Gone Love

Love is gone, don’t know when, or how, or why???  It’d, left me, stranded here.

Gone love, where, are you?  I need you, to come back to me right now, I can’t live without you, I see now, that I was, way too selfish, thinking, only of my self, and I swear to you love, that I will, make changes, make our love better, just come back to me…………

not my photo

Gone love, and, it isn’t comin’ back ‘round again, love’s had enough, and it’d, stayed with you for too god damn long already, wasted away, its youthful days.  Gone love, it’s not, comin’ back again, and, it won’t fall for your lies again either, it’d, wised up! 

final respect’s paid!!!

Gone love, there’s nothing more we can do ‘bout it, after all, love IS, dead, and gone, and, the only thing that’s left for us to do for it, is to, give it, ITS rightfully earned, proper, burial.  So, let’s plan a funeral, say???  Next Sunday?  I’ll be free then!  When, are you free???


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