Love Found in Late Adulthood

Looking for a companion, at this late stage in one’s life, translated…

Being in love, is not just for the younger generations, no matter how old you get, you’d have the desires to be loved, and to love someone else.

My classmate from community college, Mei-Lien had been smiling a lot lately, and would dress herself with care, she, who usually isn’t heavy on makeup, that day, she’d shown up at class, wearing full makeup.  We’d all thought that something was up, turns out, that day after class, she’d’ invited us all, to the nearby restaurant, as “consultants”.  “Oh wow, you are, in love!”, Ming-Hua squinted playfully, we’re all very curious, what sort of a mastermind, was able, to make Mei-Lien fall in love again, in her sixties.

not my photo…

“Maybe, you will all be, a bit disappointed!”, Mei-Lien spoke to us all beforehand.  Surely, this man that’s older, bald, with a belly, by first look, is, a total, disappointment, but during the meal, his kind and gentle mannerisms, his sense of humor, it’d, broken the ice for the meeting for the first time, he’d hollered for us to have more food, and would from time to time, pick up the foods for Mei-Lien too, making her laugh; and, the way that she looked back at him, looked like she was a teenage girl, in love, for the very first time, and yet, watching their interactions, it’d felt like, they’d known one another their whole lives, like those couples that stayed together.  When love comes knocking, it doesn’t ask how old you are.

Mei-Lien’s husband died nine years ago because of illness, she who was originally upbeat and passionate about life became depressed, especially after her children are all grown and started families, there’s only that old dog accompanying by her side, she’d spent a very long time, locking herself up inside her house.  Later on, she’d, bumped into a good friend of her husband’s on Facebook, the man had been divorced for a long time, his children all lived out of the country, two lonely souls got connected, sparks flew.

not my photo…

After Mei-Lien’s daughter learned about this, she was strongly against them, reason being she worried that her mother may get scammed, and so, she’d moved closer to her mother, so she could keep an eye on her, and step in as she saw fitting; as she saw her mother dressed up, headed out, she’d felt jealous for her already deceased father, and the mother and daughter often got into fights over it too.  Mei-Lien said, that although the man’s children are open to new beliefs, but, they’re also, against them being together, and would remind their dear old dad, to not fall head over heels, that he might end up losing everything he has worked for.

“Actually, at our age, what would we want?  When money is no longer as important anymore.” Mei-Lien said, in a heartfelt manner, “We both just wanted someone we can talk to, someone to go for a stroll at the parks together, to eat the noodles at the shops together.”  Is it, that after you’re single in your elderly years, you’re, destined to be alone, you can’t be in love, to hold onto another elderly person’s hands, must we all get so caught up, in fearing the scams?  As the children are grown, all they cared about, are their own happiness, and, is it right, for the aging parents, who’d lost their spouses, to spend the rest of their lives alone, to show that they are, faithful in their marriages?

not my photograph still…

I persistently believed, that being in love can put that zest back into life, it can make a woman more beautiful, and can make a man more in-tune with his own health too, and although, the love found in the elderly years, may not be as passionate compared to the love found at younger age, but, once you were given the chance, you would, truly, cherish it even more.

So, the kids’ worries are warranted, but, the parents DO deserve the right to be happy, after all, they’d been divorced and lost a spouse for a very long time, the woman was even depressed after she’d lost her husband, and, she was, lucky enough, to make the connections with this other elderly man who was already divorced, and so, the two of them are, comfortable together, so, why not just let them continue being companions in one another’s life???

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