Breaking Away…

I need to, break away, this lifestyle I thought was good for me, actually, isn’t…

Breaking away, it’s, no easy thing, there’s, too much at stake here, it’s, really difficult, to live with you, so I’m, eager to, break away, from this old way of life.

not my picture…

Breaking away, it’s never easy, but, this, is a needed process, because if you don’t break away, you will slowly, suffocate, you just, don’t know it yet.  Breaking away, it’s time, to say goodbye, bid your farewells, to your life, but, you can’t, you’re, too attached, too mixed up, to mingled into everything.

Breaking away, I’m really, really trying to, but, it seems, that I am, just, running around in circles, going NOWHERE fast, I feel, so stuck!  Breaking away, I wish I can, but I can’t, I’d become, psychologically, dependent on you, or rather, I’m attached to the feel of you, needing me.  Breaking away, can you?  Are you sure, that you can, live your lives, better, without that other individual?  Ask yourselves this………

so free…

Breaking away, I don’t need to, for I have, ZERO attachments, to ANYTHING, the only one I will EVER be responsible for is, ME, and yeah, maybe, that sounds a bit SELFISH, but hey, if I don’t take good care of me, who’s gonna???


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