Maintaining a Relationship by Air


My husband was born in Penghu, I, in Tainan, people had once inquired, how was it we’d gotten together?

Back then, I worked in Taichung, my middle classmate told me she wanted to introduce me to her husband’s older brother who works in Taoyuan to me.  After the meals, we’d had several meetings together, we’d felt good about each other, he’d bought a preowned vehicle, and on the weekends, we’d gone traveling together; several months later, he’d passed the exams for a government office, his parents wanted him to return to Penghu to work, and I, wanted him to stay.  He’d originally agreed to my asking, but he caved in, to his mother’s tears, as he filled out the assignment sheets, he’d chosen, to return back to his hometown.

longing to be with each other, but separated by the distances…

As he’d told me, on the other end of the line on this, I’d told him, “the moment you leave, the tea will get cold”.  Then, I’d stopped, taking ANY of his calls, and it didn’t matter if he’d called like crazy, I’d chosen to ignore.  As I was hanging my clothes on the lanai of my dorm, I couldn’t help, but feel the sadness, felt, that I’d finally, found someone, and in the end, he’s, leaving, I’d felt so much pain.

Later on, he’d gone through my classmate, to help me feel better, and promised, that he would, come visit every two weeks, and had, left his car with me, and asked me to help him start the engines every couple of days.

And naturally, he’d, kept the end of his promises, and, every two weeks, he’d flown, from Magong Airport, to Chingchuangang Airport, sometimes, he’d not had the chance, to change out of his work uniform, he’d run to catch the planes.  And I’d always rode on that small motorcycle, picked him up happily, then, we’d, rode out together, passed the weekends happily, and on the weekdays, we’d stayed connected using webcam.

not my photo…

And six months rolled by, he and his family started pressing at me for marriage, perhaps, it’s the airfare that’s become too harsh, we’d, dragged on for almost another year, waited until the colder winds in Penghu had rested, on bright April day, we’d finally, tied the knots, and he’d ended his career in catching up to the flights to make our dates.

And so, you can see, how much work goes into a long-distance relationship, but, the love was strong enough, and the woman was willing, to marry to the small island community, and, they’re now, happy together, not needing to, spend any time apart if they don’t want to.


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