Personal Hairstylist

Free haircut, and the skills were perfected over time, with more and more experiences you’d had, translated…

My husband is good looking, but because he works in a factory, he’d gotten himself so dirty, plus he really didn’t care about how he looked on the outside, especially that he’d grown his hair longer than I have, making himself look like a hobo.

Once, I saw how messy his hair was becoming, I’d nagged him to get a trim, he’d said okay, but because he’d gotten too busy at work, and didn’t bother to make the appointment at the salon, he’d not done it, and, in the end, perhaps, he’d gotten too nagged out by me, he’d asked me to groom him.  I’d originally thought that he was joking, but he was, dead serious, but because I’d not had any experiences, I can only, thin his hair out, not daring, to do anything drastic to his head.  Thankfully, the end result was, acceptable.

not my photo…

The second time I’d trimmed him was on New Year’s Eve, as we’re about to leave for my mother-in-law’s, my husband asked me to cut his hair shorter all of a sudden, I’d hurried through it.  But, as we arrived at my mother-in-law’s, with one look at his hair, my mother-in-law immediately asked where he’d gotten his hair cut, and why it looked like that the dog chewed it down?  My husband glared at me, without another word, and when my father-in-law agreed with my mother-in-law, told him to go to the hair salon in their neighborhood to get a better fix, he’d said it wasn’t necessary, but, afterwards, my youngest sister-in-law joined in, and that, was when he’d told everybody, that I was the one, who’d made him look this way.

As we’re having our New Year’s Eve meal, my mother-in-law kept nagging my husband to go to the salon, said that he looked awful, heading out like this, causing me, to not enjoy that meal.  After we ate, my mother-in-law took out some cash, said to him, “You don’t want to waste the money, is it?  I’ll help you pay for it then.”  My husband still refused, and looking at how my mother-in-law was about to start up again, my eldest niece opened up, “Grandma, I think you are all weird, auntie trimmed uncle’s hair, and he’d not said that it wasn’t good looking, but you all just, kept, talking trash.”  That, was when my mother-in-law took the money back.

Because of this precedence, later on, as I’d trimmed my husband’s hair, I’d made sure, that the lengths were the same, and, with more experiences, I’d gotten better and better at it; we’d even discussed what sort of trims he’d wanted to have, how to cut his hair to make him look better, it’d added a ton of interesting moments into our lives.  But, sometimes as we’d made our ways back to my mother-in-law’s, and I’d not found the time to groom him again, my mother-in-law still urged him to go to the hair salons, at which time, my husband would always tell my mother-in-law, “No need, I have my own free personal hair stylist!”picture from the papers…

Yeah, although I wasn’t trained as a beautician, but I’d loved, being my husband’s specialty hairstylist.

So, this, is from the experiences in your lives, and, after that first fail, you’d gotten better and more skillful, and your husband didn’t mind, going under your “knife” each and every time either.


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