Wasting My Time on Loving Y-O-U

Resolution here!!!

I’m done, wasting my time on loving Y-O-U, you see, loving you, is like tossing EVERYTHING I prized, into that god DAMN abyss, with the abyss just, sucking EVERYTHING up, taking everything I love so dearly away, and frankly, I’d, stopped.

…not my comic!

Wasting my time on loving you, I had, spent the majority of my prime, on trying to get you, to understand you, and now that I know you inside (ewwwwww!!!) and out (see previous parenthesis!!!), I’d decided, that there’s actually NOTHING there that’s worth ANYTHNG at A-L-L.  Wasting my time on loving you, I will no longer, for I’d wasted enough of my previous youth away already, and, now, after I’d mourned for losing all of my youthfulness, I’d, picked myself BACK up off the floors, and I’m walking.

Wasting my time on loving you, because I was way too young, way too starry-eyed, thinking, that love conquers all, when in truth, it doesn’t do SHIT, and now I know, that love is worth, diddily SQUAT, why the HELL would I want to, waste another precious nanosecond of my life on it???  And you too!

that was then…


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