Surely, Everything IS Changed


After reading “Everything IS Changed” from the papers, I couldn’t help but smile.

just what i need, more Post-Its…

For someone who’s like me, desperate, to catch that tail of youth, never admitting that I’m anything near old or elderly, but, my presbyopia arrived quietly.  A friend of mine brought a box of chocolate from Guam back to me, I didn’t want to eat it just yet, I’d, saved it up, at another day, I’d taken it out, to share it with another friend of mine, I saw the sugar-frosted chocolates, wondered to myself, won’t it be too sweet?  Then, my good friend screamed aloud, “Wait, it’s, covered with, maggots!”, turns out, that having my eye glasses on, I’d mistaken the worms as sugar frostings, ready, to swallow, my friend started, “I bow down to you………”, I’d, immediately take off my glasses to look, those “frostings”, they do, actually move!

I’d always been proud of my memories, when I was younger, any phone numbers of my clients, I’d just needed, to make one call, and I’d, remembered the digits, I can also, recite the numbers backwards.  And now, the elderly woman asks the elderly man, “hey, did I have my meds yet?”, the only differences is that I’d constantly asked myself, “did I, take my meds today already?”, there were, post-it notes covering up my tables, my computer desks, and I’d still, forgotten a lot of the things; I’d walked around several times, but, never could get what I needed done done.

the brain is, compartmentalized here…

Awhile ago, as I brought my lunch to the roof to enjoy, I’d caught a glimpse of the water jug, then, I’d recalled, that when I woke up in the morn, I’d left the water jug here as I was, getting some morning air; that after my lunch, I’d gone downstairs, and, looked, everywhere for my purse and just, couldn’t find it, could it be?  I’d, rushed up to the rooftops, and, there it was, my purse, lying there, quietly, at the chair over there in the corner, and, I’d found, that I’d forgotten, to take the leftovers downstairs; as I’d returned back to the rooftop after throwing out the leftovers, my purse was, missing again, I’d left it, by the leftover bucket.  After being tortured, everything got messed up, I couldn’t, make it to work on time today now, I’d rushed to the front of my office, then, I’d forgotten, the keys to my office………

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I guess, I’m going to say, “Time is, no longer, on my side, everything IS, changed here!”

hmmmmmmmm, what WAS that I was thinking about, JUST a second ago again???

So, by the time we all get to a certain point in our lives, we will, start to, forget things, and that may be, a sign of development of dementia, or just that we’d kept everything so tightly cramped up inside our brains, that all of a sudden, as we reached a certain age, everything gets loose, and flies all over the places, and that, is why we can’t remember the things that we need to do………


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