A Poem I Cooked Up

A Poem I “Cooked Up”

Hunger became, the driving force, for the poet to complete writing this particular piece!!!  Translated…

At Dusk I Was in My Studies

As My Stomach Continually, Growled On

not my picture…

Before the Song it Sang Was Done, the Tongue that Breathed Out Fires

Started Cooking Up the Inspirations Scattered, All Around the Writing Papers

The Chunked Up Words and Phrases Which Were in the Midst

Are Those Three-Centimeter in Size Chicken Breasts

cooking 的圖片結果not my photograph…

The Stirred Fry Half Cooked Imageries Started, Forming Inside My Mind

Ready, to Spill Out onto the Pages

I’d, Scattered Several Spicy Exclamation Marks!!!

Chopped Up the Chives into Paragraphs

The Ends of Ginger Pieces Became Commas

The Ends of Garlic, Semicolons

Then, I’d Found a Place, in the About-to-Attack-Again Imageries

The Thoughts that Came Out of This Difficult Process Were Soaked Up in Marinate

And, in Just Two Minutes Became

A Beauty Like No Other Can Compare

And that, Was Only Using the Personifications and Mixing it All Inn

And, the Peanut to Give More Aroma to it from

and now, the finished product…

The Pieces of Those Delicate Symbols, Chewy

And, Turns Out, that the Explosive Tastes Didn’t Need Much Metaphors

Instead, Using the Direct Adjectives

With the Pen on Paper, Then, the Aromas Spread Through My Study

The Poetry I’d Cooked Up on Kung Pao Chicken Using the Colors, the Scents, and the Tastes Here

Had Finally Managed to, Satisfy My Hunger in Inspirations

And, I’d, Gobbled it All Up………

So, this, is how much goes into writing this piece for you, you were hungry, for something good that you needed to come up with, because of deadline, maybe???  And, you’d just, put your pen to paper (or this case, it may be your hand on the keyboards???), then, just allow your inspirations to take you over, and, that, would be how the creative process is working here.


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