The Shadows on the Trains

…not my picture.

The shadows, they’d now, taken over, the trains, they’d become, the sole passengers, who ride out, on this train, to god knows where now.  No other living things dared, venturing out alongside these shadows on the trains…

The shadows on the trains, who left them there, I mean, there must be a source of where they’d come from in the first place, right?  They can’t just, appear, out of the blue at one moment, and decide, to become squatters, can they?  Of course N-O-T!

The shadows on the trains, they’ll ride this ride all right, until, everything perishes, become smokes and dusts, by dawn’s early morning light.  The shadows on the trains, I keep on wondering, do they belong, someplace before they arrived on this train?  Didn’t they all, used to have a home too?  Like how the stray animals were very much loved, until one day, the owners decided that they don’t want them around anymore, for whatever reasons there were…

…yeah, it’s like that!  not my picture.

The shadows on the trains, they will all, keep, haunting these trains, and, even if the trains were vacant (meaning there were, NO passengers), I know, that the trains are still, occupied, by the unseen, untouchable, those things that, no longer existed, because only I can see and feel their existences.





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