I Found You, Late Last Night…

not my picture.

I found you, late last night, wandering the streets, so, I’d, taken you in, for the night…

I found you, late last night, flustered, searching for something frantically that you’d already lost, and were never, getting back again.  You’d called out the name of someone I didn’t know, and then, squatted down by the side of that darkened road without the street lamps, to cry…

I found you, late last night, you were, reaching out, for someone, anyone, just a sucker, I suppose, but, because I was, way too kind-hearted, still believed, that people are good natured, I’d, invited you in, and, you’d, taken advantage of me, used me, took my resources, then, left me, with absolutely NOTHING!  I found you, late last night, and I just, walked, right by, because you were, only another, homeless ghost that hung around that cemetery I’d headed to visit, every single day, and, even if, you’d spoken to me, I couldn’t hear you, I was, way too trapped by that scent of strong loss………

not my picture still.

I found you, late last night, wandering, aimlessly, I took you back home, put you to bed, watched you as you drifted off into dreams, and, right next to you, on that rocker, I’d slowly, rocked, myself to sleep too.

I found you late last night, crying, by that old sycamore tree, so I went out there, took you by the hand, led you into the house, made you a cup of hot cocoa, as that was, what worked for me when I was younger, when I couldn’t sleep………


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