Memories of Hair


Finally at the start of the summer season, I’d gotten a haircut, I’d, especially headed back south from Taipei, to get my haircut, as if, I was, about to go through some drastic changes in my life, as I headed to the salon, my mother came to remind me, “Just a small trim, okay?”, I’d smiled, and I’d already, made up my mind, to give myself, a brand new look.

Since I was younger, I’d felt troubled by how soft my hair was, because my hair was so soft, it could never look full-of-volume, plus my flattened head, and my ears that turned outward, my hair always looked very flat.  Especially there was a hairstyle rule for my middle school years, we could only have no more than one-centimeter below our ears, and we can’t get perms; and so, I can only use the layers, to help hide my thinning hair, but every time I’d gotten a haircut, it’d always, brought me great distress, the lady at the salon would use that flat comb, pinch a small segment of my hair, then cut downward, and, I’d felt trying, as that icy comb kept, bumping into my outturned ears.

not my photo…

Until high school, my long and curly hair started making their ways, because of the ban on hairstyle was lifted.  In the time, my classmates started, setting up their hairstyles to compete. And, the most attention getting thing in class was not the lecture the instructors were giving on the podium, but the hairstyles that all of us carried, an assortment of hairdos, hairstyles, because the focus of those years of our youth; ponytail, buns, are the main choices, and because the hair ban was lifted, all of us girls started, growing our hairs longer, and, having thinning hair, and fragile strands, I’d still gotten my perms and cuts.  The lifting of the hair ban symbolized the remodeling of the education of beauty, and all us girls seemed to be, transformed into young women from children too.

I’d grown my hair long for several years, after college, I’d started working at a public post, life was hurried, my hair being long became harder to manage, plus, I’d kept it long for years, I’d grown tired of it, then, I’d, cut it all off, making my hair short.  It’d turned out, better than I’d ever expected, having a shorter do, it’d made my features stand out, I look even better, what’s more, it didn’t take much trouble to wash.

how you want to wear it???

My mother had based the way I dressed and the way I wore my hair on the newscasts on television growing up, and so, I’d started, growing my hair longer again; my mother wanted me to grow my hair long because she felt that I looked classy and charming with my hair tied back into a bun, at the same time, it’d, covered up the deformed shape of my head, allowing my neck to extend, and yet, she’d kept her hair short.

The years flew, my mother became elderly now, and I, in my midlife years too, and yet, she’d never, given the way I should look a break; seeing my mother’s white hair, I’d slowly understood, that the love of parents to children is, passed, through ordinary things like hairstyles, and hoped, that their young can forever be radiant in the eyes of others.  And, even if my hair turned white completely, this warming experience of changing hairstyles will become eternal inside of my mind.

So, this, is why you’d changed your hairstyle, because you wanted to look beautiful from the younger years, and then, you’d, cut your hair off, because the long hair is weighing you down, and that signified the stages of your life that you’re in, as hairstyles change throughout one’s life…

an assortment of styles to choose from…


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