Turning Back with the Camera Lens, the Thoughts of Poetry & Photography

Thoughts about photography, translated…

  1. Turning Back

We need to, constantly, look back, at the world in our eyes, it’s because we’d wanted to see something new from something we’re already familiar with.  Only through seeing things anew, would we find the focus of our own creativities.  And, only through focusing on our own creativities, will we, find a new life, to a brand new piece we make.

Turning back, it’s a gesture of kindness, when we wanted to take photos, we’d needed to, show kindness to the subject we want to take pictures of, with that emotion, shining out that gentle mild kindness from our eyes to the subjects.  This sort of a turning back, it will help the subjects shine, to understand that there’s something that’s better in life, and, it will, give a brand new take on your own photograph as well.

Turning back, it’s being called back by the photographer, with the soul of the photographer, calling out, to the subjects, and expressing, the souls of the subjects, and the conversations of the photographer and the subjects.

not my photo…

Turning back, it’s also because we saw something we’re unfamiliar with.  Every time, as we walked through, we’d not felt anything special, but, as we are about to leave, if we can take the time to look back, maybe, we can find some sort of unfamiliarity that’s escaped us before, and feel awed by it.

We already saw, we need to see it again, that, is turning back.  Maybe, because you were reminded of something, or you want to show something, or maybe, you’d wanted, to discover something, so, that, was why, you’d, looked back, to what you were taking pictures of.

So, we turning back to look again, it’s, us, paying that needed respect, toward the world we see.

not my photo…

So, this is why a lot of those who take photos go back to the same place again and again, because they wanted to experience something new from something that they’d already walked through, and that, is walking through the world, with the mindset of the artist.

  1. From Looking at, to Remembering When
  2. Paying Attention

What are people doing, if you don’t pay attention, then, you will miss out on what others are doing.  Like how on the streets, we’d always hurried about.  Photography, it’s paying close attention to the going on, focusing the lens on the people and things in reality, that, would be how you have the opportunity, to capture the “day-to-day” that’s, easily missed by others.

Writing poetry, is most self-expressive, but being self-expressive is not shutting oneself in, instead, opening oneself up, using one’s own way, after being opened up, then, there would be room, to pay attention, then, you would, understand what that attention of the world around means.

not my photo still…

So, photography is a kind of observation, you need to step behind the lens, to separate yourself from the world, and, it is usually not that difficult, as we all have things we want to escape from in our separate realities…

  1. Waiting

Taking photos, it’s a kind of “waiting” in itself, like how I’d taken pictures of roads without anything, I’d taken a few shots first, felt, something was missing, and, I’d become, expectant, that something or someone, would come by, so I can add the element that made me think in my picture, and, when the cycler came from the distance, I’d, waited, for the chance, to click my shutters.  This is a sort of waiting that pays off, and, only with that man, with that slanted sign, it’d added more characters to the photo.  And, I’d waited for the moment at that spot, for a whole twenty minutes.

So, most of the times, you’re waiting, for the right moment that you want to capture, and sometimes, the moment you wish for won’t even come, and, you’d walk away, emptyhanded, but every once in a while, the moment would come, and it’d made all the times you’d waited for so long for naught from before, all more than worth it.

  1. Retrospect

The photograph is taken, in an instant, and all the photos become, the past, so, as I’d sorted through the images, it’s a sort of a reviewing over the past.  The moment of writing poetry, the poet’s behavior of creating is also a sort of a retrospection, every poem became a symbol for something worth reviewing.  But, other than reviewing over the past, the creator also need to think about the possibilities of one’s own future, to give oneself the momentum to move forward.

So, this, is the mindset of the photographer, as s/he reviewed over the photographs s/he’d taken, and, maybe, as the person was taking the photo, s/he held a certain mindset, and, by looking over those photographs again, s/he can get that feeling back once more.




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