Spent Five Years Planting Cotton, Just to Make a Quilt for the Volunteers

Here’s a man with a vision and carried through, and made his vision a reality, from the Newspapers, translated…

The man, Zhong-Shen Cheng from Yunlin had, abandoned his career in the finance industries, went back home, started planting organic cotton, and five years ago, he saw the night keepers of the story museum with very thin quilts, and promised, to make each of them brand new quilts………

the local man from Yunlin, Zhong-Shen Cheng, five years ago, saw volunteers, keeping night watch over the story museums, and promised that he was going to use the organic cotton he’d planted, and make a quilt for the volunteers, he’d spent five years, and finally, yesterday, he’d finally handed this “quilt filled with the warmth” to the story museum, adding one more moving tale to the stories.

the volunteers at the story museum, receiving the quilt as a gift…courtesy of UDN.com.

The museum curator, Li-Fang Tang yesterday saw Cheng brought the quilt he’d promised, she lay on the matted floors, and, pull the fluffed up quilt over herself, she said, the cotton took him five years to plant, and now, she’s not only feeling the warmth in the body, but also, in her heart as well.

Cheng is from the town of Huwei, Yunlin, and, Huwei being the primary manufacturing place for towels, six years ago, when Cheng returned back to his hometown, he’d learned, that although Huwei was the primary manufacturing place for quilts, but very many locals had never seen cotton, he was surprised, and, he’d, given up his high-paying job in the banking industries, and started working as a farmer, started planting organic cotton on the lands that his family owned.

The volunteers at the story museum in Yunlin heard the story of “a fool planting cottons”, Cheng was invited to talk to the volunteers until late night, it was, during the winter, and the museum staff who acted as the “Director for a Day” needed to keep the grounds of the museum for the night.  Cheng saw the volunteer take out a very thin quilt, he felt heart wrenching, and promised that he will, plant a full set of quilt for the story keeper.

not my photo…

Cheng insisted on renovating the methods of planting by the agricultural workers, as well as the values of the land, and it took him a whole year, to select the proper kinds of seeds, and after he was successful in planting the seeds, the trials came one right after another, his plants were almost, killed by the pests, until last year, he was finally, successful, he’d harvest a total of ten kilograms’ worth of cotton, enough to make into two, to three quilts.

“Thank you, for making a quilt with such an amazing tale, with the forces of life too.”  Li-Fang Tang said, Cheng gave the very first quilt he’d made step-by-step from his planting to his own young, the very second quilt that was made, he’d, given it to the story museum, and he’d even sent the quilt to Taichung, to the master of the quilting factory to beat on personally, and this love that went into the making of the quilt will surely, pass, from one generation to the next.

So, we have here, a man, with a vision, he worked really hard, to make his own visions come true, because he was grateful, toward the keepers of the museum that kept close accords of the culture in his locality, which was why he’d spent so much heart, energy, into making this quilt that’s filled with love for the museum, and it’s his spirits that we all need to take from.



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