Is My Husband Having an Affair, Heading Out Alone with a Former Female Classmate?

A woman in distress, in need of advice, a Q&A, translated…

Ms. E felt anxious a lot because her husband had gone out alone with a former female classmate of his, she’d wanted to know what she should do?

As your husband goes out with a female acquaintance alone, once in a long while, for instance, they’re discussing the insurance policies he was getting, or to catch up, as wives, they shouldn’t get too unsettled, otherwise, men will come up with an assortment of reasons to rebut you.  E’s husband said, “It’s not like I’m cheating on you, why are you so stingy?”, meaning, that it’s going to take something to happen, before they get into a serious argument over it; E had always felt, that something wasn’t quite right with her husband’s attitude as well as his words too, but, because nothing’s happened yet, E would be at the losing end, if she kept on prodding her husband about it.

My Advice

In a marriage, when one of you felt that your spouse had gotten extremely close to a member of the opposite sex, you should examine yourself, as see if your behaviors had, caused your spouse to feel so insecure, and if this is so, you must, change your behaviors accordingly, and not just do as you wished, and getting into this dangerous and easily faulted interaction style.

Before E got into an argument with her husband, she should calmly ask him, why it is, that he’d needed to keep in close contact with his classmate from elementary school?  Because he’s still hung up on her, or because they have a lot to talk about?  Was it the other person who’d called, or, is there something that she needed assistance on?  After her husband had answered her, then, she can respond accordingly, to tell him that she doesn’t feel comfortable, she can also suggest him to introduce her to this close friend of his, and making this other woman a “family friend” too.

If the husband behaved weird, and objected to this suggestion, then, E can find out ways on how to protect herself legally, being prepared beforehand is a very good idea too.  In modern day marriages, the wives being able-bodied is not enough, and, it would damage the love, if you’d had to catch them in bed together; based off of E’s situation, her husband seemed to be the dominant one, stubborn too, in a marriage, if the women take a hold of the economics, she would be able to have more in the negotiations.

So, maybe, this woman is just feeling insecure, we really don’t know, I mean, if her husband was only discussing buying insurance from this former elementary school classmate, then, she’s worrying too much, but, she MUST get to the ROOT of her own insecurities first, before she can do anything else, but that’s just my opinion on the matter, so…


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