rather, they’d become, this TOTAL mockery, for this love we’d, “endured” (yes, love is something we HAVE to endure, like hell???).  Love songs, I’ll never hear them the same again, after all, I’d fallen in, AND out of love, god KNOWS how many times already, still searching, yet, NEVER finding the RIGHT man for me, because there isn’t one!!!

not my photo still…

Love songs, don’t you just, get all mushy, and teary-eyed, as you hear about how lovers fall in, and at the end, how they all became, enemies, and they can’t even be perfect and total strangers, because strangers, don’t hate one another, they don’t know each other enough to, hello, hello, hello???

Love songs, I got NO need for them, on this dedication line of mine, and I am no longer compelled, to hear them on the radio no more (and your point being???).  Love songs, they’re so totally, idealistic, and yet, they’re, highly, unbelievable, AND unreal to boot!!!




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