Fall, a Poem


The yellowed leaf left over by the autumn

Was secretly, stowed away by a car, into

The underground parking garage

autumn 的圖片結果not my photograph…

The snow can’t cover up the dark greens, the blackened tips of the grasses

The darkened skies in the early morns

Became water as the air exhaled onto the scarf

Becoming, the scent of breakfast

The bicycle tires trekked across the brown-colored broken pieces of ice

The sound of granny, grinding down her teeth

The huge blue-colored trashcan

Placed, orderly, in front of every household

autumn leaves falling 的圖片結果not my photo still…

Someone placed his hands inside the feathered coat pockets

With a leash around the wrist

Walking, a dark brown dog

With the head, lowered

not my photo here…

So that, is what falling down feels like, like everything is slowly, changed, and you can’t hold on to what you had from before, because time just keeps on, moving faster and faster, and now, you’re having, difficulties, catching up to it!

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