The Iceberg Inside…

There’s this, iceberg, inside of each of us, waiting, to have our separate TITANICS hit it!!!  The iceberg inside, why is it there???  Nobody really knows for sure, and who put it there???  They were there, before we were even born, I’m sure!

…not my diagram

The iceberg inside, waiting for us, to dig deeper, to chip it up to sculpt it, into a piece of art, a masterpiece that we have the abilities of becoming, and yet, not all of us have what it takes, to sculpt ourselves into the visions of beauty, of masterpiece, of what we want to become…

The iceberg inside, still, untouched, because it’s, just, so very cold, and I’m afraid of getting those, nasty frostbites, so yeah, I’ll just, leave it right there, inside of my own psyche, and hope, that it will eventually, be impacted by the effects of global warming…

…and here are, what makes up the human psyche…

The iceberg inside, it’s always going to be there, and, even IF you’d managed to hit it hard, you are only, chipping off, a miniscule piece of it, and, you will NEVER, be able to get to the CORES of what that iceberg truly is because all you see, is the surfaces of things, and that, would be why, you’re still, STUCK in multiple areas of your own lives, as for me, my iceberg had already been broken, by T-I-T-A-N-I-C, from way, way, WAY back, and by the way, nobody onboard my “ship” was killed by the icy cold waters either!!!


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