The Children from Less Fortunate Backgrounds Rode Around the Island on Their Own, Found a Second Home for Themselves

It’s a rite of passage of these children that they’d, undertaken, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“We’re not helping them, we’re, helping ourselves.”  The UDN Documentary’s very first documentary film, “Cyclers Turning Their Lives Around”, held its movie premiere yesterday.  One of the founders of the “Turning Life Around League”, Liao stated, that this film isn’t just to help the children from the distant regions feel motivated to change their lives for the better, but also, he hoped, that this film can inspire to help the children in Taiwan to turn their own futures around too.

Last July, sixty children from the distant regions of northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan became “Dream Riders”, with the help of the Turning Life Around League, they rode from Taipei to Kaohsiung, and managed to complete the thousand-kilometer, eleven-day circling around the island.  The UDN paper’s documentary film crew was there with them, every step of the way, and finished filming the very first documentary, “Cyclers for Turning Life Around”.

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The league was set up last year on June 29tt, and was started by four organizations from all over the island, and these four not-for-profit organizations had been set up for over ten years, in helping the children without enough resources to learn better, they’d all worked hard, to become a “second home” that the kids can feel dependent on.  The very first large-scale activity was, taking the kids to ride around the island, a “blessings for the entire island” act.

“Taking the kids to cycle around the island is an opportunity to help these children bring about changes in their own lives,” the CEO of the foundation, Liu stated, that he hoped that using this difficult challenge, he could take this group of children out of their comfort zones, to broaden their horizons, and through this experience, hopefully, they will gain more confidence, and create opportunities for them to success by themselves.

and how the audience are responding…

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So, this man had a dream, to help children feel more confident about themselves, and, riding around the island is no easy task, and, that, is what these children learned along the way, that they are capable, and needed little to no help from external sources, to make their own dreams come true, no matter how big or small their dreams may be.


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