The Suburbs, a Poem


There’s Half of a City Here

Combined with Half a Forest

That Has Half the Roads in the City

not my photo…

With Half the Population of the City

Half the Lights

Not Yet Finding the Hot Spots of in the City

At Night, Half of the Darkness Was, Kept

Half the Men

Half Rode Out on Their Motorcycles

To the Cities to Find the Jobs, Along with, a Wife for Oneself Too

not my art…

Half the Land

Became the City’s Backyard—

To Tell the Truth, the Half of Those Who Live Here

two contrasts…

Needed Some Quiet Time

Actually, Half

Of the Not Close to Good, Or Close to the Bad


Were Made Up of, Half of the Elderly of the Total Population

Half of a Village

You Can Also, See the Cemetery from Here Too………

So, this, is probably, on the edge, that place that’s between the cities and the countryside, where many things come to cross, with half of everything, and this, would be considered, the gray areas of things…


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