In the Distance, Not Too Far Off

With photo attached…translated…

I’m desperate, searching for a place: with the house erect, the grasses and the flowers grown.  Even if that place is in the distance, it would be, fine too.

For this, I’d not minded the distances I’d traveled, trekked outward, after I’d left my fatigue at home, then, I’d, look forward to my next journey.

Recently, I’d taken my entire family to Spain, in the Alhambra Palace, we’d walked through the sculpted beams, and I was so happy when I caught the light flow, imprinted into the waterfront wind, don’t know, if this, is heaven on earth…but, my family, didn’t show any sign of being excited by this.

“Don’t you enjoy this?”, I’d asked curiously.

photo from the papers…

“It’s pretty all right, but, it’s, someone else’s home!”, my youngest stated, as she shook her head.

I felt a jolt, a shock, and couldn’t help but recall, how I’d hurried my families along on this trip, to see as many sights as we possibly can’t, not allowing ourselves, to have enough rest, and, although this is located, in the distance.  Home, although it’s, located at the distance, not too far away, very comforting to live in, isn’t that, another sort of finding one’s own way back?

Treating heading home as a sort of a journey, a trip of its own, it’s a fine idea.

So, after traveling away, you’re suddenly, missing home, because home is where your heart feels most at ease with, and, even IF you’d trekked all over the world, visited an assortment of wonderful sites, experienced the many wonders on your trips, nothing beats, coming home…


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