Leaving Her for You…

Leaving her for you, he’s never going to, because she is his wife, the mother, of his children, and how, can he just, abandon his filial obligations, even IF he doesn’t love her one bit, there’s more to consider than just his own wellbeing and happiness you know???

Leaving her for you, you must be, daydreaming, because that, is NEVER happening, unless, of course, his wife finds out about you, and divorce him, and take him for EVERY last one of his penny’s worth, leaving him with absolutely NOTHING, and, by which time, would you, still want him?  I wouldn’t think so.

…not my silhouette.

Leaving her for you, you wish, he’s never going to leave his own wife, for you, his WHORE, because if a man can have it both ways, without ANY consequences, why wouldn’t he want to???  Leaving her for you, uh, wake UP, honey, he’s never gonna, and, he’s only, tricking you, with his promises and lies about everything, and in the very end, you’re still gonna, wake up, ALL alone, on your big, and empty bed, with your pillows, stained with your own tears………

Leaving her for you, yeah, in your dreams, because NO man is EVER going to (because no man ever has the BALLS to???) leave his own wife, and besides, he’s lost from the very start, as he was, the one, who cheated on her first, and, for her to ask him for a divorce?  Well, that’s, NEXT to impossible, so, why do you, just let go, and find a better life for yourself???  Anything’s better than this you know?

…and this, is what you’ll be, faced with.


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