The Story of His Love

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What you perceive may not even BE the truth of what had happened, translated…

I’d known A for twenty years now, although we worked in the same school, but because we taught different grades, we’d not interacted one bit, I just knew, that he was very focused and responsible at teaching, but, words would flow, between the coworkers, especially in this small social circle of the school setting, I’d known a little of A’s past from the mouths of others.

The coworkers’ versions of his story were one in the same, before A was married, he had a girlfriend of over a decade, it was told, that she was one of his student’s older sister in college.  They were, six years apart, for her, he’d moved from Yilan, to get a teaching job in Taichung, she’d once come to the school, to help with the decorations of his classroom too, and gotten familiar with a couple of the coworkers.  But, during the time of A’s army services, he’d fallen seriously ill, his originally muscular form became really thinned down, and, the father of the woman became against them being together, he’d even started picking at A’s name, and although he’d changed his name, he’d still not gained the approval of his girlfriend’s father, in the end, they broke up.

The over ten-year-long relationship ended up as naught, it’d made A turn cold, decided, that he will never find a woman who’s pretty, with a higher education degree as girlfriend again, just wanted to find a well-behaved, a complying girl that he can marry.  A short while later, A married the woman he was matched for, all of the coworkers who knew A well all said, that A’s wife wasn’t as outstanding as his ex who has a master’s degree, she’d paled by comparison in looks, to his ex too, and she’d kept a tight leash on A, and A still loved that girlfriend that he’d lost from before.

This sort of a tragic tale, sounded like it came out of the romance writers, it’d made all of us, female bystanders, shed that compassionate tear for A.

not my photo…

At the start of this school year, I’d taken on the office works, which allowed me to get into contact with A more, he’d treated me like his big sister, and would ask me about the education of the kids; once he’d started telling me about his own wife, I felt worried, that I might upset him with mentioning of the past, I’d become, uneasy, later on, he’d told me his love story from over a decade ago, his ex, I couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you break up?”, A had that look of ease, “because we were too far apart, we’d fought a lot, although we’d been together for many years, I still felt, that it serves us both best, if we broke up.  A few days ago, she’d called me up, to gloat about her job, it’s truly, annoying……if I had it to do all over again, I would’ve still, broken up with her.

Ah?  Then, how about that father who was against you?  And you, getting seriously ill during your armed service terms?  Turns out, they were only, “stories”, I’d gotten so moved over NOTHING, for so many years………

This just shows, how what’s going on in a relationship, isn’t AS the outside world had perceived, because you were NOT the involved “parties” (my apologies!), so, there’s NO way you can KNOW exactly, what had happened between the two individuals, that led them to break up, and this still just shows, how people tend of hear and see only ONE side of the stories, the side that they’re interested in hearing and seeing………


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