The Sequel that Came, Decades Later…

This, is the moment, we’d all been, waiting for, for the sequel, to that unfinished story she’d started telling many, many, many years ago, and because her last book had gained the accolades, this “follow-up” was very looked upon on.

not my image…

The sequel that came, decades later, and, during the time that’s passed, from the publish of her very first novel, you’d expected, that the characters had matured, grown up, but, as you flipped through the pages of her newly published sequel, the characters seemed to have been, frozen by time for some unknown reasons.

The sequel that came, decades lat er, it didn’t just pick up where that first book left off, oh no, for she’d not wrote the two volumes consecutively, one, right after the other, and published one, saved one for later, she’d written them, separately, so the reader felt this, disconnect, between the first and the second book.

not my picture still…

Why a sequel?  Someone asked, at the press conference of her newly published story.  She said, that it’s time, that the story ended, the last book only told half of what really happened, the version that’s read, reread, again, again, and again, by the students, the adults, the professors, even, and she thought, that she needed to, toss something unexpected, a curve ball to the story that she’d not done, finished, telling the world about…………

The sequel that came, decades later, the characters were no longer exactly the same, it’s now, the second generation of the last book’s characters, and, during the decades that the writer was coming up with this sequel, things had, changed a lot, or rather, they didn’t, they just, seemed to have changed, but actually had, stayed, the exact same way.


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