In Love, with Her Hearing Aid

On getting used to a major change in one’s own life, translated…

As my mom turned seventy, she’d started becoming hard of hearing, every time she’d answered our inquiries, she’d always answered the wrong things, it’d made us all, laugh hysterically, we’d treated it like something funny, and give my mother commends on she’s very good at making us laugh, that she could use our apertures, and guess at what we were all talking about, and chime in at the right moment.  Back then, we’d not realized the seriousness of this yet.

picture from the papers…

Until one time she was crossing the roads, because she was very hard of hearing, didn’t hear the car honking behind her, she was, almost hit, then, we’d all realized, that this was bad, we’d hurried her to get her hearing tested, but she’d said no, and no matter how hard we’d coaxed her, she still refused to go to the doctors, because she’s been keen on beauty and refused to believe that she’s old.

My mom usually only listened to my younger sister, and, we can only ask our younger sister, who lives in the States to come home to console with her, to accompany mom to the E.N.T. Department of the hospital for an examination.  At the start of the test, my mother wanted to cheat, to prove, that she’s not hard of hearing, we’d busted her, and, after the close examinations by the doctor, it was confirmed that she’s mildly to severely hearing impaired, that if she got a hearing aid right now, her condition wouldn’t worsen.

this is just one kind…

After trying on several sets of hearing aids, we’d finally found on that fitted her just right.  Actually, now, the hearing aids are really small in size, and after you’d stuck it into your ears, and cover it up with your hair, you can barely see it, but my mother felt bad about spending that almost $100,000N.T. amount, and would always blame things, and said, that she’d heard the sounds so very loudly with her hearing aid, that although she could hear what the other people are saying to her, but, even the sounds of passing cars, people walking by, and people in their separate conversations, had become, magnified, she felt it was, too noisy.

But my mom can’t help but admit, that she could finally, hear us clearly in our conversations now, and can answer our inquiries correctly too, unlike from before, when she’d felt singled out or being ignored, and even become, the butt of everybody’s jokes.  Slowly, she’d, fallen in love, with her hearing aide, and when she met up with friends or relatives with similar problems, she’d worked hard, to try, to convince them, that getting a hearing aid would be good for them too.
and here’s another…

not my photo…

I’d known an elder, after his hearing deteriorated, had refused to get a hearing aid, and because he couldn’t hear people, he’d stopped engaging in conversation altogether, later on, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and couldn’t recognize anybody again.  It’s truly a shame too, that elderly didn’t have any serious ailments, but because of his failing hearing, it’d caused him to become more and more isolated from others, making him, who was originally very outgoing and optimistic to start, staying at home alone, and not long thereafter, he’d passed on.

It’s been five years now, my mother’s hearing didn’t deteriorate one bit, and the hearing aid had, become, her best friend, she’d worn it everywhere she goes, in the Sunday services she’d heard the sermons of the preachers clearly, as she traveled around, she’d heard the tour guide clearly too, as she shopped on the streets, she no longer needed to be afraid, of not hearing the honks of the cars warning.  The hearing aid had, turned into a bridge of communicate between her and the outside world now, and, communication is, so wonderful.

So, this woman had finally, changed her mind on getting that hearing aid she’d needed, at first, she’d not liked it, but, as she realized, that the hearing aid had, helped her live her life better, she’d started, loving it very much, and, this, is still a sort of an adaptation that a person makes, due to the deterioration of one’s own physical capabilities, and this elderly is now, adjusting, very well.


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