Thank You for Not Hiring Me


I’d gotten into a university up north, so naturally after I graduated, I kept staying north to work too, I’d worked for a trading company for two years, and my savings stayed stagnant at five digits, after I’d evaluated, I’d chosen to return back home to Taichung, to live, to dine, and to save up the money I’d earned.

the bare essentials for a job interview…

I’d once got to a tea shop to have tea, and, the space, the small garden of the teahouse deeply impressed me, I’d imagined myself as from a long time ago, wearing an older form of dress, walked along the spaces, how elegant; and, I’d thumbed across the want ads on the papers that they were hiring waiters for the teashop, I’d immediately pulled out my interview suit.

But, being an accounting major graduate, from a well-known school, I’d, not gotten chosen, it’d, put a huge damper on my self-confidence.  A few days later, I saw that the same tea shop at another location was hiring, but unfortunately, they’d need someone for the night shifts, and I’d wanted to work the daytime, I couldn’t fit the schedules.

The very next day, the manager of shop B called, said that the company needed an accountant, and I was an accounting major in school, he’d asked me if I wanted to come in for an interview?  I’d said no, because I had absolutely NO interests in accounting, but the manager of shop B was really kind, he’d told me that shop A which I’d already applied for a position was still looking, I’d told him honestly, that I’d gone already, but they’d not wanted me.

not my photo…

In the evening, the store manager of shop B called again, said that there was a worker in shop C who will be enlisting at the end of the month, that the shop hadn’t posted out its hiring notice, that he’d talked with the store manager of shop C, that he will take me to shop C for an interview.  As I’d heard, my tears were, almost falling, the store manager of shop B was truly, a kind person, in the end, I successfully got a job, working in shop C.

At the start, I’d gotten labeled by the company as, “from Taipei, sights set too high, won’t work for long”, it’s odd, I was born, and raised in Taichung, and, how can work abilities be related to where you’re from?  In order, to prove them wrong, I’d, vowed to stay for at least a year, that I’d needed to, learn all the skills before I quit, plus, the manager of shop B had given me this opportunity, I can’t, let him down.  Due to all of these factors, it’d, helped me get past the adjustment period as I’d started working, in the end, I’d fallen in love with this job, and I’d, worked, for nine years, in the end, I’d, given my youth, my beauty, my time, to this tea shop.

not my photograph…

When I finally got to the position of a store manager, I’d finally asked him the question I’d carried with me for a long time, why did he not hire me back then?  The store manager of shop A said, “You wore light makeup and lipstick, you look a bit standoffish, you may not keep a smiling face as you offer the services to the guests; you had on pink nail polish, you may not know how to sweep the floors, wipe down the tables and chairs, or clean up the bathrooms; you wore a dress shirt with tight skirts, you may not fit well to work on the floors; and, you’re highly educated, you may not work for the shop long-term.”, and, with all these factors combined, he felt that I may not be fitting, but he’d admitted, smiling bitterly, that I was, the only employee he read wrong on, my existence reminded him, to NOT judge anybody by the way s/he looks.

Finally, the truth came out, turns out, that what my professor taught me, to dress appropriately, may not fit all the jobs, back then, I’d so hurriedly put on my dress, thought, that there’s nothing I won’t conquer, but, didn’t think about what the job entails, I’d gotten screened out.  And, all the processes had made me, cherish this hard-to-come-by job even more, they’d helped me to not feel beaten, to turn away from myself easily.

here’s a sample résumé…

Thanks to the manager of shop A for not hiring me, and, I’m even more thankful toward the manager of shop B, giving me a huge boost, they’re both, helpers in my life.

So, after you’d worked a bit, you’d finally found out WHY you weren’t hired, and, through the years, you’d accumulated the experiences, and that still shows how you are judged by other people’s first impressions of you, and that sometimes, when you worked hard to impress someone, the person may not be impressed at all, that all you need to do was actually work hard, and eventually, your abilities will shine through…


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