His Face Was Destroyed, But He Was Able to Find a Brand New Life Through Teaching the Chinese Instruments to Students for Free

He still managed to become an inspiration, using his kindness, to touch, to help those students, despite what happened to him in his own life, from the Newspapers, translated…

The fifty-seven year old Lin is a lute instructor, twenty years ago while he was driving outside, he was hacked by someone, his face was disfigured, and he felt so self-conscious, that it’d, kept him locked up in his own house for four long years; he’d not wanted to keep his own mother worrying, pulled himself together, and started teaching the Chinese instruments again, through loaning the instruments at no charge to the students who are from poverty stricken homes, so they can have a chance to learn to play the instrument, he’d found the values of his own life again; and the kids who he’d loaned the instruments to are very hardworking too, and had often won awards at competitions.

a rehearsal, not my photograph…

Lin remembered, that twenty years ago he was out and driving, as he got out of the car, he was hacked by an unknown individual, for no reasons at all on his face, his hands, his legs, his lips were split open that his teeth showed, he had over twenty stitches on his face, he’d become, disfigured, and ever since, he’d felt so self-conscious, and couldn’t head out, he’d put his teaching on hold, became severely depressed, and lost a lot of weight.

He said, that his mother worried for him every single day and night, became even thinner than he was, they were both, having health problems then, his mother encouraged him to start teaching again.

Lin was poor when he was growing up, his eighty-two year-old mother was a laundry lady, received measly pays, she’d washed clothes for others from when she was younger to age sixty, and, because she’d washed the clothes to many times, her palm and fingerprints became, smeared, having weathered through the harder times in life, it’d made Lin cherish everything he’d come to have.

in class and rehearsing…

“Because I’d been through the trials myself, I’d felt more about those children from poverty-stricken backgrounds”, Lin said, that there are only limited resources available to the children in poverty stricken homes, he’d given them free music lessons, the children without adult supervisions, he’d allowed them to stay with him, given them three meals a day, taught them, and helped paid for their fees for school too, he’d helped over hundreds of students who were living in poverty.

Most children wanted to learn to play an instrument, but without the money, Lin gave them the instruments for free, “Whatever music instruments they’d needed, I’d, provided”, he had over two hundred pieces of Chinese traditional instruments lying around in his own home, he’d loaned out over one-hundred fifty to his students, and, there was an over $200,000N.T. piece that he’d loaned out too.

“My students worked very hard, had often received awards”, Lin stated, that his students from the local, to the national competitions, had won many first place trophies for their solo performances.  The students understand how much he was giving to them, that whenever there are not-for-profit opportunities to perform, they’d all, agreed to do it, it’d made the local communities feel this kindness cycle that is continuing.

not my photo…

So, this, is a story of how a man, despite the consequences of his own life, still managed, to inspire his students, by providing them with what they needed, and, surely enough, these students felt the heart that their instructor was putting in, to educate them, and naturally, they’d, reciprocated the kindness he’d shown them, BACK to the community too.


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