Getting Some Assistance from My Neighbor’s Large Breed Dog


The Cat Loved a Long Stroll

Maybe it how she used to be a stray, after she was adopted by me, every now and then, Cat would run out, after planning her escapes for awhile.  Especially during the rainy days, so long as she’d smelled the rain, she’d waited there by the door, for my husband, to take her out for a walk.

It’s not that I enjoy restricting Cat’s moving around and about, but because I have serious allergies, and cat hair, dog fur, are the most serious of all allergens for me, after we’d started having Cat, my skin, my nose, my eyes, my respiratory system started flaring up one by one, the doctor strongly advised me not to have any more animals.  But, I’d become, too connected to Cat already, I couldn’t let her go, and I can only work alongside my husband, to keep our living environment allergens free.

not my photo…

But unfortunately, my words couldn’t be understood by the young (cat), and, it’d failed to register to the ears of the old (my husband), he’d said he would follow my orders, but, had loved setting Cat free around the house to roam.  What’s more unimaginable was, as his clients called, he’d left Cat outside, and forgot to bring her back in.  Once, as I’d realized that Cat wasn’t home, she’d been out for over an hour’s time, thankfully, she’d not, wandered far, otherwise, she’d surely, become, a stray again.

But, all the places that Cat loved staying at, were all the places I’d banned her from, there were, six fleas that successfully, stowed away on her.  At the moment of me catching all six fleas, my husband SWORE to me, that he will pay close attention every time he takes Cat out.  But, within just three months, he’d, allowed Cat to wander off again, and she’d gotten infected with fungus on her skin.  This time, I wasn’t harmed, but, my husband’s heart wrenched in pain, because the furs on his favorite daughter’s back, and sides, had all shed off, and just can’t grow back again.

The veterinarian said, that the meds weren’t enough, that she’d needed to have medicated baths too.  Then, Cat started having the side effects, for three to four days, she’d stopped eating, not gone to the toilets, drooled, all day long.  At the most serious, other than her eyes that could still roll, she can breathe, she’d lacked the energies to walk, let alone, climb up those stairs.  After feeding her a rotated diet of glucose, stock, milk (most cats would have diarrhea, she wouldn’t), and reducing the oral medications as well as the topical treatments, by the fifth day, Cat got her appetite back, and two months later, she’d looked like her original self again.

Whitey Tipped Us Off

One day, Cat had that look in her eyes for my husband, that she’d wanted to go for a walk again, my husband immediately found her leash, was about to take her out.  I’d thought that she’d fought, but instead, she was, more than compliant, as they walked out, she’d lifted her tail up high, with that spring in her steps, made her way out before my husband.

not my photo…

The man and the cat walked to the street entrance, “You can walk your cat like that?  I’d tried it on both my cats, and, neither one of them complied…”, a strange man showed up, with that envious tone of voice as he’d looked upon Cat and my husband, my husband was grinning from ear to ear then.

But, unfortunately, that sense of connectedness, of trust that took so very long to establish, in my not knowing, vanished, so quickly like my husband’s laughter.  At the start of March, I’d returned home from getting lunch, Cat who’s usually very hungry didn’t show up; I’d clinked her bowl against the floor, it’d still not made her show; I’d called out continuously., still no sight of her.  The garage, the bathroom, the tool cabinets, under the couch…I’d checked, all her regular hangouts, no signs of her anywhere, this time, my husband became flustered, and admitted, that he was talking on the phones, and not paid enough attention, and maybe, that was when, Cat ran out again.

At the shortest time, I’d turned toward Cat’s favorite alley, the garden of our community, under the car parked by the sides of the streets, didn’t see Cat.  I’d turned the other directions, underneath my husband’s pickup truck, in the stairways, no cat.  As I was about to change my searching place, the large breed that my neighbor had, Whitey, started barking.

Is he, saying hi to me?

No, Whitey was looking the opposite direction.

As I’d turned back to walk, he’d started barking again, he’d sounded so worried, then, something flashed across my mind, could it be………I’d faced Whitey now, followed his gaze, searched, then, I’d caught Cat who’d snuck out, stealthily, tilted her head from behind the tires of a neighbor’s pickup—she was like an uninvolved “person”, just slowly, walked toward our door.  Without a hi, without a “I’m sorry”, having caused me so much worries, she’d not shown an inkling of care or concerns, I can only holler at her.

Being angered as I was, at least now, I’d found someone, to help me!  Next time if Cat snuck out without any notices, causing me worry, I will give her cat condo to Whitey to smell, and have him, track her down, and let’s see, where she can hide!

So, this, is after you’d taken in a stray cat, and because she’s wild in nature, that, is why she always runs, and because you and your husband had taken care of her for a while, you’d grown, somewhat attached to her, and it’s not that she doesn’t know your kindness toward her, it’s just that cats need their freedoms, more than dogs do…


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