A Man, Living His Dreams, an Unforgettable Reunion


As I saw W at the reunion, I almost didn’t recognize him.

Being originally of paler complexion, he’d become, really tanned, his originally gentle voice became somewhat raspy, and would start to mingle with the people on his own, this was never shown about W in the way we’d interacted with him from before.  As I sat down, I couldn’t help, said to W, “Wow, you’d become so different from when you graduated.”, he’d scratched his head, and laughed, “yeah, every day, playing around with the kids in the mountains, I’d become, sunnier myself too.”

not my photo, of education in the distant areas…

As he’d gotten his teacher’s certificate and was sent to the eastern side, he’d become, very conflicted, because it was a huge change for him, to leave the convenience of busses and trains, the life in the metropolis, parting with his beloved girlfriend, to the distant mountains, and teaching at a distant-region elementary school, such a big change in his life.  But, as W started teaching there, he’d found, that leaving the city, it’d made his heart open up wide.

He’d not needed to worry about the heavy burdens of the academia, along with the competition amongst the coworkers, W can teach in his favorite subject, the Arts, allowing the children to just, doodle and draw, to paint out the scenes outside the classroom windows on the canvases.  After school, W would head to the creek close to the school to play with the kids, and, sinking into the icy, cool water, he’d lost all the heated feelings from before instantly, and, all the trials, the tiredness had gotten, carried away by the running streams, he’d embraced, the gift of Mother Nature.

That very afternoon, he lay on the huge rock over the creek, watched the children as they played, the sun shone on his face from up high, the blue skies, W felt so very blessed, to live and teach in such a dreamy place, living life colorfully, that, was what he’d never had from before, satisfaction.  This was more enriching than sliding on his cell all day long, and going to night clubs all evening, checking in on FB, giving kudos.

children in the distant areas, playing…not my photo still…

As he’d left the reunion, W dragged out his luggage to the Taiwanese Railway Systems back to school, I said goodbye to him at Taipei Main Station, I watched him leave, it’s, as if, I saw him, with the kids, playing, running wild and free, making the artworks, and, the words he’d said in the reunion rung into my ears, “I don’t need to chase my dreams anymore, I am, living IN my dreams now!”

I’d turned off my cell phone, placed my cell phone into my pocket, and, walked toward the direction in which life was leading me towards.

So, after this man started teaching at the distant regions, he’d learned to appreciate what he’d left behind, and, now that he’d gotten used to teaching in the distant areas, interacting with the students with the simpler wants and needs, he felt right in his elements, leaving his former life behind, and this is all due to how he’d opened himself up to the experiences in life.

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