Little Fox Traveled Abroad to Study


My best friend’s daughter went to Canda to study, nicknamed “Little Fox”, she was loved by her grandparents dearly, and all she’d needed to do was study hard, and have her regular meals, she’d worked for six months after she graduated college, and got the visas, and everything in relation to her study abroad, her mother put up half of her school tuition, and all her dad said was, “my baby girl’s flying the nest”, then, she’d dragged her luggage, flew to Vancouver, six thousand kilometers away to stay.

not my photo…

The young woman knew how excited her mother was to open up the letters, she’d sent the cute letters one by one, of her experiences, the goings on in her daily life in letters to her; as my best friend read the letter, and, she had the chance, to live out her dreams of going abroad to travel through her own daughter now.

Little Fox’s homestay mom raised her three children all on her own, in the seven separate room, there wre, girls from six different countries, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Philippines, and suppertime became like a U.N. session.

Most of the language school students in Vancouver were from Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, especially for the Saudis, their tuitions were paid for by their government, or companies, and they’d only needed to have their living expenses, and, the oil production nation was, naturally very generous toward its citizens.

Little Fox would take the lunch that her homestay mom made and go to school via subway every single day, the very first month, she couldn’t understand a single word that’s said, the second month, she caught on, only a little, and by the third month, she could, finally, sit with her classmates, to dine, and to hike too, and no longer need to charade anymore.  She is off in the afternoons, she’d not gone into the kitchens back home, but, she’d learned to bake the cakes, cookies, and make preserves by her home mother’s side, and, accidentally gained 6.6 pounds.

not my cartoon…

She’d never been in love before, and the very first time someone professed his love to her, it was, from an eldlerly Mexican man, it’d, shocked her, and she’d waved her hand to him, “NO!”, and she’d wondered, how come no blonde guys her age was attracted to her, instead, the middle-aged men were?  It’d, split her never-felt-the-love heart in half instantly, and she’d hidden out in her bedroom.

The letters filled with the articulate words, had painted a picture for her of how it is, going abroad to study, it’d made us all called out, it’s so good to be young!  The ancient saying of “reading the books, isn’t as useful as traveling all over”, such insights, and, this passage in her life of studying abroad, as she’d remembered it later on in life, must be really savory, a great dish!

So, this, would be the memories made, by this young woman, striking out on her own, going abroad to study in a foreign nation, and, although she’d faced the difficulties, because she’s very young, she’s able to, recover and bounce back, adding to the richness of her own life’s experiences.


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