Love Just, Faded Away…

Love is, becoming less and less by the day, and, eventually, we can’t, find it again.  Love just, faded away, did it now?  Are you sure that it wasn’t something we’d done, or didn’t do, to cause it, to fade out?

a ghost…

Love just, faded away, uh, yeah, that, is just what YOU believe, and, you can keep on, living in THAT mode of thought, and you will ALWAYS blame someone ELSE when love faded away, instead of EXAMINE what YOU’D done, to make love GO away!

Love just, faded away, really?  But, I thought, that we had love that lasts, for the long run, remember those vows we took at the ALTAR from way, way, WAY back when???  ‘Til DEATH???  Well, looks like, love’s beaten US both to it then, love died, before we both had, and so now, it’s, over…

not my diagram.

Love just, faded away, yeah right, love does NOT just, faded away, you must’ve done or said something, to make it leave, because love just, doesn’t, disappear, out of the blue one day, and it still didn’t happen overnight either, it’s, an accumulation over time………


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