A Four-Player Tennis Match

On a mis-matched love, translated…

He’d gone out on a double tennis match with his coworker.

He was paired up with his own wife, his coworker, with his girlfriend.

not my photograph…

Six months year later, he’d marched down the aisle with his coworker’s girlfriend.  His wife, remarried again too, to his coworker.

They’d swapped partners, and still played tennis often together.

Every time they’d made a tennis date, the four of them would gladly go out together, because none of them was actually certain, who each is in love with…

So, this, is how this bad love continues, and, this is what happens, when you share a portion of your life, your interests, with someone who’s not your significant other.  Love became ambiguous, and, there’s no way too tell who is really in love with whom!

 not my photo still…


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