After Tutoring Children Who Needed Extra Help in School, the Second-Generation of Migratory Workers, “I Want to be a Teacher When I Grow Up”

She saw a need, and was driven, motivated to work toward the goal of providing such needs to the children in her community, translated…

The Der-Ming Technical University’s Applied Foreign Language student, Yuan-Yuan Xiang’s mother was from Hubei Province, China, as a “new second generation”, she is very helpful, passionate, and in the summers, she’d gotten involved with the tutoring summer camps, hoping to become a teacher, to help more children learn.

photo coutesy of the UDN papers…

Yuan-Yaun Xiang’s mother Zhu married to Taiwan a few decades ago, lived in Shezi Island in Taipei, after she divorced her husband, she’d used her skills in making handicrafts to help keep the household.  There are a lot of foreign spouses in the community of Shezi Island, from Vietnam, China, as well as the Philippines too, but the children from this immigrated women are all friends, they’d gone fishing together by the Keelung River, to catch the crabs, which attributed to how outgoing Yuan-Yuan Xiang is.

“My name is very unique, isn’t it?”, the nineteen-year-old said, that when she was newborn, the doctor told her mother, that the baby was healthy, that her head, her hand, and her feet were all, very round, which was how she was come to be named, Yuan-Yuan.

She said, that her mother being from Hubei, but she’d enjoyed the Taiwanese soaps, and she’d communicated with the neighbors using Taiwanese too, she’s very fluent.  She’d once followed her mom back to Hubei to visit the locals, and found, that the locals had an accent that is very hard to learn.

Yuan-Yuan Xiang had done well in school since she was younger, she’d loved helping others out, whenever the classmates had a question, she’d become the one they’d turned to, someone had encouraged her, “You would make a good teacher”, which helped her set up her goals of becoming a teacher when she is older.

not my photo still…

As she’d entered into the Der-Ming Technical University, she’d started getting involved with the “team of student teachers to help out the less fortunately children”, and would head to Xihu, Wenhu, and Lishan, along with other elementary schools to work as teacher’s aides to help the elementary school students in the one-on-one tutoring sessions, she’d come across a lot of the children of the migrated people, which gave her that drive for teaching them.

Yuan-Yuan Xiang said, that most people believed, “the second generation of the migrated workers” are baggage, but she is very lucky, had a smooth way in school, getting along with everybody around her, seeing there are so many other children who are from migrated individuals, it’d driven her, to want to understand more about them, to help them all out.

This summer, Yuan-Yuan Xian signed up for the “Teachers’ Aides Camp”, she’d needed to stand on the podium to teach a class herself, Yuan-Yuan Xian stated that she was, very nervous about it, but it was, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she’d wanted to become an English instructor for children, and even, a homeroom teacher, taking care of an entire classroom of children, becoming someone that the children can look up to.

not my photo still…

So, this, would be the goals of this young woman, because of her background, she’d become driven toward her goal, to help kids of newly migrated workers out, and because she’d had similar experiences as these children she’d wanted to help out, she would be able to, connect to them, on an even more personal level, teaching them, not just the lessons of the academia, but also, relate to them in life too.


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