The Ideal Me

From the “request lines”, meaning that someone asked for this…

The ideal me, it’s always inside, waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting, for, just the right time to come out, and shine!  But, I got, NO clue how I am going to, go about, becoming the “ideal” me, and so, I went, on searching…

the self, defined 的圖片結果…not my photograph.

I walked, for a bit, bumped into a large animal, a predator, and, it’d, gnashed its teeth at me, and, I wasn’t the least bit afraid (of getting torn to shreds, or being eaten at all!!!), I just, marched on by, kept on, searching, for that ideal me.

The ideal me, how can I be?  Oh, how ‘bout, setting some goals that I can achieve, and go from there???  Yes, I’ll begin by doing that!!!  The ideal me, is actually not that hard to define, you just need to, look, within your selves, and figure out what’s important to you, and you alone, without ANY external inputs, so, you can drop those expectations that you’d been, working so hard to fulfill, that weren’t your own to begin with down.  Carrying those around will only, keep you, from your goals of becoming the IDEAL you!

The ideal me, am I, the best me that I can be?  There’s, always room to do better, and, you need not, compare yourselves to someone else, and, don’t judge yourselves, based off of someone else (including the world’s!!!) standard of who you ought to be.

…not my cartoon character.

The ideal me, I’d become, the best me I can ever be, doing what I know I’m supposed to be doing, making a little difference, in someone else’s life little by little, and by staying true to nobody else BUT me, oh, and I still have my ears plugged (not literally, as my earphones broke, a very, long time ago already???), and all I’m hearin’ now, is my own thoughts…

And that, would be, what it takes, to become, the IDEAL version of our selves: tuning EVERYBODY out, and, stop letting your parents, your instructors, your cohorts (friends, coworkers, enemies too!!!) to define you, and remember “children” (this, is the PROFESSION using HER mic!!!), nobody can make you feel inferior, without your consent, and yeah, I still know, how cliché that sounds too, ‘k???

and this, would be what that feels like, after you’d figured it all out!!!


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