Stories or Lies???

Are they, stories or lies???  And, you DO know, how easy, the stories become lies, right???

Stories or lies, those things you’d sold me on, you’d painted this picture-perfect li(f)e, for me to live inside of, and because I’d needed to believe in the falsities, the untruths too.

Stories or lies???  It doesn’t matter, the most important thing is, that I no longer believe in a word you said, you’d lied to me, so many times, and, I’d chosen to, trust you, because I was taught, that people are innately good, well, you’d, proven me WRONG on that now!

Stories or lies, depending on whether you believe them, or if you just hear them, and taken them for entertainments and not believing that they were actually, true.  Stories or lies???  Does it, really matter?  Not really, not anymore………

Stories or lies, why would I care?  Your words have absolutely NO effect on me whatsoever, as you are still, that boy that cried wolf, and now, you need me to believe in you, well, I’m not gonna!!!

not my caricature.


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