Two Daughters Also Make a Good Pair

The attitude changed, after much of life has, passed you by, translated…

After the firstborn daughter was born, once, I’d hoped, I could have, another son.

My husband was the eldest son of his family, and his elders always believed, that we should have a son together, that there’s this need, of having an eldest grandson for the household.  And so, as another angel was about to come, everybody expected, that it would be a boy.  And, on the day of my prenatal checkup, the doctor told us, that it was, a girl, and ono the way home, I started crying.  That, was from the pressures of having my wishes and dreams crushed.


not my sonogram…

And still, in accompanying my children as they age, I’d suddenly found, that that wish from long ago, wasn’t, even my own, it’s from the expectations of our elders, the bondage from the societal expectations.  Loving one’s own young, should never be reliant on the gender of the child.

And now, my beautiful youngest daughter is in the elementary years, and, that wish list of having a baby boy, with the coming of age of my daughter, slowly, got altered: I now hope, that my daughter will forever be happy and healthy, that, is the one and only wish I want to, see come true!

And so, because of the patriarchal pressures of this family, you’d felt awful, when you couldn’t have a son for your husband, but, as you aged, you’d realized, that having girls is a wonderful thing too, and, this sort of an attitude adjustment can only come with the passing of the years.


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