The Love that Came Later on in Life

not my photo…


Flower seemed really lost at our gathering at the karaoke this time, she’d smiled like a fool often toward the ceiling, stared at the food on the table, and kept putting on the folk song “Missing You” from when we were younger, “Chance Meeting You/During that Unforgettable Season/You Filled Up My Life/Making Me Not Notice the Chills of Autumn/How I Missed You So/Don’t You Ever Forget/How I Missed You So/Don’t You Ever Forget………”, she’d sung the song FIVE times, and, still had no intentions of singing a brand new tune.

Normally, people would gain weight when they’d traveled abroad, but, not Flower, she’d lost weight.  Flower didn’t use to be like this, she would grab at the foods, or fight over the mic with us, and yet, today, she was, so “gentle and mild”, it’s, so unlike her, based off of what we know about her, Flower, must be in love.

We’d guessed it correct, last month, she went on a tour to Central and South America, and had a chance encounter, with a man with good qualities, and, at the start of love, there’s always this sweetness, mixed in, with the hesitations, in her sixties, Flower had been divorced for over a decade, and the man who’d lost his wife is in his seventies, Flower became hesitant, they’re both that old now, is there a need for them, to “be together”?
not my photo still…

After hearing Flower’s worries, Chi said, “Life begins at seventy, a life without love is lonely, you two still had a lot of time to share together.”  May who’d always been playful made fun, “Think about it, us girlfriends can only accompany you in conversations, signing, and some teatime, but he can accompany you to sleep, hold your hands, hug you, that’s a different kind of love!”, I’d told Flower, time is changed, that in the past, she’s a “woman who’d been dealt a bad hand by fate”, and now, she should become, a brave woman, in pursuit of her happiness.

Everybody chimed in, wanting to encourage her to live in the moment, to bravely accept this brand new love, after all the best medicine for a lost love, is a brand new one, isn’t it?

So, this is on finding love, but being too timid, afraid, to go after it, and, that, is not the way to live, because we should ALWAYS pursue what makes us happy, within the realms of the law, and not hurting anybody else, and for this woman, if she doesn’t pursue this new relationship, she might NOT get another chance at experiencing the love again.


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