Not Getting Beaten by the Hardship of Her Own Physical Handicap, She’d Drawn a Window for Her Family

A story of inspiration, just look at how this young woman overcame the handicaps of her body here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The alumni of Fuxing Arts School, Ji-Hsiu Hsu’s mother came from Wenzhou, China, she was thankful toward her mother for raising up her older brother and her by herself, even if she had a physical handicap in her left hand, she’d still pursued her dreams of drawing and art endlessly, as she was attending high school, she’d already, won numerous art awards, after she’d graduated, she’d taken the entrance exams, got herself into Taiwan Arts University, and was looked upon with high regards by a gaming studio in China, she’d part-timed through her university career, helping her family’s household incomes, hoping one day, to finally, live out her dreams of becoming an artist, to open a new window for herself.

the young woman, working hard at her art, photo courtesy of…

Hsu’s father had worked as a businessman in China, was from a well-to-do home, later on, her parents divorced, and her mother worked as a temporary employee at a restaurant, to raise her and her older brother up, and because she didn’t have enough money growing up, she’d often saved up the money her mother gave her for her breakfasts, and used the money she’d saved, to buy her art supplies.

“Mom gave me the name of ‘Ji”, hoped, that I can have the luck, to overcome any difficulties”, Ji-Hsiu Hsu was born, feet first, causing her to have an underdeveloped left arm, she didn’t even have the strengths to open her left palm, and would often have circulation difficulties, but she’d dealt with her own physical handicaps with optimism, and after years of training herself, her left hand is very agile.

In her elementary years, her self-portrait was chosen as an exhibition piece for the handicapped “Love in the Artwork” tour, the very next year, she’d gotten the gold medal for “Drawing out my own dreams, Creative Art”, it’d sparked her own self-confidence, to become an artist, “I will use my art, to find the most perfect form of my self”.

a photo of a woman who used her mouth to draw instead of her hands, not my photograph here…

After she’d entered into the Fuxing Business and Technical College, while it only took others a second to draw a straight line, because Hsu lacked the muscles in her left hand, she’d practiced on for several months, and, she’d had to, press down on the drawing tools with her body, she’d drawn out her very first straight line by hand, after three years’ learning, now, she can make animations on the computer, do oils, as well as watercolors too.

Other than school, she’d gotten actively involved in various competitions, she’d gotten awarded for writing and speeches too, and, she’d used the money she’d received as prizes to help her household’s needs, after the teachers at school learned of the poverty-stricken background that Hsu was living in, they’d given her the drawing materials, as well as the money for her lunches too.  In her last year of high school, she’d entered into the “Le-Shen specialty classes” using her excellent academic grades, on the eve of her graduation, with the recommendations made for her by her instructors, she was able to, get a job at Le-Shen, and now, she’s working during the daytime, and going to Taiwanese Arts University for her classes in the evenings.

these are the works of art, by disabled artists…

Hsu said, that her biggest wish is to make more money for her family, to buy a house for her mother, “so mom can live with more than enough and no worries.”, and she’d started saving money for her dreams of becoming an artist one day.  She’d written the article, “God, You Don’t Need to Open Up a Window for Me” using her own life experiences, hoping that she could inspire others, using her own life, so they can, open up the windows for themselves.

So, despite her handicap, this young woman still strived for excellence, and her never-quitting, working hard attitude, is exactly what will keep carrying her far in life, another story of inspiration in the world that we can all take from.


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