Dreams Became Smaller


Right as I retired from the armed services, I was still full of passions, I’d wanted to make myself great, to achieve greatness in my work, to make a ton of money, in the invitations of my friend, as well as being affected by the atmosphere of the meeting to tell us about the bonuses we’ll be getting, I’d become, a part of a sales representative in a company.

Based off of the norms, I’d taken a loan from my bank cards, to become a member, then, bought a suit that showed how professional I am—I’m not saying, that sales is all bad, there are, those who are successful in it, it’s just, that I’d become, somewhat, hesitant about the promises of getting a ton of returns, if I’d, only taken that small step outward.

A Creative Dream: Do you remember...not my picture…

As I joined the committee, everybody wrote down a “Dream List”, to use it as the motivations that we have.  I’d still recalled that over a decade ago, my dreams, as I just started working was: owning a Mercedes SLK350, making a six-figure salary monthly, being in charge of a over a hundred man organization……a very, very long list.  And still, those dreams that were, way too greedy became, those lanterns that were, set afloat on the streams, couldn’t lift off into the air, I’d, quietly, returned, to my normal life.

Several years later, I’d started a family, with a child, and, time was, no longer mine anymore, id’ busied myself in and out every single day.  But, looking back at my child’s innocent smiles, I knew, that my dreams became, very simple now, “Child, I just want you, to grow up safe and sound, then, daddy will be, more than, satisfied.”

not my photo…

Funny how your dreams went from wanting the bigger things in life, to just wanting your child to grow up safe and sound, that, is the growth process all right, and, it’s, quite normal that we ALL have huge fantasies, of what we’re to become when we were younger, but, eventually, we get, weighed down by reality, and, in the process of “growing up”, we’d, lost sight of those young and naïve dreams of ours, and, became more realistic in setting our reachable goals, and when we reach those goals, we feel more than blessed, because we had experienced some of our life already, and, our dreams are no longer, like those fantasies of ours when we were younger…


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